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~source: Mail-Press, December 18, 1902
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Daughters of Rebekah
The following were elected at the last meeting of the Rebeccas as officers for the ensuing year:
Mrs. W. Tracy, N.G.
Mrs. W. Barker, V.G.
Herb. Allen, Rec. Sec.
W.W. Hoag, Fin. Sec.
Will Tracy, Treas.

At the last regular meeting of the York Lodge No. 75, I.O.O.F. the following officers were elected:
John Jewel, N.G.
W. Barker, V.G.
W.W. Hoag, Rec. Sec.
Herb Allen, Fin Sec.
Albert Smith, Treas.

The annual election of officers in the A.O.U.W. was held at their last regular meeting.
The following officers were elected:
G.F. Wheeler, M.W.
Geo. Deyo, Foreman
W.W. Hoag, Recorder
C.F. Chapman, Treas.
E.H. Hoag, Receiver
John Hardman, Guide
A. Gleason, I.W.
John Jewel, O.W.
O.K. Whitlock, Trustee
Dr. Billmeyer, Med. Examiner

The annual election of the officers of Whitewood Camp No. 156, M.W.A. occurred at the regular meeting last Thursday night. The following officers were elected:
H. Allen, V.C.
J.L. Holbert, W.A.
J.A. Wilder, E.B.
L.C. Gardner, Clerk
T.F. Baldridge, Escort
A. Bowers, Watchman
F. Wood, Sentry
Geo. Dexter, Manager
F.H. Howard & I.P. Howard, Physicians


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Daughters of Rebekah
The Rebekah Lodge held its regular meeting last Thursday evening. After the installation of officers fruit, ice cream and cookies were served and all made merry. The following officers were installed:
Noble Grand - Mrs. Liza Barker
Vice Grand - Mrs. Elizabeth Blake
Recording Secretary - Mrs. Bertha Allen
Treasurer - Edna Pollard
Warden - Martha Hines
Conductor - Mrs. Mattie Hines
Chaplain - Mrs. Laura Allen
L.H.S. to N.G. - Mrs. Sarah Hilderbrandt
R.H.S. to N.G. - Mrs. Minnie Clough
L.H.S. to V.G. - Perry Clough
R.H.S. to V.G. - Will Barker
~Elkader Register, Thur., July 9, 1903 (Strawberry Point column)

Strawberry Point Rebeckah Lodge No. 34 initiated Lester Hines and wife into the mysteries of their lodge Thursday evening. The following officers were elected.
Noble Grand- Mrs. Mary Tracy
Vice Grand- Mrs. Bertha Alle
Recording Secretary- Martha Hines
Financial Secretary- Herbert Allen
Treasurer- Mrs. Edna Pollard Miller
~Elkader Register, Thur., Dec. 10, 1903

Mystic Toiler
Last Friday evening at the Mystic Toiler Lodge the following officers were elected:
Pres. - O. K. Whitlock.
Vice Pres. - A. Cooper.
Sec. - H. Wing.
Treas. - L. Hines.
The following are the appointed officers:
Warden - Mrs. Mattie Hines.
Historian - Mrs. Ellen Bowers.
Correspondent - Bertha Allen.
Chaplain - Laura Allen.
Inside Guard - Clara Matison.
Outside Guard - Frank Thompson.
Organist - Mrs. Edna Pollard Miller.
Installation takes place Dec. 4th, followed by an oyster supper. Let all the Toilers be present.
~Elkader Register, Thur. Nov. 12, 1903 (Strawberry Point column)

Modern Woodmen of America
The M.W.A. elected the following officers last Thursday evening.
V.C.- John Norris
W.A.- W. Blanchard
Banker- A. Wilder
Escort- R. Cooper
Clerk- F. Wood
Watchman- G. Alderson
Sentry- L. C. Gardner
Manager- A. Porter
Physician- Dr. F. H. Howard
~Elkader Register, Thur., Dec. 10, 1903 (Strawberry Point column)

Order of the Eastern Star
The Eastern Star held their regular meeting Friday evening. A banquet was served. The following officers were elected.
Worthy Matron- Mrs. Agnes Smith
Worthy Patron- Gilbert Cooley
Associate Matron- Mrs. Jennie Westfall
Treas.- Mrs. Belle Dunning
Sec.- Maud Holbert
Conductor- Mrs. Ida Scofield
Associate Conductor- Mrs. Flora Smith
~Elkader Register, Thur., Dec. 10, 1903 (Strawberry Point column)

Royal Neighbors of America
The R.N.A. held its annual election of officers Thursday and the following were elected.
Oracle- Mrs. Eva Davis
Vise Oracle- Mrs. Mary Porter
Recorder- Mrs. Ida Scofield
Chancellor- Mrs. Ellen Nace
Marshall- Mrs. Clara Matison
Treasurer- Mrs. Eva Appleby
Inner Sentinel- Mrs. Anna Bowers
Outer Sentinel- Mrs. Ellen Bowers
Organist- Mrs. Edna Pollard Miller
~Elkader Register, Thur., Dec. 17, 1903


