This is a poster-type item hanging at the Clinton County Historical Museum. 
There are no pictures of people but it is a beautiful item. There are a few ink spots or something on it, which made it hard to tell what a few of the names are. (I think this is regarding WWI, but I'm not 100% sure. I don't think they called it WWI until after WWII. If anyone knows for sure, clue me in <grin>)

Mustered into Federal service 30 Jun 1916; Called into service by the President 31 Mar 1917; Mobilized at Clinton 25 Jun 1917

Battery A, 1st Iowa Field Artillery, National Guard



Capt. Loren R. Brooks
1st Lieut. Frank G. Luth
1st Lieut. Frank Schneider
2nd Lieut. Lloyd R. Kelsey
2nd Lieut. Emery O. Thompson
1st Sergt. Lloyd Chatterton
Supply Sergt. Edward J. McLaughlin
Stable Sergt. Charles Cleveland
Mess Sergt. Charles Kershaw 


Ketschke, Karl W.
Brauer, Frank
Ruhl, Levi W.
Walde, Anton
Sible, Howard B.
Collamer, Waldo M.
Dickerson, Clyde D.
Johnson, Carl
Price, Walter 


Gassaway, Earl G.
Anderson, Verne J.
Foley, Michael J.
McMahan, William F.
Marquardsen, Engward M.
Spaulding, William F.
Strauss, Joseph W.
Van Meter, June
Van Vuuren, Fred
Howes, Phillip J.
Humphrey, Fred
McGregor, Howard L.
Madden, Francis Raymond
Mathieson, Ole C.
Redfield, Harry A.
Robinson, George E.
Schwab, Ray 


Zaiser, Willis J. 


Unger, Harry H.
Raymond, Glenn W.
Fenn, Earl R. 


Burnett, Albert J.
Grindrod, Arthur L.
Lisk, William R. 
Stanullis, Tony 
Lesher, Harry L.
Myatt, Leon E.
Anderson, Herbert 


Donielson, George
Benson, Gus W. 


Adams, Wesley D.
Anderson, Edward J.
Anderson, Walter C.
Asmussen, Chris C.
Averkamp, Carl 
Binz, Claude J.
B?s, William
Byers, Jerry W. 
Callahan, William T.
Case, Herbert W.
Christensen?, Eric C.
Clark, George W.
Clark, Lawrence E.
Clark, Peter
Clarke, William E.
Cleary, Martin B.
Cook, Lester J.
Croake, James M. 
Dahl, Herlof H.
Dana, Otis M.
Dellit, Frank O.
Dellit, Fred A.
Dolan, William G.
Donahue, Daniel J.
Dowhower, Paul R.
Dwigans, Claude W. 


Eagan, Ralph A.
Eggers, Fred
Everhart, Charlie H.
Eberley, Louis E.
Enright, Miles E.
Evers, Ejnar E. 
Felderman, Jacob F.
Flack, Harold L.
Foster, Albert J.
Fickel, Willard H.
Forest, Dwight D.
Foster, Edwin E. 
Garlock, William G.
George, Vernon M.
Gould, Jay
Gross, Harold R.
Garvey, John
Goodell, Charlie R.
Greves, Claude 
Hickey, James
Hollan, Frank E.
Holle, Clarence
Holt, Sylvester
Hamm, Cecil E.
Hass, Edward
Hazelhurst, Carl C.
Heath, Charles H. M.
Henderson, Robert T.
Horan, Leo J.
Hosp, Howard
Hickey, Harry
Houseman, Charles W. 
Jensen, Herbert H. S.
Juhl, George W. 
Kenney, Andrew A.
Kleis, Andrew A.
Koons, Frank H.
Krumviede, Alvin H.
Landstrom, Russel C.
Lough?, John S.
Long, Joseph L.
Lowell, William E. 
McCaughey, Charles E.
Miles, Forest S.
McGinty, John V.
Mulholland, Clement
Meade?, Charles L. N.
Mulqueen, Carl F.
Meyer, August E.
Murray, John E. 
Nielson, Nel C. 
Obermiller, Fred C.
Oson, Anton
Olson, Arvid
O'Neubert, Lynn 
Paris, Herbert A.
Peterson, Julius D.
Petersen, Carl R.
Price, Mat 
Redman, Robert C.
Rohde, Henry J.
Robinson, George M.
Rowell, Walter W.
Robinson, Charles J.
Roberson, Cecil E.
Rowe, George S.
Schaw, Charles A.
Schlemmer, Roy R.
Schmidt, Edward
Schmitz, John H.
Schoenfelder, Edw. W.
Schroeder, Herman R.
Scribner, Edward A.
Scullen, Merrill R.
Shoemaker, Raymond E.
Simpson, Charles A.
Sipes, James R.
Smith, Bernard J.
Smith, Clifton
Smith, Leslie W.
Smith, Ralph
Smullen, George W.
Snodderly, Alwyn E.
Sorensen, Arthur C.
Soenksen, Merrill A.
Steffensen, John H.
Stauffer, Andrew B.
Swanson, Carl A.
Thompson, Edward J.
Turney, William
Van Vuuren, Martin
Willey, Fred W.
Willet, Earl P.
Willardsen, Jens A.
Williams, Carlton
Williams, Glen C.
Wilson, Almon R.

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