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The Clayton County Register gives the following list of the principals in the Clayton county schools:
Elkport - Peter White
Elkader - J. Chas. Blyman
Clayton - C. D. McGoon
Farmersburg - A. F. Rogers
Garnavillo - W. E. Lockridge
Guttenberg - Chas. Pye
McGregor - Josephine Harrison
Monona - C. S. Dodds
North McGregor - D. M. Cooper
St. Olaf - Susie Knutson
Strawberry Point - J. F. Trotter
Volga City - W. J. Tighe
~Elkader Register, Thur., Oct. 8, 1903 ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson


The Littleport Independent school district has been duly organized with the following officers:
President- E. Enderes
Sec.- F. T. Pilkington
Treas.- J. J. Brich
Directors- E. Enderes, M. Wiley, C. C. Pust, W. C. Towle and Jas. Sullivan
~Elkader Register, Thur., May 17, 1906. Littleport column ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson
At the annual meeting of the board of directors of the township school district of Jefferson, Monday, the following officers were elected:
President - Henry Loesecke
Sec. - James Schroeder
Treas. - Wm. Auwes

Teachers have been engaged as follows:
District No. 1 - Millie Dubbles
District No. 5 - Selma Werner
District No. 8 - Irene Bunke
District No. 8 - Marie Loesecke
~Elkader Register, Thur., 12 July 1906. Guttenberg column ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson

Clayton county School Officers, July 1906:

Boardman Township

J.W. Steen, President ... Elkader
P.J. Cain, Secretary ... Elkader
H.H. Hagensick, Treas. ... Elkader

Sub-directors: F.A. Cook, J.F. Cain, W.J. Roach,
Wm. Kelleher, J.P. Meyer, Dan Cheeseman
... all from Elkader

Buena Vista Township

Benj. Tharp, President ... N. Buena Vista
E.P. Sawyer, Secretary ... N. Buena Vista
Robt. Meuth, Treas. ... N. Buena Vista

Sub-directors: Benj. Tharp, E. Fabert, John Engling, Albert Dedrich; and Director at Large: George Wick
... all from N. Buena Vista

Cass Township

B.J. Davis, President ... Strawberry Point
H.A. Axtell, Secretary ... Strawberry Point
A.R. Carrier, Treas. ... Strawberry Point

Sub-directors: Wm. Imlau, E.H. Sargent, J.S. McLish, C.T. Wolcott, Peter Hansen Jr., B.J. Davis, Fred Glass, A.H. Sauerbry
... all from Strawberry Point

Cox Creek Township

M.M. Dinan, President ... Littleport
Jos. Ivory, Secretary ... Strawberry Point
Albert Meder, Treas. ... Mederville

Sub-directors: Jans Tieden, Elkader; H. Dittmer, Str. Pt.; H.H. Dohrer, Elkader; Ed Donath, Mederville; Fred Baars, Elkader; M.M. Galer, Mederville; M.M. Dinan, Littleport; David Kenealy, Osborne; Jasper Nading, Littleport

Elk Township

Dan Harbaugh, President ... Elkport
B. Hagemen, Sec'y ... East Elkport
K. Rulon, Treas. ... Wood

Sub-directors: Frank Dennis, Wm. Godden, E.E. Dill, Wm. McGuire & Dan Harbaugh ... all from Elkport; B. Ackman, Jacob Fishel & Chas. Beddow ... all from Edgewood; and Lovett Bowman from East Elkport

Giard Township

H.J. Klotzbach, President ... McGregor
F.V. Blaha, Sec'y ... McGregor
C.J. Niell, Treas. ... McGregor

Sub-directors: R.J. Ormsby, H.J. Klotzbach, D.F. Bickel, F.E. Lestina, Dan Haggerty & W.O. Irwin ... all from McGregor; Ben Tayek & G.W. Haislett ... from Monona; and H. Eiffert from Froelich

