1936 Legionaire Convention

1936 Convention Chairmen

The following was found at the Clinton County Historical Society Museum 

This is from the Iowa Legionaire 07 Aug 1936

Listed as Convention Chairmen, along with their photos are:

William S. Walton, Commander
Paul R. Christiansen, President
Mrs. Leona Ladehoff, Legion Auxiliary
Art Haring, Director and Construction
Frank Harvey, Uniformed Bodies Housing
Herb M. Feddersen, Dances
R. N. Howes, Jr., Caucus and Committee Rooms
Art D. Ladehoff, Director and Housing
Ed. R. Cook, Police
M. W. Jackson, Director Forty and Eight Activities
Art. F. Miller, Entertainment
Wm. E. Purcell, Distinguished Guests
Mrs. Helen Anderson, Auxiliary President
George O. Anderson, Secretary and Printing
Sid A. Norburg, Registration
N. O. Nelson, Markmanship
F. W. Mona, Sunday Memorial Services
E. O. Work, Parade
J. J. Matthews, Advance of Colors
Leroy G. Willey, Publicity






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