Deep Creek Bios

The following is an index of 25 individuals connected with Deep Creek Township, who were included in the “Portrait and Biographical Album of Clinton County, Iowa” published by Chapman Brothers in 1886. Below is a list of some of their biographies. It should be noted that the 1886 book may include additional individuals associated with Deep Creek Township, that are not represented here. The pictures in the book are lithographs, not actual photographs. 

These were typed up and sent to us by Barb Theis.  Thank you so much Barb.  The links are to our Biographies board.

Albright, Samuel p. 194-195 (residence pictured p. 227)
Bascom, John S. p. 198 (res. pictured p. 199)
Boothby, Christopher p. 660-661 (res. pictured p. 199)
Cook, Benjamin T. p. 355-356
De Pue, Benjamin F. p. 373-374
Dowling, Finton p. 384-385
Feddersen, T. H. Fim p. 192-193
Finch, Ambrose M. p. 392-393
Hicks, Jacob p. 636-637
Howard, Sebra N. p. 385-386
Hunter, Alpheus p. 581-582 (res. pictured p. 370)
Hunter, Sylvester p. 452 (res. pictured p. 209)
Ingwersen, Martin B. p. 526-527
Kitchen, Mrs. Sarah A. p. 341-342 (husband, Thomas Kitchen, pictured p. 340)
Kruse, Claus p. 476 (res. pictured p. 350)
Kuehn, Christian p. 358 and 361
Lanagan, Patrick C. p. 533
Laughin, John J. p. 604-605
Matthiesen, Emil C. p. 362-363
McLaughlin, James p. 406-407
Petersen, Peter L. p. 376
Rockrohr, Charles p. 318 (res. pictured p. 569)
Scheder, Jacob F. p. 407-408 (res. pictured p. 310)
Watts, Hon. Thomas p. 541-543
Wohlenberg, L. A. p. 336-337 (res. pictured p. 540)


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