Klar Diary - 1862


1862 of John Klar's Diary

New Year’s evening preached in Wheatland in English.

1/2 Preached in Wheatland in German.
Had a Congregational Meeting for Settlement and adjusted our debt of nearly $800. (Klar is referring to settling the debt with the Presbyterian denomination which funded the building of the church.)

1/5 Missed my appointment in Tipton.

1/9 Candidates for church membership: Edward Tarlton, Margaret Tarlton

1/11 Received into church membership by rite of confirmation, Bro. Edward Tarlton , and Margaret, his wife.

1/12 Filled my appointments at the Grove in the morning, and at Wheatland in the afternoon. English at Candlelighting.

1/15 Had a meeting of my Joint Congregation and had a Social Dinner. (“Joint Congregation” is a mystery. Perhaps the congregation in the Grove and Wheatland. Or was it Hebron and Tipton, where Klar was also preaching?)

1/16 Baptized Mary Jane, daughter of Edward and Margaret Tarlton. Born 2/9/58—the first child born in the Town of Wheatland. Funeral of Zimmermacher child in the morning. Filled my appointment at Hebron, a funeral, and in the afternoon at Tipton baptized the four children of John W. Rocholz and Anna Maria, his wife.
1. John, born 10/25/54 in Rochester Tp., Cedar Co., Iowa.
2. Amalia, born 3/30/57, in the same place.
3. August, born 9/25/59, in the same place
4. Anna Maria, born 11/23/60, in the same place.

1/24 Amelia S. Carter became a candidate for church membership.

1/26 Candidates for church membership, Hariet Alice Shiffer and Mary Eliza Carter. Filled my appointment in the Grove in the morning. In the afternoon opened my church to have a funeral sermon preached for a soldier. Rev. Wirts to preach by request. I assisted him. Evening preached in English.

2/1 Filled my appointment at Hebron, Saturday evening in German. In the afternoon started a catechetical class.

2/2 Filled my appointments at Hebron in the morning in english, and at Tipton in the afternoon.

2/4 Lecture at Wheatland.

2/9 filled my appointments at the Grove in the morning, and at Wheatland in the afternoon, and at candlelghting in wheatland in english.

2/11 Lectures at Wheatland.

2/16 Prevented by unpleasant or inclement weather from fulfilling my appointments at Tipton and Hebron.

2/23 Filled my regular appointments at the Grove in the morning, at Wheatland in the afternoon, and in English in Wheatland at candlelighting. May the Lord bless my feeble labors.

3/2 Storm, stayed at Tipton. Met Brother Riale and family at Hebron and spent a number of days at Hebron and Tipton together. Exercises at Hebron in German by myself, and by Rev. Riale in English. No exercises that day at Tipton by reason of snow storm. Snowstorm four days. Longest snowstorm and deepest drifts I ever saw. Lectures at Wheatland.

3/9 Filled my appointments at Grove and Wheatland in German, at night in English.

3/16 Filled appointments at Tipton in the morning. (Presbyterian Church.) At Hebron in the afternoon.

3/17 Lectures at Hebron.

3/30 My appointment at Hebron filled by a Presbyterian minister. Tipton preaching by me at regular time.

4/6 Wheatland German in the morning, at the Grove in the afternoon. English in Wheatland at Candlelighting.

4/7 Lectures at parsonage.

4/12 Lectures at Hebron.

4/13 Preached in English at Hebron in the morning and at tipton in the afternoon.

4/20 Filled my regular appointment at Wheatland in the morning in German, English at Candelighting. Did not go to Grove, impassible roads.

4/26 Lectures at Hebron

4/27 Filled my appointments at Hebron in the morning in German, at Tipton in the afternoon in English.

5/3 Candidates for confirmation and membership of the Wheatland congregation: Heinrich Witte
Friederich Conrad
Diedrich Witte
Heinrch Conrad.
Preparatory Services and examination of above candidates. Also preparatory service in the evening in English.

5/4 Communion in German and English and confirmation of above cnadidates. Communicants about 50. English service in the evening.

5/5 Started for Hebron Had religious instruction from Tuesday to Friday.

5/10 Evening Preparatory Service at Hebron in German, and Candlelighting in English.

5/11 Sabbath Morning. Organized a Congregation at Hebron. Installed one Elder and two Deacons. Preached in German and English. Had Confirmation of eight, and had Communion.
Confirmed: 1. George Marquart
2. Jacob Marquart
3. Margret Marquart
4. Eliz. Zimmermacher
5. Phebe Dubois
6. Jacob Metzger
7. Margret Pochholz
8. Samuel Neiman of Tipton
The congregation was organized with nineteen members and the above who were confirmed, added make twenty-six.

5/14 Performed the funeral obsequies of Herschell Forest, son of Richard and Sarah a. Strout. Born Apr. 9, 1860 at Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., Minnesota. Departed this life May 14, 1862. Aged 2 y. 1 m. 5 d. the family met with a R. R. accident. The father had his arm broken.

5/18 Preached at Wheatland in the morning, at the Grove in the afternoon, and in English in the evening.

