Insurance Companies

In the early days of Clinton, there was a lot of interest in various fraternal insurance companies.

Oldest and most prominent among these bodies was the Ancient Order of United Workmen.

Clinton lodge, No. 7, was instituted Nov. 9, 1874.  The following were officers and charter members:

E. A. Wadleigh, P. M. W.
A. Lamb, M. W.
P. S. Towe, G. F.
H. R. Whitehouse, O.
A. J. Santee, Receiver
C. B. Rosenow, Recorder
J. W. Brentlinger, G.
B. F. Wise, I. W.
H. W. McCormick
B. W. Barnard
A. H. Smith
E. H. King
D. E. Taft
M. Hackett
C. A. Smith.

By 1879 membership totaled 129.  In that year officers were:

A. J. Santee, P. M. W.
Al. McCoy, M. W.
H. Sabin, F.
J. S. Blickenderfer, O.
H. R. Whitehouse, Receiver
James Leslie, F.
R. C. Van Kuran, Recorder
C. H. Powell, I. W.
George Knapp, O. W.
E. S. King, P. S. Towle, and E. A. Wadleigh, Trustees

The lodge first met in the Masonic Hall in the Stratton Block, then in the same hall with Schiller lodge, in the Harding block; and, in July, 1879, removed to their joint quarters with the Knights of Pythias in the old hall so long used for entertainments and hall in the north side of the Tall block.

Schiller lodge, No. 16, A.O.U.W. (German), was organized March 11, 1875, with officers and charter members as follows:

F. Witzigmann, M. W.
William Saltz, G. V.
O. Emil Diebner, R.
John Brietling, Recorder
Fred Struve, F.
Henry Bock
John Wessels, I. W.
S. Jensen, G.
A. Phillips, F. Richardson and S. Jensen, Trustees

In 1879, officers were:

J. Jensen, P. M. W.
J. Adler, M. W.
August Wallison
J. Peterson, O.
J. Haldorf, G.
E. Diebner, Recorder
Thomas Richardson, Receiver
J. D. Young, Treasurer
J. Andresen, I. W.
Paul Albrecht, O. W.
John Breitling, J. Petersen and Ch. Pipping, Trustees

There are no available historical records to indicate when the A.O.U.W. lodges disbanded or lost their identities. 

Many Organizations Functioning in Clinton Before Century's Turn

Organizations of various lodges, clubs and societies followed closely on the heels of Clinton's founding 100 years ago.

Such groups filled an early need for companionship and entertainment, there being little else offered in the way of recreation in the struggling community.

Just how rapidly the organizations came into being can be noted from the following list of secret and benevolent societies in existence by 1895:

Masonic - 10 lodges
Odd Fellows - 10 lodges
Knights of Pythias - 5 lodges
Military - two units
G. A. R. - five groups
Sons of Veterans - one camp
Union Veterans Union - one post
American Legion of Honor - one council
Ancient Order of Hibernians - two divisions
American Order of United Workingmen - four lodges
Catholic Order of Foresters - one court
Court of Honor - one court
Danish Brotherhood - one lodge
Danish Peoples Society - one group
Home Forum - one lodge
Iowa Legion of Honor - two lodges
Improved Order of Red Men - one tribe
Knights of Honor - one lodge
Knights and Ladies of Honor - two lodges
Knights of Khorassan - one lodge
Knights, Ladies of Golden Precept - one lodge
Loyal Orange Lodge - one lodge
Maccabees of the World - one lodge
Modern Woodmen of America - three camps
Mystic Workers of the World - one lodge
National Union - one council
Northwestern Legion of Honor - one unit
Royal Arcanum - one council
Swedish North Star Society - one lodge
Royal Neighbors of America - one camp
Woodmen of the World - three camps

In addition there were these miscellaneous societies:

Associated Benevolent Society
Clinton Commercial League
Clinton County Medical Association
Clinton Turn and Benevolent and Verein Vorwaerts
Clinton High School Alumni Association
Danish Benevolent Society
German Association
German Association of Lyons
German Dramatic Society
Independent Benevolent Society
Independent Order of Good TemplarsLyons Arbeiter Unterstuetzungs Verien
Lyons Y. M. A.
Mutual Aid Society of Lyons
R. C. T. A. R. C. Mutual Protection Society No. 10
St. Boniface German Catholic Benevolent Society
St. Mary's Aid Society
St. Mary's Catholic Total Abstinence Society
St. Mary's Juvenile Catholic Total Abstinence Society

See also: Fraternal Organizations

SOURCE: Centennial Edition, Clinton Herald, Clinton Iowa, 18 June 1955






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