Howe Letters - 1951-53

Tewksbury Mass. Jan. 9, 1951 [embossed] Bessie [Koebele? would be 69]
Dear Cousins, Alice & George.
Your delicious box of candied fruit arrived before Christmas & I was delighted with it & have been enjoying it ever since.
Should have written you before this but I have been quite sick with a bad cold.
Today I am feeling quite like myself again.
Our superintendent Dr. Houghton is leaving -- it came as a great surprise to everyone here.
It came out in last night's Lowell paper & no explanation.
This afternoon a meeting was held by the Trustees & 2 or 3 men were mentioned for the place. His position pays about $12,000 a year.
Politics enter into this place & now we will expect changes.
Well, I have reached the limit in years, 35 years Jan. 1, & can retire anytime now without reaching the age.
I like my work & shall keep on for a while, unless they do away with the music.
I worked Christmas Sunday & Christmas day but went to Maria's in late afternoon & there were about 30 for supper.
Had a pleasant evening.
Went down to see Alice before Christmas & took her a little white organdy apron.
She looked well & her room is so pleasant & comfortable.
Glad to hear your boys will not be called in this war. Do wish we could have peace.
Robert's home must be lovely. [Altadena home completed in 1949] Charlotte Jones is in a Sanitorium in Los Angeles.
Thanking you again and wishing you all a Happy New Year. Lovingly, Bessie

D.E. Leslie
440 7th Ave. S. Clinton, Iowa -- to George at 1622 N. Martel
10 Dec 1953
Dear George.
Glad to have your good letter. Heard of Annette's passing in your letter to but Carl sent me the clipping Sept.3 but to Trenton Iowa but I got it a few days ago. I had written her about three weeks ago to tell her of Emlyn's youngest boys marriage and also to tell of the birth of a son to her second youngest boy. Had the best bill of health from the Dr. the other day. The first in several years. James' granddaughter spent part of the summer in Europe. Grace Itm? on a tour of six weeks. Catherine Foster and another girl on their own for oni? three months. Catherine found a house in Edingburgh [sic] where my father was born. Too bad they did not know about your daughter in England. [Margaret McCaffrey and family] James and Grace are doing very well. Grace had a very serious operation this past summer. They both have to be very careful. Their daughters and families are wonderful to them. Love, Donald
Note: Donald Leslie is son to Martha and Jim and apparently had a brother James.

From Bessie, West Newbury, Mass.
17 Dec. 1953
Dear Allie and George.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Am late with my cards -- have had a bad cold & cough. We have had a wonderful fall -- yesterday December 16 our first cold day.
Last week three dandelions in bloom in my driveway & lilac tree budded. Very mild weather. Am going to St. Petersburg in Jan. perhaps. Several people have asked to ride down with me. Yesterday one woman came & said she would pay all my expenses down, meals & all. She is a neighbor & very nice.
It doesn't cost me any more to go there then stay here & heat my house. This place is difficult to heat.
Haven't been to Danvers for a long time & don't know how Alice is feeling.
Hope you are both well. With love, Bessie [probably Bessie Sawyer Koebele; Daughter of Thomas Killam Sawyer.]