Inventors of Clinton County 1859-1960

Clinton County Inventors


Patents have been granted to Clinton County residents from the following areas:

Andover, Brookfield, Brown & Brown's Station, Bryant, Calamus, Camanche, Charlotte, Clinton, Deep Creek, Deep River and Elk River Twps., Delmar, DeWitt, Elvira, Elwood, Goose Lake, Grand Mound, Lost Nation, Low Moor, Lyons, Quigley, Teeds Grove, Toronto, Welton, and Wheatland.


For images and documents of patents, go to Google Patents and type in the patent number. A list will come up, locate the one you wish to see; select the pdf image to view the original.

Seed Planter patent from 1859

Ironing board patent from 1929

Helicopter patent from 1960

From 1859 - Patent 26439: a seed planter invented by James Lee

From 1929 - Patent 1712867: an ironing board and locking device therefor by Clarence Biel

From 1960 - Patent 2936970: a helicopter by Albert McCann


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