Grand Meadow Township

S.C. Bailey, President ... Luana
B.C. Fleming, Secretary ... Postville
John Welzel, Treas. ... Postville

Sub-directors: E. Stadtmiller & S.C. Bailey, from Luana; Ever Everson from Clermont; W.C. Meyer, W.J. Clark, R.B. Waters, Chas. Huebner & N.T. Helgerson ... all from Postville

Highland Township

G.E. Medberry, President ... Elgin
W.F. Yearous, Sec'ty ... Elgin
Thomas Duff, Treas. ... Volga City

Sub-directors: William Donlon, John Kerr & Jas. Boland ... all of Elkader; N. Minihan & G.E. Medberry from Elgin; Sam Robinson, George Leete, J.M. Hurley & H.O. Probert ... all of Volga

Jefferson Township

Henry Loeseke, President ... Guttenberg
Jas. Schroeder, Sec'ty ... Guttenberg
William Aulwes, Treas. ... Guttenberg

Sub-directors: William Nuehring, John Roddenberg, Herman Walke, Gustav Seeman, August Morarend & Henry Loescke ... all from Guttenberg; F.W. Kann, of Garnavillo and Fred Lundt of Osterdock

Mallory Township

R.H. Bush, President ... Osterdock
A.C. Smith, Sec'ty ... East Elkport
John Moser, Treas. ... Osterdock

Sub-directors: W.C. Barnhart, from Colesburg; William Wenkstern & Jeff Harbaugh from East Elkport; H.A. Mallory, R.H. Bush, Jas. Porter, H.P. Hansel, W.A. Gray & Chas. Friedlein ... all from Osterdock

Marion Township

K.A. Kirkeberg, President ... Elgin
A.S Houg, Sec'ty ... Elgin
N. Nelson, Treas. ... Gunder

Sub-directors: A.B. Knudtson, from Gunder; Julius Johnson from Postville; Fritz Reinhardt from Elkader; K.B. Ask, T.H. Thorson, O.H. Gisleson, K.A. Kirkeberg, Ben Schneider & Christ Gregorson ... all from Elgin

Mendon Township

Lester Johnson, President ... McGregor
Georgia Barker, Sec'ty ... McGregor
Frank Larrabee, Treas. ... McGregor

Sub-directors: Frank Kiinsley, Adam Erbe, Lester Johnson, Sherman McMillan, Andrew Trygg & A.J. Barr North ... all from McGregor

Millville Township

William Borrett, President ... Turkey River
George Becker, Sec'ty ... Turkey River
F.E. Heckel, Treas. ... Turkey River

Sub-directors: J.F. McKinley, Henry Friedlein, Marion Graybill, Chas. Graybill & William Borrett ... all from Turkey River; J.M. Mast from Graham; and Matt Pins from North Buena Vista

Monona Township

Edd Ryan, President ... Luana
Larry Thompson, Sec'ty ... Monona
Louis Humphrey, Treas. ... Monona

Sub-directors: W.O. Thornton, Joe Walch, F.C. Neverman & J.H. Schroeder ... all from Monona; Henry Palas & Ed Ryan from Luana

Sperry Township

A.E. Olinger, President ... Volga
F.E. Ambrose, Sec'ty ... Strawberry Point
Jas Carmichael, Treas. ... Volga

Sub-directors: F.J. Smith, Ora Hall, Austin Thyne, A.E. Olinger, Jos Robinson, A.C. Thoday & H. Weischadel ... all from Volga; Frank St. John from Arlington and M. Prettauer from Str. Point

Volga Township

P. Curran, President ... Elkport
P.A. Phelan, Sec'ty ... Elkport
Christ Lau, Treas. ... East Elkport

Sub-directors: H. Becker, M.W. Conley, P. Curran & W.E. Meyer ... all from Elkport; Christ Lau & John Kriese from East Elkport and Chas. Brandenberg from Guttenberg

