Navy, Marines, Coast Guard

Over 800,000 dead or missing, about 800 of those were from Iowa.

KIA-Killed In Action
DOW-Died of wounds
DOI-Died of injuries
FOD-Finding of death (under Public Law 490)

Adamson, Claud Pfc DOW
Allender, Maurice B S SG KIA
Anderson, Victor G. Tec 4 KIA
Baker, Louis H. Pvt KIA
Barber, William R Pvt KIA
Back, Allen J. Pvt KIA
Berding, Alvin L. Sgt KIA
Bitker, Melvic C. Pvt DNB
Boekeloo, Lawrence L. Cpl M
Boysen, Jack C. Tec 5 DNB
Brough, Marcus S. Pvt KIA
Brown, Donald J. Pfc KIA
Bruggenwirth, Edward Pfc KIA
Bunce, Clyde C. Pfc DOW
Burke, Donald T. 2 Lt KIA
Burke, John E 2 Lt FOD
Busch, LaVerne P. 2 Lt DOI
Byers, David W. Pfc DNB
Carr, George E. Pfc KIA
Chase, Theodore F. Tec 5 KIA
Clark, John Pvt KIA
Clark, Marvin A. Pvt KIA
Connole, Reynold K. Pvt KIA
Cooper, William F. Pvt KIA
Dolan, Francis T. Tec 5 KIA
Dreyer, LeRoy L. Pfc KIA
Dunmore, Roy A. Pvt DOL
Durant, Kenneth Corp KIA
Ehlers, Irvin F. Pfc DOW
Fatchett, Harvey R. Pvt KIA
Finkboner, Wilbur Pvt DNB
Fromang, Lyle E. Pvt KIA
Fugate, Albert C. Pfc KIA
Fuller, Dean E. Pfc KIA
Grandick, Norbert J. S Sgt DOW
Gustavison, Cyril H. Pfc KIA
Hanson, Leon T. Pfc KIA
Heineman, Cyril G. S Sgt FOD 
Heienman, Lorias V. Pfc KIA [sic] 
Heinenman, Louis W. Pfc KIA 
Hendricks, Robert L. Tec 4 KIA
Holle, Edward W. Jr. Pfc KIA
Holliday, Robert J. Tec 5 KIA
Janica, Robert L. Pvt KIA
Kenyon, Aaron A. Pvt DNB
Koch, Herbert A. Pvt KIA
Krayenhagen, Robert F. Pfc DNB
Lampe, Lee B. Pvt KIA
Laschanzky, Vernon E. 2 Lt DNB
Lass, Donald W. Pvt DOW
Lenson, Raymond H. T Sgt KIA
Leonard, Dale R. Pvt DNB
Magin, Ray W. S Sgt KIA
Mangelsen, Henry E. Pfc KIA
Manley, Daniel Capt KIA
McClain, Elmer T. Pfc DOW
McKenna, Laurence P. T Sgt DNB
Meader, John R. Jr. 2 Lt KIA
Michaelsen, Darwin F. 2 Lt FOD
Miltota, Frank Jr. Pvt KIA
Mull, Roger M. T Sgt KIA
Munson, Marvin H. Pfc KIA
Naeve, Laurence R. Pvt KIA
Nelson, William A. Pvt KIA
Otto, Harold H. Pvt KIA
Paulsen, Roy E. Jr. Pvt KIA
Penzkofer, Gilbert C. Pfc DOW
Piatt, James B. Sgt KIA
Pool, Louis L. Pfc KIA
Raap, Henry Sgt KIA
Ray, Philip L. Cpl DNP
Rehr. Raymond H. Pfc KIA
Reisinger, Herbert L. Pvt KIA
Rich, Hampton E. 1 Lt FOD
Roe, Elmer J. Pvt KIA
Ryner, Robert B. S Sgt DOW
Sander, George E. Pvt DOW
Schmidt, Earl E. 1 Lt KIA
Schmidt, Ray P. Pfc DOW
Serfling, Aubrey G. Capt DNB
Simpson, Louis H. S Sgt FOD
Sirvid. Frank J. S Sgt DNB
Sivertsen, Kenneth C. Sgtt DNB
Slowie, William L. Pvt KIA
Soesbe, James A. 2 Lt FOD
Stahl, Elmer W. Pfc KIA
Stamp, Ernie E. S Sgt KIA
Stodden, Urban P. Pfc KIA
Stoeker, Herbert O. Sgt FOD
Stoltenberg, Gerald F. Tec 5 DNB
Strohm, Albert L. 2 Lt KIA
Swanson, Frank A. Capt DNB
Thess, Donald D. Pfc DOW
Thomas, Cleo E. Sgt KIA
Thompson, Frederick A. Sgt DNB
Toerber, Mearl L. Pfc KIA
Torpey, James F. Pfc DNB
Webb, Francis E. Pvt KIA
Witte, Virgil H. M Sgt DNB
Wright, Clarence A. 1 Lt DNB
Yegge, Robert T. Pvt KIA
Zimmerman, Gerald M. Sgt KIA



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