Charter Membership Roll of the American Legion

The following was found at the Clinton County Historical Society Museum --

American Legion Auxiliary Unit of June Van Meter Post No. 190 Dept. of Iowa (no pictures with this one) This is all handwritten. 

Mrs. C. F. Kellogg
Mrs. E. P. Delaney
Mrs. Christine Subcleff
Mrs. Kenneth Anderson
Mrs. Leo P. McEleny
Mrs. K. C. Wagner
Mrs. Richard N. Howes
Miss Lorretta Grumstrup
Mrs. Lucy Stuart
Mrs. N. J. Cole
Miss Nina Stuart
Mrs. G. W. Dauchy
Mrs. Ed. Simmons
Miss Helen Fenn
Mrs. Helga Grumstrup
Mrs. Ed. Scribner
Mrs. A. C. Nielson
Mrs. L. J. Robinson
Miss Eugenia Raun
Miss Irma Fedderson
Mrs. Geo. Thomson
Miss Viola Ladehoff
Miss Mabel Lorenz
Mrs. N. T. Hendrix
Miss Florence Hubbart
Mrs. P. W. Cole
Miss Mary Hubbart
Miss Hulda Keller
Mrs. Paul McGrath
Mrs. Arthur Ladehoff
Mrs. Fred L. Nelson
Miss Alicia Walton
Mrs. Henry G. Petersen
Mrs. Geo. O. Andersen
Mrs. Harry P. Hansen
Mrs. Evangeline Dreesen
Mrs. Thos. Kerr
Miss Alice Constance Howe
Mrs. A. H. Berner
Mrs. H. J. Rhode
Mrs. Faye Parker
Miss Marian Berner
Mrs. Emma Jones
Mrs. E. O. Work
Mrs. G. P. Van Epps
Mrs. Emil Johannsen
Mrs. Beulah Van Epps
Mrs. C. J. Robinson
Mrs. Virgina Skiff
Mrs. Fritz Glaser
Mrs. Mary Hubbart
Miss Elizabeth Munson
Miss Norma Berner
Mrs. P. A. Bean
Mrs. John Warnock
Mrs. Maree E. Van Meter
Mrs. John Warnock
Miss Eleanor Mooney
Miss Mabel Anderson
Mrs. Frank J. Borbeck
Mrs. J. Work
Miss Vivian Stocik (or Stoik?)
Miss Mabel Campie
Miss Anna Hamann
Mrs. Mary Cunningham
Mrs. E. A. Forrest
Mrs. W. M. Driver
Mrs. N. J. Walton







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