Spanish American War: James Rogers

dunn1.jpg (30842 bytes)These are from Jean Dunn who writes:  "I have a very small New Testament that my grandfather had when he went to the Spanish American war.  His name was James Rogers and he was born in Teeds Grove.  He was in Co. L 49th reg't in Des Moines and the date in the book is May 25 1898.  It has 3 pages of signatures of the men in the company."

Those in picture identified are:  James Rogers (the one with the X),  E. L. Cook, W. H. Shanks, Man Winter, Charles Beatty, Jon Hughs., Bert Spoor, Geo Castle, Ed Miller, Will Hughs, Alf Lawton, Will Wilson, Karl Winters.

dunn2.jpg (32885 bytes) James Rogers is the second one in the top row (with the X).  The other ones are unidentified.




Tmp6.jpg (55678 bytes)

Tmp5.jpg (80893 bytes)  

Jean has this wonderful bible.  In the last few pages are written the names of those he served with.  They look like signatures. This is what I believe it the names to be:

First image:  James Rogers Co. L 49th Inf, Des Moines, May 25 -- 98  Presented to all the boys

J. B. Nattinger; F. E. Leffingwell; Chas. W. Robinson; Emil Tiesse; S. D. Haller; Clifford Worrell; J. R. Zingelman; T. F. Thompson; Thos. Davis; Ed McDevitt; H. O. Center

Second image:  Hans P. Terkelsen; John J. Dayton; John C. Goodwin; Harry W. Cowles; George A. James; Adolph Petersen; E. E. Fisher; Lt. F. L. Halleran; W. W. Paddock; W. J. Hundley; K. D. Slocum; Burton Ackerman; A ?+ A. M.; Names ? Listing; Frank Whitson; Ed Van Ness L. 49 reg. (cook?); A. Birdsley; Hans Christensen; Joe Carmichael

Tmp8.jpg (13784 bytes) This is B.S. Irons and James Rogers taken Mar 2, 1898 Camp Wildcat Maquoketa, Res. Iowa 








From:  Judy Landauer   

I'm afraid none of the names in the first picture match any of the
names in Co. L of the 49th Iowa Volunteer Infantry, except for James
Rogers, who was listed as being discharged.  (No date or other info
given).  B.S. Irons is also not listed as being in Co. L.

I went through the names given in the Bible and matched the names in
the roster.  There are several minor spelling errors; here are the
corrected names with corresponding ranks:

1st IMAGE:

2nd Lieutenant: John B. Nattinger
1st Sergeant: Frank E. Leffingwell
Private: Charles W. Robinson
Quartermaster Sergeant: Emil Tiesse
Corporal: Stephen D. Haller
Private: Clifford L. Worrell
Private: T.C. Thompson
Private: Thomas J.Davis
Private: Edward N. McDevitt
Private: Homer O. Center

2nd IMAGE:

Private: Hans P. Terkelsen
Duty Sergeant: John J.Dayton
Corporal: John C.Goodwin
Corporal: Harry W. Cowles
Private: George A. James
Corporal: Adolph Peterson (with an "o")
Private: Earl E. Fisher (don't know about this one, there isn't any
other choice even close, and the Bible has the first name initial
written differently than the middle initial, yet the roster has both
names starting with the same letter.  Hmm.)  Earl was discharged,

No listing or even close approximation for: K.D. Flower, J.R.
Zingleman or A. Birdsley.  No clue as to A. ? and A. M. in the
rosters (checked for brothers who might have those first initials.
Found three sets of men with the same last name, but nothing to match
the initials.)  I'll keep looking for the others in other companies.

Sorry I couldn't help with the photos anymore than I did.  I have a
group shot of Company L and  can scan it to you if you like, but the
faces are hard to make out on a lot of them, and there is nothing
that says who is who.

Good luck!





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