Co L 49th Reg IA Vol Inf

The following information comes from Lynn Whitson Risner:

The roster was from a woman in Colorado who had bought Frank Whitson's old briefcase at auction and had never looked through it at the time of purchase.

This looks like a tri-folded document.  I typed up the center panel first, then the left and right sides.  In italics are handwritten notes.

Company L, 49th Regiment Iowa Volunteer Infantry

Company Officers

Captain, Chester C. McCollom
1st Lieut., George M. Michelsen Died
2nd Lieut., John B. Nattinger

1st Sergeant, Frank E. Leffingwell
Q. M. Sergeant, Emil Tiesse Discharged


John J. Dayton
William C. McAllister
Benjamin Brooks
Joseph F. Ries


Will J. Hundley Q. M. Serg't
John C. Goodwin 2nd Lieut.
Fred R. Boughner
Harry W. Cowles
John R. Doran
William W. Paddock Discharged
Daniel J. Murray
Joe Carmichael Discharged 
Elsie J. Casino
Herbert R. Taylor
Adolph Peterson
Stephen D. Haller


King D. Slocum
Thomas H. Pinch, Jr.

Company Cook

Frank J. Zapf


Samuel Skoog


Calvin T. Hall

William G. Dows, 
Colonel Commanding


Ackerman, Burton C.
Ashpole, John W.
Boeller, John
Booth, Walter A.
Berrien, Chauncey L. Discharged 
Burlingame, Delmar J.
Burlingame, Elroy H.
Bennett, Aura E.
Besler, John A.
Brink, Isaac
Conger, John H.
Center, Homer O.
Culmary, William H.
Coleman, Matthew B.
Cristiansen, Hans
Connell, John W.
Davis, Thomas J.
Davidsaver, Nicholas S. Discharged 
Dolan, James
Evermann, Helmuth Discharged 
Fisher, Earl E. Discharged 
Frank, Peter
Grusendorf, John, Jr.
Goff, Harry L. Brigadr. Orderly
Guenther, Peter J.
Hansen, Henry C. Died
Humphrey, Roy A. Died
Hiuck, William
Holmes, Gilbert T.
Holmes, Dur
Hunecke, Hans Discharged 
Hammerberg, Oscar
Ingels, Linnaeus W. Discharged 
James, George A.
Johnston, William C.
Jones, Charles I.
Judd, Levi H.
Kind, Carl A.
Klingemann, Louis Discharged 
Kalien, Henry
Klavitter, Henry
Kreucher, Otto C.
Lake, Frederick W. Transferred to Hospital Corps.
Lucke, Fred A. C.
Loomis, Bert Discharged 
Loud, Oran W.
Lemcke, Verner Discharged 
McKenna, William H.
McDevitt, Edward N.
Morissey, Edward M.
Moss, Charles R.
Manley, Salaman
McFaul, William D. Transferred to Hospital Corps.
McKiddy, John T.
Nissley, Clarence E. Discharged 
Nyquist, John
Needham, Bartholomew
Pfeffner, August Discharged 
Roman, Herbert R. Died
Rogers, James Discharged 
Robinson, Charles W.
Ryan, Joseph W.
Read, Robert C.
Sipher, Edward G. Discharged 
Spencer, Frank
Shoemaker, Truman M.
Stuth, Herman A.
Somerville, William J.
Smith, Charles F.
Sutton, Thomas P.
Scott, Harry B. Discharged 
Strain, William P.
Tracy, Thomas
Tallman, Roy E.
Terkelsen, Hans P.
Thompson, T. C.
Tyrrell, Louis O.
Underwood, Amos J. Transferred to Hospital Corps.
Van Ness, Edward V. Discharged 
Whitson, Frank W. Corporal
Worrell, Clifford L.
Warner, Herbert W. Hospital Corps
Wind, Nis J.
Wolfe, Henry C.
Weinbrandt, Peter H.







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