Wagner Township

G.R. Engelhardt, President ... St. Olaf
John Johnson, Sec'ty ... St. Olaf
Herbran Knudtson, Treas. ... Farmersburg

Sub-directors: Even Glesne, Chas. Christenson & G.R. Engelhardt ... all from St. Olaf; E.L. Turner from Luana and William B. Moon from Farmersburg

Lodomillo Township

F.L. Weyant, President ... Edgewood
Ira S. Bower, Sec'ty ... Edgewood
M.E. Knight, Treas. ... Strawberry Point

Sub-directors: C.H. Scovel, Chas Hesner, Mart Weyand & S.M. Bacon ... all from Edgewood; J.C. Ludy, J.S. Knight, Luther Pugh, Ed Easton & Washington Way ... all from Str. Point; and H.A. Kane from Littleport

Clayton county School Officers, July 1906 - continues with the Independent districts and Rural independent districts:

Independent District - Clayton

C.W. Bothmer, Pres. ... Clayton
A. Aulwes, Sec'y ... Clayton
John Haeusche, Tres. ... Clayton
C.W. Bothmer, Director ... Clayton
T. Broderick, Director ... Clayton
Ed Osthoff, Director ... Clayton
Jas. Haves, Director ... Clayton
N. Schaeffer, Director ... Clayton

Independent District - Edgewood

Doc Coolidge, Pres. ... Edgewood
G.E. Gates, Sec'y ... Edgewood
Chas Blanchard, Treas. ... Edgewood
Doc Coolidge, Director ... Edgewood
H. Hesner, Director ... Edgewood
R.J. Bixby, Director ... Edgewood
John Wandle, Director ... Edgewood
R.T. Wheeler, Director ... Edgewood

Independent District - Elkader

William Becker, Pres. ... Elkader
G.H. Fletcher, Sec'y ... Elkader
A.J. Carpenter, Treas. ... Elkader
William Becker, Director ... Elkader
Ross Richardson, Director ... Elkader
D.D. Murphy, Director ... Elkader
H.D. Bown [?Brown], Director ... Elkader
Grant Talley, Director ... Elkader

Independent District - Elkport

Ed Jennings, Pres. ... Elkport
William Costigan, Sec'y ... Elkport
Chas Soll, Treas. ... Elkport
Ed Jennings, Director ... Elkport
George Kriebs, Director ... Elkport
Fred Peick, Director ... Elkport
P.W. Schnack, Director ... Elkport
M. Costigan, Director ... Elkport

Independent District - Garnavillo

W.F. Meyer, Pres. ... Garnavillo
H.H. Kuhlman, Sec'y ... Garnavillo
William Schumacher Sr., Treas. ... Garnavillo
H.C. Kuenezl, Director ... Garnavillo
W.A. Tangeman, Director ... Garnavillo
Henry Schoulte, Director ... Garnavillo
W.F. Meyer, Director ... Garnavillo
Henry Wilke, Director ... Garnavillo

Independent District - Guttenberg

Sumner Miller, Pres. ... Guttenberg
William Nolte, Sec'y ... Guttenberg
Herman Ihm, Treas. ... Guttenberg
Sumner Miller, Director ... Guttenberg
J.P. Stoeffler, Director ... Guttenberg
J.H. Horsch, Director ... Guttenberg
Emil Ihm, Director ... Guttenberg
O.H. Lake, Director ... Guttenberg

Independent District - McGregor

H.H. Clark, Pres. ... McGregor
F.C. Slean, Sec'y ... McGregor
W.R. Kinniard, Treas. ... McGregor
H.H. Clark, Director ... McGregor
Frank Larrabee, Director ... McGregor
J.F. Danbenberger, Director ... McGregor
T.J. Sullivan, Director ... McGregor
J.D. Bickel, Director ... McGregor

