In accordance with the new system, the following persons were elected asSupervisors from the respective townships, and took their seats and organizedthe first Board of Supervisors of Clinton county in January, 1861.

Berlin, John A. Hyde; Bloomfield, Robert Williams; Brookfield, John S.Maxwell (who, however, resigned, and J. R. Twiss was appointed to fill vacancy);Camanche, J. R. Van Epps; Center, J. Henry Smith; Clinton, J. Van De Venter;Deep Creek, James McLellan (resigned, G. W. Davis, appointed); De Witt, John F.Homer; Eden, R. B. Millard (resigned, Silas Freeman appointed); Elk River,George A. Griswold; Hampshire, Elbert Hammond Liberty, James Cummings; Lyons,Norman Boardman ; Olive, James Vance; Orange, A. S. Allison; Sharon, ArthurLihlie; Spring Rock, S. H. Rogers; Washington, Patrick Lawler; Waterford, JohnCrouch; Welton, R. J. Crouch.

Norman Boardman was elected Chairman.

During the existence of this system of township representation, which continued until December 31, 1870, the townships were represented as given inthe following record:

Berlin.—1861, John A. Hyde; 1862, Alfred Warren (died duringhis term, and Abram Correll appointed); 1863—65, Abram Correll; 1866—67,Thomas S. Flathers; 1868—69, J. S. Risley; 1870, C. L. Sherwood.

Bloomfield.—1861—62, Robert Williams; 1863—64, Amos Morse; 1865—66,Levi Kettle; 1867—70, Benjamin Spencer.

Brookfield.—1861. John S. Maxwell (resigned, J. R. Twiss appointed); 1862—1870,Jacob L. Stamen.

Camanche.—1861—62, J. V. Van Epps; 1863—64, Oscar A. Anthony; 1865-66,A. B. Ireland; 1867—68, Horace Anthony; 1869—70, Homer Carpenter

Center.—1861, J. Henry Smith; 1862, Rufus A. Traver; 1863—68, John A.Young; 1869—70, Thomas Murphy.

Clinton.—1861, James Van DeVenter; 1862—63, G. A. Rogers; 1864—65, W.F. Coan; 1866—67, M. H. Tyrrell; 1868—70, A. P. Hosford and Charles H. Toll.

Deep Creek.—1861, James McLellan resigned, G. W. Davis, appointed; 1862—64,Thomas Watts; 1865-66, Daniel Conrad; 1867—68, Thomas Watts; 1869—70, DariusWilcox.

De Witt.—1861, John F. Homer; 1862—63, Thomas F. Butte;field; 1864— 67,Loring Wheeler; 1868—69, William Familton; 1870, Samuel Saddoris.

Eden.—1861, R. B. Millard (resigned, Silas Freeman appointed); 1862, SilasFreeman; 1863—64, L. D. Winne; 1864—65, Benjamin Palmer; 1866, E. H.Townsend; 1867, Enoch F. Byng; 1868, E. R. Townsend; 1869—70, Henry Muhs.

Elk River.—1861, George A. Griswold; 1862—63, John Lowry; 1864—65,Thomas Calderwood; 1866—67, George A. Griswold; 1868 69, Hiram Polley; 1870,Henry Ingwersen.

Hampshire.—1861—65, Elbert Hammond; 1866, George B. Pearce; 1867— 70,E. Albright.

Liberty.—1861—62, James Cummings; 1863-64, James Devitt; 1865-70, GeorgeW. Thorn.

Lyons.—186l, Norman iBoardman; 1862—65, A. C. Root; 1866—67, NormanBoardman; 1868—69. David H. Scott; 1870, A. C. Root and D. H. Scott.

Olive.—l86l, James Vance; 1862—65, Leroy D. Dutton; 1866—67, John A.Boyd; 1868—69, J. W. S. Robinson; 1870, William Scott.

Orange.—1861—62, A. S. Allison; 1863-66, Hiram Brown; 1867—68,Archibald Buchanan; 1869—70, John R. Merrill.

Sharon.—1861, Arthur Lillie; 1862—63, B. F. Monroe; 1864—67, Stephen.Bennett; 1868—69, A. C. Bligh; 1870, A. A. Gardner.

Spring Rock.—1861, S. H. Rogera; 1862, James A. Hicks; 1863, C. E.Leffingwell, appointed: 1864—65, 5. H. Templeton; 1866—67, N. M. Everhart;1868—69, Jesse Stine; 1870, George Goddard.

Washington.—1861—64, Patrick Lawler; 1865-68, Patrick Craney; 1869— 70,Patrick Lawler.

Waterford.—1861—64, John Crouch; 1865-66, John Preffer; 1867—68, A. J.Albright; 1869—70, Henry Nurre.

Welton.—1861, H. J. Crouch; 1862, N. N. Walrod; 1863-66, S. 0. Webster;1867—68, T. A. Maxson; 1869—70, A. G. Clement.

The following gentlemen served as Chairmen of the Board:

In 1861, Norman Boardman; 1862—63, A. C. Root; 1864, Loring Wheeler; 1865,W. F. Coan; 1866, Loring Wheeler; 1867, Norman Boardman; 1868, Horace Anthony;1869, Charles H. Toll; 1870, J. L. Stamen.

By the change of system to the one existing at the present time, that ofthree Supervisors, on the 2d of January, 1871, the Board organized, and thefollowing have composed the Boards each year up to the present time:

1871—Jesse Stine, Chairman, Carl. H. Ingwersen and Charles H.Toll.

1872—Jesse Stine, Chairman, Charles H: Toll, J. L. Stamen.

1873—Charles H. Toll, Chairman, J. I. Stamen, John Shambaugh.

1874—J. L. Stamen, Chairman, John Shambaugh, Francis Brogan.

1875—John Shambaugh, Chairman, Francis Brogan, William Lake.

1876—William Lake, Chairman, Henry Nurre, Arthur Lillie.

By-an error in printing the ballots the wrong man was elected, it being theintention to vote for B. A. Lillie, a brother of the above. Arthur Lillieresigned and B. A. Lillie was duly appointed and served during the year. l877—WilliamLake, Chairman, Henry Nurre, Claus C. Rutis.

l878—Henry Nurre, Chairman, Claus C. Ruus, William Lake.

l879—Claus C. Ruus, Chairman, William Lake, Edward Svendsen.

SOURCE: Allen, L. P., History of Clinton County, Iowa, Containing A History of the County, it's Cities, Towns, Etc. and Biographical Sketches of Citizens, War Record of it's Volunteers in the late Rebellion, General and Local Statistics, Portraits of Early Settlers and Prominent Men, History of the Northwest, History of Iowa, Map of Clinton County, Constitution of the United States, Miscellaneous Matters, &c, &c., Illustrated. Chicago IL; Western Historical Company, 1879


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