Howe Letters - 1881

[One year after IB died; 23Apr80]
Danvers, April 25, 1881

Mr. Howe:
I thank you very much for the invitation for Tuesday; but am afraid that on account of lessons, drawing etc. I shall be unable to attend. As listening to classical music is exceedingly instructive, I hope the other pupils will be very much benefited, and I should like to be a listener.
Very truly,
Mary Howe. [age 16]

Note: Miss Baker shows up in many letters from now on. She seems to have been a live in seamstress, and certainly a constant presence in the family.
There is an Anna that is very sick this fall, Daisy also and George not so bad. Oda seems the tough one during this unhealthy fall.

Danvers Nov 30 1881
Miss Mary Howe, Bradford, Mass (Academy)

Dear Mary:
I commenced my letter wrong if you will excuse me this time I will try and do better next Daisy has a very bad sty on her eye so she can't go to school Miss Baker is busy making your cushion school goes on as usual did you think of us at 8 o'clock I forgot all about it do you have to stand in the floor for a punishment? we miss you awfully dear and Winnie awlways sets a plate kenif and fork at your place Miss Baker and Mama went to Salem to day and Oda and I met them when we were going to school and Mama gave us some candy Anna is very sick with the pneumonia and hooping caugh they tought she would not live last night I got excused at recess and came home because I did not feel well did you receive the candy all right and that is the candy Mama gave Oda and I when we met them when thay were coming from Salem I told you this is a nice long letter and I hope you will write me a longer one but I supose you dont have much time forget me never George [age 9]

(different writing) Dec 2
We or rather I expected Perley [APWhite, 26] tonight but he has not come yet. Cousin George [George Howe Peabody, 45] carried your letter round in his pocket 2 or 3 days and we got it tonight. Dr. says Anna is going to have lung fever and pneumonia, she was worse last night. Daisy and George are not well, hope they'll be better tomorrow. Cough is perfectly grand! Mame, he is fine looking, I won't describe the lecture as I think you will hear about it from some one else.
How do you spell Wellesley. is that right? I bet 2 cts with Miss Baker that there were two ls in it ain't there? Miss Baker got a letter from what used to be Sadie Siddle, it speaks of we, us and etc. and is signed Mrs. W. A. Brewster.
I am sleepy and have got to go to bed. Truly your friend
O. Howe. [Oda, 14]
Dec. 8 Anna is a good deal better this morning. Daisy is quite feverish. Perley came last and he wants you to write to him. Mamma sent the shawl thinking you might like to have it to cover over you when you lie down. We are very sorry you had a head acke, hope it is well now. Remember me to Susie please and write soon.


Boxford Dec. 11th /81
My dear Niece [Oda,14]
I was very glad to get your card. I could hear nothing from Daisy, until Friday. I ventured to ride over to George's and was so fortunate as to meet Doct. Eaton. He told me all about her. I was glad the account could be so favorable, I think of you all and wish I could do something for you. I was better last week but do not suppose I am well enough to do your Mama any good if I was there. Therefore can help her most by staying away. How does Mary like her school? If you do not go to school I wish you and George would ride up some day and see us. Give my love to Daisy -we think of her a good many times a day -wonder if the little lady is patient in her suffering. I hope the dear Lord who loves little children will raise her to health and strength again that she will be a great comfort to her Mama and to all of you. Give my love to Miss Baker -tell your Mama to take good care of herself Oda, I hope you will write again soon. I am anxious to hear from you. With love to everyone of you.
Affectionately Aunt Soph [Sawyer, 60]

Danvers, Dec 14 1881
Dear Mary:
I have not been out with my sled since you have been gone we had a new girl but we did not keep her long Ike [Ike Sawyer would be 23] came from Mrs Johson hary Johsons Mama and Mrs Johson said she was very slow and she did not get up till ten oclock Mr Williams is all right and fan [horse] has put on her winter coat I am not going to school till after Christmas I enjoyed your letter very much isn't it nice you will be home next week how do you like Miss Johson or have'nt you seen enough of her to know Write soon George [9]

In tiny envelope with purple ink: Miss Mary Howe, Bradford Mass (Academy)

Dear Sister Mary
We children are playing Doctor Daisy is the Apothecary Lizzie & Susie has a silk baby harold is nicely I have got a very bad cough almost the croup Mrs Eatons girl has left her Martha Spiney I her in the sitting room she sends her love Mr Poslet came over last night and showed me how to make a bird trap so it dont hurt them when it catches them this letter dant look a bit nice because it is writen with a difrent looking ink but it is diffrent pens the baby is not quite so well since I wrote he was nicely happy go lucky has not come over latly thought you was coming home yesterday I asked Mr Williams what I should say to you & he said to say that I was most dead then say I was enjoying splendidly halth is not he a case? Perley Oda Daisy & Susie are singing I told him his playing sounded like a fire whistle & it did Mama & Oda went out to ride this after-noon & met Doctor Gardner Oda Daisy & Miss Baker went to church good bye kiss kiss (4 blots of ink) your brother George
P.S. excuse that scarch I tried to dry the ink & burnt it
(there is a slightly burned edge by the kisses)