Independent District - Monona

F.M. Orr, Pres. ... Monona
G.H. Otis, Sec'y ... Monona
John Killen, Treas. ... Monona
F.M. Orr, Director ... Monona
J.D. Brownson, Director ... Monona
L.A. Wellman, Director ... Monona
E.L. Rice, Director ... Monona
E.H. Abel, Director ... Monona

Independent District - National

H.B. Morgan, Pres. ... National
C.F. Meier, Sec'y ... National
John Kruetter, Treas. ... National
Jos. Berns, Director ... National
Freeman Brownson, Director ... National
Louis Mueller, Director ... National
H.B. Morgan, Director ... National
Jos Matt, Director ... National

Independent District - North McGregor

L.A. Monty, Pres. ... North McGregor
W.H. Sloan, Sec'y ... North McGregor
G. Wingen, Treas. ... North McGregor
Robt. Trewin, Director ... North McGregor
Dan Donahue, Director ... North McGregor
Chas. Gaulke, Director ... North McGregor
Henry Schott, Director ... North McGregor
L.A. Monty, Director ... North McGregor

Independent District - Strawberry Point

J.F. Trezona, Pres. ... Strawberry Point
J.E. Baird, Sec'y ... Strawberry Point
L.F. Carrier, Treas ... Strawberry Point
J.F. Trezona, Director ... Strawberry Point
G.M. Billmeyer, Director ... Strawberry Point
A.G. Walker, Director ... Strawberry Point
K.W. Kinsley, Director ... Strawberry Point
H.W. Scofield, Director ... Strawberry Point

Independent District - St. Olaf

Henry Engelhardt, Pres. ... St. Olaf
Lars Nosby, Sec'y ... St. Olaf
H.A. Stone, Treas ... St. Olaf
Henry Engelhardt, Director ... St. Olaf
A.L. Peterson, Director ... St. Olaf
Nels Everson, Director ... St. Olaf
T.O. Knudtson, Director ... St. Olaf
F.K. Orvis, Director ... St. Olaf

Independent District - Volga City

William Krieg, Pres. ... Volga
Jas Hawthorne, Sec'y ... Volga
Chas Lovett, Treas. ... Volga
John Burrington, Director ... Volga
C.S Adams, Director ... Volga
A.L. Moats, Director ... Volga
John Burns, Director ... Volga
Wm. Krieg, Director ... Volga

Independent District - Littleport

E. Enderes, Pres. ... Littleport
F. Pilkington, Sec'y ... Littleport
J.J. Brich, Treas. ... Littleport
E. Enderes, Director ... Littleport
M. Wiley, Director ... Littleport
W.C. Towle, Director ... Littleport
C.C. Pust, Director ... Littleport
Jas Sullivan, Director ... Littleport

Rural Independent District - Center

J.C. Kruse, Pres. ... Elkader
H.H. Diers, Sec'ty ... St. Olaf
H.C. Berg, Treas. ... Elkader
J.C. Kruse, Director ... Elkader
Ludwig Heuer, Director ... Elkader
Henry Gossman, Director ... Elkader
Fred Glawe, Director ... Elkader
Albert Schiefelbein, Director ... Elkader

Rural Independent District - Boden

Theo Siege, Pres. ... Elkader
John Downey, Sec'ty ... Elkader
Chas Schmidt, Treas. ... Elkader
Henry Boden, Director ... East Elkport
Theo Siege, Director ... Elkader
Chas Schmidt, Director ... Elkader

Rural Independent District - Buck Creek

F. Jahnke, Pres. ... Garnavillo
J.H. Nieter, Sec'ty ... Garnavillo
Jacob Biederman, Treas ... Garnavillo
F. Jahnke, Director ... Garnavillo
Ed Radamacher, Director ... Garnavillo
Fred Tackman, Director ... Garnavillo

