Howe Family Letters

We recieved this transcript of these wonderful letters from  Mark Howe. I have done my best to organize them in a web friendly manner. I truly hope you enjoy reading them. If you have questions or connections to this family, Please connect with Mark.

These letters have been revised and reorganized.   There have been a number of revisions and additions.  Generally, notes in (paren) is Tana and [bracket] is Mark.  A few dates are uncertain. Mark Wakeman Howe  --

Updated Dec. 2016

1849-60           – Earliest letters
1861-64           – To Clinton Iowa  
1865-70           – Railroading  
1868                – Ike/ Alonzo letters “My Early Friends”  
1869                – Whisky Bottom Affair
1870-71           – Regarding iron bridges:
Essay to the Tribune
Essay with Dr. E.H. Williams re: Burnetizing (joke)
1871                – Death of Father --
1871-77           – Railroading Journal of the expedition from New Ulm to the Big Sioux River
1877-79           – Death of James Gould
1880                – Construction of Elmwood monument; Death of Ike
1881                – Mary
1888                – Mr. Bridgman's school in Northampton
1889                – Letters to Charles from Europe
1891                – At Andover 
1893                – College days; death of little Alden
1897-99           – After graduation 
1899                – A Trio of Howe Ladies in England, May-Oct. 
1902                – Courting Alice Howard of Magnolia, Wisc.
1908-09           – Birth of Robert;  Another Europe Tour
1912                – Margaret and Bessie Putnam in Japan, Spring 1912           
1934                – Death of Margaret – Christmas 
1948                – Death of Oda; Letters re: 11 Peabody Estate 
1953                – Christmas notes   



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