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Pictures of the Museum

My! How we've grown. These pictures were taken February 2017.  
For Sale The Clinton County Historical Society has many different items for sale. Many, Many books. I hope to list them all on our For Sale page.
For Sale

For SaleNot only does the museum have many class yearbooks for people to look thru, they also have many for sale. There's not a lot of duplicates.

They are looking for yearbooks for Lyons High School. If you have one you'd like to donate, please contact them.

Kitchen Items This is a display of different kitchen items. I love the canning jars.
Research Library The research library has expanded to 2 rooms and then some. That big, long green file cabinet is where I'm getting the Death Register info from. One whole drawer is full of them. The light colored card catalog is full of obituaries on 3x5 cards. A little less than half of the files are pictured here. Above the cabinet is a nice dispay of Lillian Russell memorabilia.
Research Library The files here are what are referred to as the "People files". These drawers are filled with info on the many many people from Clinton County. They have plans to add 2 more cabinets on top as these ones are getting full.
Research Library These are the military files they have. Lots of great information here.
Piano This is a really cool player piano. On top are very well made miniture furniture pieces. I don't know if they are doll furniture or display pieces.
Baby Shoes This is in a display case in the hallway.
Baptist This is in the end of the display case. It is the top of the baptist church that was torn down.


These pictures were taken in September 2001.  
Heritage Garden Outside, east of the main entrance, is our first Heritage Brick Garden.  It is filled with names, memorials, tributes and thanks from patrons of the Clinton County Historical Society.
Different Stones On the front of the building is this wonderful collection of stone work from many buildings in Clinton County.  It is much larger now and truly a work of art.  It is one of my favorite things at the museum.  I am always delighted to see visitors stop and talk about the buildings represented here.  This display has sparked many memories and stories.

One of the first things you will see as you tour the museum is the display in the hall telling about the beginnings of Clinton, Lyons and Clinton County.  The room behind my son, Brad, is the break room and where I spend a majority of my time at the museum.  Not because I'm on break but because that's where the copy machine is!!

At the end of the hall are the first floor exhibits.  There are many displays for the various townships in the county, postcards and photos galore, a telephone operator, printing press, railroad display and many other neat things.  

Living Room Upstairs you can find the living room display, followed by the bedroom and then the kitchen.  There are many items here donated by the people of Clinton that represent living in the late 1800s and early 1900s.  
Kitchen I am always amazed at what I find here.  The displays change constantly.  New things are added.  It is like a real home, with visitors coming and going and leaving their mark in some way, through their memories or donations.

Of course, we had to stop so Brad could get his daily dose of television!  He wasn't too interested in the beautiful fireplace mantle or guessing who the baby in the photograph might have been.  And then he had to sit in the hall outside the schoolroom.  Finally, something he understands!

Also upstairs are many more exhibits including a wonderful array of military items which has been added since these photos were taken.

Research Library

And now, for what you've all been so anxious to get a peek at -- the Research Library --

While this room is small, it is packed with great stuff.  This room changes almost daily.  As people donate books, photos and family or county information, the shelves are rearranged to hold it all. 

The first photo shows the directories, school yearbooks, family histories, military, census and vital records.  The window has been covered with a dark cloth and a computer sits on the desk.  

Research Library (Second Photo) Pictured here are the many history books on the county and the state along with the cookbooks that have been published by different groups in the area.  Above the bookcases, all around the room, are high school photos.  The last bookcase, which I didn't get a photo of, holds the cemetery information and misc. info on topics of interest to the county.
Research Library

In the second photo you can see some of the ledgers from the courthouse on the bottom shelf along with many plat books for the county.  The card file you can see in the left corner is filled with obits and other vital record information.  

There is so much more that can be said about each photo and display and the members of the Clinton County Historical Society can tell you so much more than I can.  This is truly a place you never get tired of.  The people at the museum have done an absolutely wonderful job of displaying everything.  Everyone has worked so hard, and it shows. 

A special thanks goes to Jan Hansen who has worked so hard to get the library organized (among many other things).  Without her, I would be helplessly lost.