Rural Independent District - Dawson

F.H. Mueller, Pres. ... Garnavillo
C.G. Hedeman, Sec'ty ... Garnavillo
William Allyn Jr. ... Garnavillo
F.H. Mueller, Director ... Garnavillo
John Koss, Director ... Garnavillo
Frank Melewsky, Director ... Garnavillo

Rural Independent District - Denmark

John C. Maehl, Pres. ... St. Olaf
John Faber, Sec'ty ... St. Olaf
Henry Lembke, Treas. ... St. Olaf
Fred Beyer, Director ... Elkader
J.C. Maehl, Director ... St. Olaf
Herman Mueller, Director ... Elkader

Rural Independent District - Eagle of Clayton

Fred Hedeman, Pres. ... McGregor
John A. Dehn, Sec'ty ... Clayton
Richard Hayden, Treas. ... Clayton
Fred Hedeman, Director ... McGregor
Frank Ousley, Director ... Clayton
William Sheperd, Director ... Clayton

Rural Independent District - Eagle of Garnavillo

J.F. Wilker, Pres. ... Guttenberg
John Tuecke, Sec'ty ... Guttenberg
Fritz Kregel, Treas ... Guttenberg
Julius Pufahl, Director ... Guttenberg
J.F. Wilker, Director ... Guttenberg
H.C. Backhaus, Director ... Guttenberg

Rural Independent District - Equity

William Moellering, Pres. ... Garnavillo
Otto Hamann, Sec'ty ... St. Olaf
John H. Meyer, Treas. ... St. Olaf
Wm. Moellering, Director ... Garnavillo
J.H. Kaiser, Director ... St. Olaf
Herman Hamann, Director ... St. Olaf

Rural Independent District - Erin

J.C. Nugent, Pres. ... Elkader
J.C. Uriell, Sec'ty ... Elkader
Morgan Rourke, Treas. ... Elkader
J.C. Nugent, Director ... Elkader
Henry Bente, Director ... Elkader
C.W. Schulte, Director ... Garnavillo

Rural Independent District - Farmersburg & Wagner

Jas Matthews, Pres. ... Farmersburg
W.Q. Adams, Sec'y ... Farmersburg
Henry Oelke Sr., Treas ... Farmersburg
Jas Matthews, Director ... Farmersburg
John Everall, Director ... Farmersburg
Fred Clauson, Director ... Farmersburg
H.A. Oelke, Director ... Farmersburg
C.W. Oelke, Director ... Farmersburg

Rural Independent District - Hanover

Fred Taake, Pres. ... Elkader
Jos Foran, Sec'y ... Elkader
August Buckman, Treas ... Elkader
William Mueller, Director ... Elkader
August Tangeman, Director ... Elkader
Fred Taake, Director ... Elkader

Rural Independent District - Hawkeye of Clayton

George Burghart, Pres. ... McGregor
J.F. Mohning, Sec'y ... McGregor
J.F. Otting, Treas ... McGregor
Geo. Burghart, Director ... McGregor
Chas Henning, Director ... Garnavillo
L.W. Meyer, Director ... Garnavillo

Rural Independent Dist. - Hawkeye of Farmersburg

J.C. Schmalfeld, Pres. ... Farmersburg
Chas Marfilius, Secy ... Farmersburg
John D. Meier, Treas. ... Farmersburg
J.C. Schmalfeld, Director ... Farmersburg
Fred Klinge, Director ... Farmersburg
Henry Meyer, Director ... Farmersburg

Rural Independent District - Hope

Aug Dahl, Pres. ... St. Olaf
W.H. Crary, Sec'y ... St. Olaf
Chas. Ihde, Treas. ... St. Olaf
Aug Dahl, Director ... St. Olaf
George Kurdelmeier, Director ... St. Olaf
C.F. Schmidt, Director ... St. Olaf

Rural Independent District - Mecklenberg

John Kluth, Pres. ... Farmersburg
H.J. Wahls, Sec'y ... St. Olaf
John Sabbann, Treas. ... Farmersburg
John Kluth, Director ... Farmersburg
Fred Wahls, Director ... Farmersburg
Albert Lenth, Director ... St. Olaf