5/21 Started for Synod at Dayton (Ohio). A pleasant meeting. Visited my parents near Royalton, Fairfield Co., Ohio. (Synod is a meeting of the national denomination. In U. C. C. it is still called Synod.) Whilst at Synod, preached at the United Presbyterian Church in Dayton.

6/1 Preached for the Ringgold congregation in English and German. (Ringgold is a former parish Klar served in Ohio.) Also baptized three children:
Baptized Adam Marion, son of Gedion B. and Louisa Marberger born 4/25/62 in Amanda Tp., Fairfield Co., Ohio. Baptized David, son of Isaac and Mary Sark, born 3/27/62 in Amanda Tp., Fairfield co., Ohio. Baptized Lilly Dale, daughter of John and Mary Ellen Marberger, born 5/23/61 in Amanda Tp., Fairfield Co., Ohio.
Sunday, May 25 whilst at Synod at Dayton, preached at the United Presbyterian Church in Dayton. Marked attention and deep interest. Hope seed was also scattered here.

6/8 Preached at the Grove for the Last Time. (The church in the Grove had now evidently succeeded in securing a German Evangelical pastor and in nine months would organize as a church of that denomination. See note for 3/18/63.)

6/14 Preached at Hebron this evening.

6/15 Preached at Tipton in the afternoon.

6/18 Wednesday evening service.

6/22 Filled my appointment at Wheatland in the morning and at Carter’s School House in the afternoon. Too late for evening appointment. (No longer having responsibilities at the Grove. Klar took on a new responsibility at Carter School House.

6/21 Preached the Funeral Sermon of August Port, son of Nicholas and Carthrine Port, born 12/26/40, Ashland Co., Ohio. He departed this life 6/2-/62, aged 21 y. 5 m. 24 d. the departed was baptized in infancy by Rev. Benjamin, emigrated with his parents to Cedar Co., Iowa. The departed served in the Federal Army, which service was the cause of his death. He gave evidence of faith before dying, and it is to be trusted that he has gone to rest from his labours, and that he will never hear the Alarm Drum beat. (The Civil War was raging. Rev. Klar had many funerals for servicemen._

6/22 Baptized Ludwig, son of John Moehrchen and Catherine his wife. Born 5/3/62 in Spring Rock Tp., Clinton Co., Iowa. Baptized John Conrad Klar, son of Ludwig and Catherine Riedesel. Born 2/17/62 in Spring rock tp., Clinton Co., Iowa. Sponsor: J. C. Klar.

6/26 Evening service in Wheatland by Rev. F. Wahl.

6/28 Preparatory Service at Tipton.

6/29 Communion Service at Tipton, plus service at Hebron in the afternoon. Service at Tipton at night. All by Rev. F. Wahl from Iowa. (in margin) The services at Tipton all by Rev. F. Wahl.

7/2 Wednesday evening service at Wheatland.

7/4 Delivered address in the Grove.

7/6 Service at Wheatland in the morning in German; on the Prairie in the afternoon. (Later Klar will indentify this as Eureka School House.) At Wheatland at night in Endlish.

7/6 Baptized Florentine, daughter of John George Schneider, Jr and Wilhelmina, his wife. Born 6/9/62 in Spring Rock Tp., Clinton Co., Iowa.
Baptized the five children of John George and Sophia Wetter:
1. John George, born 3/2/54
2. Louisa, born 11/6/55
3. Sophia Catherine, born 11/14/57
4. Florentina, born 6/29/59
5. Henry, born, 1/29/61.

7/9 Wednesday evening service.

7/13 Filled my regular appointment in Wheatland in the morning. Also preached the funeral sermon of Edward, son of Edward and Margaret Tarlton. Aged 1 y. 11 m. 14 d. Funeral obsequies attended to, and before a large audience preached from Revelation 20:11-12.

7/16 Weekly lecture.

7/20 In the morning filled my appointment at Hebron in German. Also repeated the substance in English. At Tipton in the afternoon.

7/21 Baptized John Franklin, son of Isaac and Eliza Meiman, born 6/12/72 in Centre Tp., Cedar Co., Iowa.

7/21 Married at the house of Samuel Neiman, Mr. Samuel Swengle of Omaha to Miss Nancy Jane Emerich of vicinity of Tipton, Cedar Co., Iowa.

7/27 Karl Ebert and Sophia Ebert (After these two names Klar wrote “members”. He perhaps was indicating that they were received into membership at St. Paul’s.)

7/27 Baptized Herrmann, son of Charles and Sophia Ebert, born 11/3/61 in Wheatland, Clinton Co., Iowa.
7/27 Filled my appointment in Wheatland in the morning in German,
and English at Candlelighting.

8/2 Preached at Hebron.

8/3 Preached at Tipton

8/10 Preached at Wheatland in the morning. Rev. Werts filled my appointment in the evening.

8/10 Baptized Martin Alfred, son of L. H. Riedesel and Elisabeth, his wife. Born 4/3/61 in Wheatland.

