Seventh Judicial District of Iowa: Judges

SOURCE: Booklet put out during the courthouse centennial in 1997 titled "History of Clinton County Courthouses."

Thomas S. Wilson Pitkin C. Wright
James Grant George B. Young, Clinton
William E. Leffingwell Lyman A. Ellis, Clinton
Aylett R. Cotton James H. Roghrock, Cedar
Edward Graham Henry H. Benson, Muscatine
John B. Booth Aylvanus Yates, Cedar
William H. Tuthill Daniel W. Ellis, Clinton
Daniel McNeil Walter I. Hayes, Clinton
Gilbert C. R. Mitchell DeWitt C. Richmond, Muscatine
A. H. Bennett A. J. Leffingwell, Clinton
John F. Dillon Nathaniel French, Scott
John C. Polley Charles W. Chase, Clinton
J. Scott Richman  

The Seventh Judicial District consisting of Clinton, Scott, Jackson and Muscatine Counties was created by the 21st General Assembly (1886) effective January 1, 1887.  Cedar County was added to the District by the 64th General Assembly (1971).  The names above were listed and then this paragraph and then the following names.  I am guessing that the previous names were judges prior to 1886.

Andrew Howat, Clinton Charles G. Rehling, Scott
C. M. Waterman, Scott Arthur F. Jannsen, Jackson
William F. Brannan, Muscatine Clay LeGrand, Scott
P. B. Wolfe, Clinton Nathan Grant, Scott
Allan J. House, Jackson Lowell D. Phelps, Scott
James W. Bollinger, Scott Robert K. Stohr, Muscatine
D. V. Jackson, Muscatine James R. Havercamp, Scott
Arthur P. Barker, Clinton Allan Keck, Jackson
Lawrence J. Horan, Muscatine B. J. Maxwell, Cedar
William Theophilus, Scott Max. R. Werling, Cedar
F. Dickinson Letts, Scott Charles H. Pelton, Jr., Clinton
Maurice F. Donegan, Scott Lawrence D. Carstensen, Clinton
William W. Scott, Scott Margaret Stevenson Briles, Scott
William R. Maines, Scott J. Hobart Darbyshire, Scott
Clarence L. Ely, Jackson John Joseph Carlin, Scott
Frank D. Kelsey, Jackson Jack L. Burns, Muscatine
John E. Purcell, Clinton James E. Kelley, Scott
W. L. Keck, Jackson David J. Sohr, Scott
George Claussen, Clinton Linda K. Neuman, Scott
C. R. Stafford, Muscatine Edward B. de Silva, Jr., Scott
W. A. Newport, Scott John Nahra, Scott
Glenn D. Kelly, Scott David H. Sivright, Jr., Clinton
M. L. Sutton, Clinton Bobbi M. Alpers, Scott
Matthew Westrate, Muscatine