Clinton Boy Honored in Washington

In 1920 a Clinton boy, Donald Campbell, won an essay contest and got to go to Washington, DC.  Here are some newspaper articles and pictures.

Donald Campbell Secty. of war Baker pinning medal on Donald L. Campbell, Clinton, Iowa, winner of the first prize in the National Army Essay Contest.
Donald Campbell Awarding of prizes in the Army Essay contest by the Secty. of War General marsh [i.e. March] and General Harris. Elaborate exercises were held at the Stadium of the Central High School. Photo left to right General Marsh [i.e. March], Majorie Sheetz, Chillicothe Mo. Donald L. Campbell Clinton Iowa, Secty. Newton D. Baker, Betty Bowen Eason Olive Branch Miss. and General Harris.
Donald Campbell Winners in the Army Essay Writing Contest who are being entertained in Washington at the expense of the War Dept. Prizes are to be awarded on May 5th. Today the winners were visitors at the House and Senate accompanied by Congressmen from their respective states. Photo made at the Capitol Left to Right Betty Bowen Eason, Age 16, Olive Branch Miss. Donald L.Campbell, age 15 Clinton Iowa, Majorie Sheetz Age 14 Chillicothe Mo. Congressman Huber [i.e. Hubert] D. Stevens [i.e. Stephens] Miss. Hull, Harry E. Iowa. Wm W. Rucker Mo.
Donald Baker Page 1 of the Clinton Advertiser, Wednesday, May 12, 1920
Articles from the Clinton Advertiser  
Ask Essays On Army Service: 03 Feb 1920  
10,000 Prizes to be Awarded in Essay Contest: 07 Feb 1920  
D. L. Campbell is Proclaimed as Winner:  01 Apr 1920 (with his essay)  
Don Campbell Local Lad is Winner Among Ten Million: 19 Apr 1920  
Invited to Camp Dodge: 20 Apr 1920  
Leaves for Washington: 03 May 1920  
Winners Get Essay Awards: 06 May 1920  
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This idea was so popular at the time that the Rotary Club did a similar contest.