8/17 Filled my appointment at Hebron in the morning at Tipton in the afternoon. Baptized Brother Reimund’s child. (Klar left four lines blank as if he meant to provide the necessary baptismal data at a later date and forgot.)

8/31 Preached at Tipton in the morning, and at Hebron in the afternoon.

9/7 Filled my regular appointment at Wheatland, German in the morning, English at candlelighting. Same day baptized Herrmann Heinrich, baby of Henry Marcus and Margretha Mohr. Born 8/3/62 in Spring Rock Tp., Clinton Co., Iowa.

9/14 Filled my appointment at Hebron in the morning, and at Tipton in the afternoon.

9/18 Sabbath School festival. Gave my children a dinner, candies and took in procession to the fair.

9/19 Preached the funeral sermon of Isaac Neiman, son of Peter and Mary Nielman. Born 1/24/13 in Douglas Tp., Berks Co., Pa. He was the oldest of a family of eleven children, having 5 brother and 5 sisters of who two sisters have gone to the grave before him. The departed was baptized according to the custom of the church in infancy by Rev. Fred Hermann, and having arrived at a proper age was confirmed and thereby became a member of the German Reformed Church. He was married 3/2/41, to Elisa Schwartz, whom he leaves a widow. He is the father of 10 children, seven boys and three girls, on of the latter has preceeded her father by a space of 8 years. The departed removed about 8 years ago to his late place of residence. (Klar is saying he came to Wheatland about eight years ago.) He died being an active Elder in the Church.

9/21 Filled my appointments at Wheatland: German in the morning and English in the afternoon.

9/28 Filled my appointment at Tipton in the afternoon, and at Hebron at Candlelighting. Preached on the Prairie at Eureka School House near Samuel Dale. (This twice a month appointment, as Klar calls them, continue to 10/26/62.)

October, 1862 to October, 1863

10/2 Meeting of the Classis began in the evening with preaching by Rev. Buser. (perhaps in Wheatland, since he does not mention traveling to it.)

10/3 Classis continued. I was chosen as President for ensuing year. (Still another job to add to pastoral duties in Wheatland, Hebron, Tipton, Carter School House, and Eureka School House.)

10/4 Preparatory Service.

10/5 Communion. About 60 communicants.

10/12 Preached at Eureka School House on the Prarie in the morning.

10/12 Baptized George Franklin, son of Phillip and Mary Ann Darger. Born 9/9/61 in Centre Tp., Cedar Co., Iowa. Same day baptized Samuel and Anna Maria, children of Nicholaus and Catherine Deklotz, both born in Centre Tp., Cedar Co., Iowa. Samuel, 1/8/58, Anna Maria on 10/14/61.

10/19 My appointments filled by Rev. Langpap of Davenport, who preached both morning and afternoon. English preaching in the evening by myself.

10/21 Performed the funeral obsequies of Leland Howard Rundall, son of Shedrach and Rhoda Rundall. He was born 6/10/35 in Deleware Co., Ohio and departed this life 10/20 at 7 o’clock and was aged 27 y. 4 m. 10 d. The departed emigrated with his parents from Ohio to this state and to the same place where he died and from which we have borne his remains. The departed was joined in matrimony with Nancy Jan Guffy, 12/7/58, whom together with two children, he leaves to mourn. He leaves parents, 2 brothers, 7 sisters. Peace to his ashes.

10/26 Preached at Eureka School House. Proverbs 11:11. Visited at Hebron and Tipton that week and returned home on Thursday evening.

11/8 Preached the funeral Sermon of Mathias P. McCullough, son of Joseph D. and Elizabeth McCullough, born 10/5/56 and departed this life on 11/7, aged 6 y. 1 m. 1 d. The departed leaves two sisters to share their mother’s grief, the father being absent, having volunteered with the 16th Regiment of Iowa, now at Helena, Arkansas.

11/9 Preached at Wheatland in the morning in German. James 1/22. From Nov. 9 to Nov. 16 leveled and banked up the parsonage. (Had the Klars discovered that their new home was drafty during the previous winter?)

11/16 Preached at Wheatland in evening in English.

11/23 Filled my appointment at Wheatland: German in the morning, English in the evening.

11/26 Joined in marriage at the residence of Franz Homrighausen, Mr. Erastur Holmes with Miss Cathrine Homrighausen. (Klar spells it “Homrichhausen. Erastus was owner of the land which John Bennett bought for the site of Wheatland.) Prayer Meeting

11/27 Thanksgiving service.

11/30 Filled my Wheatland appointment in the morning in German.

12/3 Prayer Meeting.

12/7 Filled my appointment at Wheatland in the morning in English.

12/10 Prayer Meeting.

12/14 Filled my Wheatland appointment ain the morning in German.

12/17 Prayer Meeting.

12 21 Filled my regular appointment at 11 a.m. in english.

12/24 Prayer Meeting.

12/25 Christmas sermon in German in the morning.

12/28 filled my regular appointment at 10 a.m. in German.

12/31 Prayer Meeting till 1 a.m. on 1/1/63. (Klar doesn’t indicate when the service started.)