Rural Independent District - Motor

George Meyer Sr., Pres. ... Elkader
George Meyer Jr., Sec'y ... Elkader
John Meenan, Treas. ... Elkader
Geo. Meyer Sr., Director ... Elkader
Louis Klink, Director ... Elkader
Simon Lattyer, Director ... Elkader

Rural Independent District - Oakland

Vernon Bachtell, Pres. ... McGregor
G.R. Bass, Sec'y ... McGregor
J.T. Beckett, Treas. ... McGregor
Ole Simpson, Director ... McGregor
W.E. Jerome, Director ... McGregor
Vernon Bachtell, Director ... McGregor

Rural Independent District - Pioneer

William Kaiser, Pres. ... McGregor
S.H.F. Schoulte, Sec'y ... McGregor
J. Lenth, Treas. ... McGregor
H. Gerloff, Director ... McGregor
William Kaiser, Director ... McGregor
S.H.F. Schoulte, Director ... McGregor

Rural Independent District - Pleasant Ridge

W.H. Tuecke, Pres. ... Clayton
David P. Brown, Sec'y ... Clayton
John S. Tuecke, Treas ... Clayton
William H. Tuecke, Director ... Clayton
Fred Thiese, Director ... Guttenberg
Chas Nichols, Director ... Clayton

Rural Independent District - West Side

E.W. Kregel, Pres. ... Garnavillo
H.D. Kregel, Sec'y ... Garnavillo
J.H.H. Stiehl, Treas. ... Garnavillo
A.J. Kregel, Director ... Garnavillo
E.W. Kregel, Director ... Garnavillo
Chas Dettman, Director ... Garnavillo

The listing of Clayton county School Officers, July 1906 was transcribed by S. Ferrall from the
~Elkader Register, Thursday, July 26, 1906
Database added June 20, 2017



