In this era of accelerating change, we have become increasingly aware that our man-made environment must embody preservation of significant buildings which reflect our past history and heritage as well as development of new structures to meet the demands of contemporary life.

These two perspectives need not conflict.  They can and should complement each other within the total fabric of our community.  Both are fundamental to the special quality of life we strive for in Clinton.

It is in this spirit that this publication has been prepared.  Its purpose is to bring to your attention information about some of the buildings which constitute the irreplaceable architectural mosaic of our community.  It is designed to motivate you, the interested citizen, to assume a more active role in the process of historic preservation.  We hope it serves as a catalyst for future efforts to preserve our architectural heritage within a context of positive growth and change.

Dwain T. Walters, Mayor


            This publication is an outgrowth of a research project undertaken in 1979 that was funded jointly by the Division of Historic Preservation, Iowa State Historical Department, and the Department of Community Development, City of Clinton, Iowa.  The purpose of the project was to identify and survey or inventory buildings, structures, and districts within the city of Clinton, Iowa that have architectural merit or significance and that appear to be eligible or qualify for the National Register of Historic Places.  In addition to these criteria, other guidelines of the Division of Historic Preservation, Iowa State Historical Department, were also applied and followed.  Included in the project survey were buildings fifty years or more in age that exhibit a rare style or form type, are of unique or unusual design, and/or have fine and well-preserved detail, as well as more recent buildings of exceptional architectural significance.  In addition, other buildings that pre-date World War II were recorded that were of specific building types of occupancy classifications, as per state guidelines.  The survey, then, fulfills initial National Register identification purposes; provides a reliable and substantial body of information for further research into the architectural history of the state of Iowa; and, helps provide comprehensive coverage for environmental impact reviews and Community Development Block Grant activities in Clinton.

            The structures and districts identified in the survey will help make comprehensive planning and building possible within a context or interest.  In addition, the public’s and property owners’ awareness of the survey and importance of their buildings may prove equally beneficial.  An informed public will realize the value of historic preservation.  Mush of Clinton’s architectural heritage has already been destroyed.  Much more has been altered detrimentally, through well-meaning intentions but misunderstood concepts of rehabilitation and preservation.  A program for restoration if essential.  Comprehensive, city-wide implementation strategy for preservation should be an ultimate goal.  A step toward that goal is the publication of this book, which outlines much of the survey project results and summarizes some representative selections of the survey inventory.  This mass-produced book for public distribution may help create a more aware and informed public, one that is knowledgeable about structures of architectural interest and importance in Clinton—and the need to preserve them.

SOURCE: Department of Community Development, City of Clinton, Clinton, Iowa, An Architectural Heritage (1980)







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