Leonidas L. Smullin

This photo and letter were received 17 Oct 1981 and were copied from a scrapbook given to us by Jan Hanson and the FCFH.

From: The Schenetady County Historical Society, 32 Washington Ave., Schenectady, N. Y. 12305

"We have just received a great deal of material on the Schermerhorn family, which ties into the family of our area.The collection includes old letters, Bible entries, an obituary, genealogical notes, and photographs.

We enclose a duplicate photograph of we think Leonidas L. Smullin ofClinton, Iowa.His wife was a Schermerhorn, and we have all the data we need going back to her ancestors.We would like to identify some photographs if there are people in Clinton who descend from these surnames: Smullin and Schermerhorn.Smullin


Could you put us in touch with some one in Clinton who might be interested? We have no idea who it was in California who owned the material.The donor, not related, gave no information.

Harriet Elinor Schermerhorn was the daughter of Dr. Winfield Scott Schermerhorn and his second wife Margaret (Smith) King, and was born 12 July 1857 in Lodi, Wisconsin.Her two sons were Harry and George W. Smullins.At the time of her father's death in 1892 she was living in Clinton."

On the back of the photo it says:

"We believe this to be Leonidas L. Smullin who m. Harriet E. Schermerhorn 8 Dec. 1875, and had at least two children: Harry and George W.

The Smullins family lived in Clinton, Ia. where L. L. Smullins was a freight and ticket agent for the Chicago & Northwestern Railway Co. in the 1890's."

We also received this email from Richard Alford ----

Dear Nettie Mae:

Talked with a Dale Smullin this date (9/4/2000) who may have met George W. Smullin back in the 1940s when Dale was a teen in Alameda Co., CA. Dale Smullin believes George W. Smullin never married. California death index lists George W. Smullin (b. 07/17/1889 and d. 9/23/1966 @ Alameda Co., California. Also lists his mother's maiden name as "Schermor". Believe, however, maiden name per your web listing should be Schermerhorn (a Schodack Branch member of that New York family/lineage). Contrary to your web information, I believe George W. Smullin's mother to be Helen E. Schermerhorn, a daughter of Dr. Winfield Scott Schermerhorn [of Lodi, Wisconsin in adult years] and his wife, Jane A. Loomis. They were married 12/07/1853. Dr. Winfield S. Schermerhorn was a son of Evert Lansing Schermerhorn and HIS SECOND WIFE Margaret King. She was b. 02/10/1802 and d. 10/22/1846. Dr. Winfield S. Schermerhorn was b. 10/04/1833 and d. 06/12/1892. Dr. Schermerhorn, M.D., was a surgeon/physician who served with a Wisconsin unit during the Civil War. Good share of this data is from "Schermerhorn Genealogy and Family Chronicles" by Richard Schermerhorn, Jr., (191 4, Tobias A. Wright, Publisher, New York, New York).

Yours, Richard Alford, Schenectady Branch Schermerhorn genealogist / family historian / reunion organizer and host.

P.S. Thanks for the data on the Schermerhorn/Smullin family which made its way back to Schenectady.