Name Residence Position in the Clayton county Educational System Data source
(see key at bottom)
Bartholomew, Frank McGregor Sect'y; McGregor School Board 4, 5 & 6
Becker, C.E. Elkader Clayton County Superintendent of Schools 3 & 4
Belknap, A.A. Strawberry Point Superintendent; city 2, 3, 4 & 5
Bell, F.G. McGregor President; McGregor School Board 4
Boyle, M.E. McGregor President; McGregor School Board 5 & 6
Brady, Irene McGregor Domestic Science 4
Brenkman, J.H. Guttenberg President; St. Mary's School; Roman Catholic 1
Brenkman, J.H. Guttenberg Principal; St. Mary's School; prep school; co-ed; Roman Catholic 2, 3, 4 & 5
Brennan, Regina McGregor Domestic Science 5
Buhlman, H.L. McGregor Principal; McGregor HS 4 & 5
Carrier, W.A. Strawberry Point School Board 6
Chapman, Inez C. Guttenberg Principal; Guttenberg HS 2 & 3
Charlesworth, T.W. Guttenberg Sect'y; Guttenberg School Board 5 & 6
Cherney, John L. Guttenberg Superintendent; city 2
Conrad, Harry J. Elkader Manual Training 4 & 5
Cowan, Clay Guttenberg Principal; Guttenberg HS 5 & 6
Davidson, W.W. Elkader Sect'y; Elkader School Board 6
Dimmitt, Beniah McGregor Superintendent; city 2
Draper, Muriel Guttenberg Supervisor; music 3 & 4
Dunlap, L.W. Elkader Superintendent; city 4 & 5
Gamertsfelder, P.G. Elkader Superintendent; city 6
Gotteron, G.W. Guttenberg Principal; Guttenberg HS 4
Hedinger, Lela Elkader Principal; Elkader HS 6
Hill, A.S. McGregor Superintendent; city 6
Hill, Elve McGregor Music, Drawing & Penmanship 6
Hill, Grace McGregor Domestic Science 6
Huffman, H.H. Guttenberg Superintendent; city 4
Hunt, G.W. Guttenberg Superintendent; city 3
Ihm, Emil Guttenberg President; Guttenberg School Board 3 & 4
Inman, D.R. Elkader Principal; Elkader HS 3
Jones, Frank W. Strawberry Point Superintendent; city 6
Kramer, Lillian C. McGregor Principal; McGregor HS 3
Kregel, W.W. Guttenberg Sect'y; Guttenberg School Board 3 & 4
Larkin, Helena Elkader Music and Drawing 6
McCarthy, Alice Elkader Music and Drawing 4 & 5
McCredie, Alice Elkader Principal; Elkader HS 4 & 5
McGee, N.W. McGregor Principal; McGregor HS 5
Myers, Margaret C. Elkader Clayton County Superintendent of Schools 6
Neff, Roy E. McGregor Principal; McGregor HS 6
Oelke, Ruth Elkader Domestic Science 6
Roberts, Thomas R. Elkader Clayton County Superintendent of Schools 2
Roberts, Thomas R. McGregor Superintendent; city 3 & 4
Robinson, Ben Guttenberg Manual Training 3 & 4
Rully, J.F. Elkader Principal; St. Joseph's School; Roman Catholic 1
Rully, J.F. Elkader Principal; St. Joseph's School; prep school; co-ed 2, 3, 4 & 5
Rumbl, Evelyn McGregor Supervisor; music 4
Sherwood, Margaret Guttenberg Supervisor; music 2
Shore, M.V. Guttenberg Superintendent; city 5 & 6
Smith, Esther McGregor Commercial 6
Street, J.P. Elkader Superintendent; city 3
Swedbend, Myrtle Guttenberg Supervisor; music 5 & 6
Walker, A.F. Strawberry Point Manual Training 6
Warner, Juanita McGregor Supervisor; music 5
Werden, J.A. Elkader Manual Training 6
Westfall, Kate Strawberry Point Principal; Strawberry Point HS 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6
Wilkie, Ida Elkader Clayton County Superintendent of Schools 5

~sources for the info. appearing in the table above. Note that the number appearing in the last column is the source. Example: a one (1) in the last column means the source of the info. came from the Myers book published in 1908.

Key to sources:

1) American College and Private School Directory, Vol II; Compiled and Edited by Harry J. Myers, 1908
2) Patterson's American Educational Directory, A Complete College and School Directory; compiled and edited by Homer L. Patterson, president. American Educational Company; Vol 9, 1913
3) Patterson's American Educational Directory, A Complete College and School Directory; compiled and edited by Homer L. Patterson, president. American Educational Company; Vol 14, 1917
4) Patterson's American Educational Directory, A Complete College and School Directory; compiled and edited by Homer L. Patterson, president. American Educational Company; Vol 17, 1920
5) Patterson's American Educational Directory, A Complete College and School Directory; compiled and edited by Homer L. Patterson, president. American Educational Company; Vol 18, 1921
6) Patterson's American Educational Directory, A Complete College and School Directory; compiled and edited by Homer L. Patterson, president. American Educational Company; Vol 19, 1922

~data extracted & transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall for Clayton co. IAGenWeb, March 2010



Clayton co. Music Teachers
A meeting of the Elkader members of the Clayton County Music Teachers' Association was held at the home of Mrs. Adolph Eberhart last Wednesday evening at which time the following officers were elected:
Pres. - Ella Wilke
Vice Pres. - Regina Uriell
Sec. - Mrs. Kathryn Carpenter
Treas. - Mrs. Adolph Eberhart
The Annual meeting of the Association will be held in Elkader about the middle of June, and the members solicit the cooperation of all teachers and those interested. ~Elkader Register, Thur., March 6, 1924. Local News Notes column ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson


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