~contributed by Reid R. Johnson for Clayton co. IAGenWeb

Modern Woodmen of America
Royal Neighbors of America
The M.W.A. and the R.N.A. held a public joint installation in the Opera House last Friday evening. The first to install was the R.N.A. Mrs. Libbie Davis was the installing officer and Mrs. Sophia Malone the ceremonial Marshal. Following are the R.N.A. officers:
Oracle - Mrs. Eva Balluff, pro-tem
Past Oracle - Mrs. Eva Davis
Vice Oracle - Mrs. Kate Quinn
Chaplain - Mrs. Ellen Bowers
Recorder - Mrs. Mayme Opperman
Receiver - Mrs. Cora Eckert
Marshal - Mrs. Harriet Dunsmoor
Ass't. Marshal - Mrs. Fannie Gilchrist
Inner Sentinel - Mrs. Martha Halsted
Outer Sentinel - Mrs. Anna Bowers
Manager - Mrs. Ellen Nace and Mrs. Edna Miller
Faith - Mrs. Ophelia Sargent, pro-tem
Courage - Mrs. Grace Duncan, pro-tem
Modesty - Mrs. Bertha Allen, pro-tem
Unselfishness - Mrs. Martha Jordan, pro-tem
Endurance - Mrs. Ida Scofield, pro-tem

The M.W.A. officers were installed by Herb Allen, installing officer, and Louie Gamm, ceremonial marshal. Following were the officers:
V.C. - Fred Tracy
W.A. - Ray Alderson
Banker - Chas. Blanchard
Clerk - R. C. Barnes
Chaplain - L. L. Hines, pro-tem
Escort - Earl Gamm
Watchman - Howard Jewett, pro-tem
Sentry - Mr. Epps
Manager - L. J. Peterson
~Elkader Register, Thur., 17 Jan. 1924. Strawberry Point column

Order of the Eastern Star
Last Friday evening the O.E.S. and their husbands enjoyed a six thirty dinner in the Masonic dining room after which the O.E.S. held their regular lodge meeting and installation of officers. Mrs. Anna Schoeppe was the Worthy Installing Officer and Hannah Scofield the Marshall. Following were the officers:
W.M. - Mrs. Emma Alderson
W.P. - Rev. W. W. Maxwell
A.M. - Mrs. Cassie Fliehler
Cond. - Mrs. Freda Smith
Asst. Cond. - Mrs. Ella Mantz
Sec. - Mrs. Belle Davis
Treas. - Mrs. Harriet Harwood
Chaplain - Mrs. Anna Dorman
Marshal - Mrs. Fannie Gilchrist
Warder - Miss Mayme Alderson
Sentinel - Henry Fliehler
Adah - Miss Ruby Kempe
Ruth - Miss Grace Davis
Esther - Mrs. Frances Preston
Martha - Mrs. Dorothy Gill
~Elkader Register, Thur., 17 Jan. 1924. Strawberry Point column

Strawberry Point Co-op
The stockholders of the Strawberry Point Co. operative commission Company held their adjourned meeting at the Auditorium last Saturday afternoon. The meeting was called to order by the president, D. J. Ivory, and much interest shown. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year:
President - J. A. Heddleson
Vice President - H. A. Axtell
Treasurer - M. F. Harwood
New Directors - J. P. Dunsmore, A. E. Olinger and Louie Frederick
The manager will be appointed later by the new directors.
~Elkader Register, Thur., 31 Jan. 1924. Strawberry Point column.


~contributed by Reid R. Johnson for Clayton co. IAGenWeb

Royal Neighbors of America
Last Wednesday evening the R.N.A held their regular meeting. Supper was served cafeteria style. The remainder of the evening was spent dancing. It is expected that the R.N.A. and M.W.A. will hold joint installation Wednesday evening Dec. 17th. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year:
Oracle - Neighbor Lizzie Wareham
Vice Oracle - Neighbor Edna Miller
Recorder - Neighbor Mayme Opperman
Receiver - Neighbor Cora Eckert
Chancellor - Neighbor Ellen Bowers
Marshal - Neighbor Anna Bowers
Inner Sentinel - Neighbor Mattie Hines
Outer Sentinel - Neighbor Leta Mitchell
Manager - Neighbor Martha Halsted (Three-Year Term)
Physicians - Neighbor Dr. F. H. Howard and Neighbor I. P. Howard
Musician - Neighbor Florence Courtnage
~Elkader Register, Thur., 11 Dec. 1924


~contributed by Reid R. Johnson for Clayton co. IAGenWeb

Boy Scouts of America
Strawberry Point: Boy Scout Troop No. 36 was re-organized Monday evening in the rooms over the Union Bank and Trust company, the charter having expired two years ago. There were twenty-four Scouts present. The Rev. James P. Gable was chosen Scoutmaster, and troop commanders are George E. Dunfrund, Ed D. Springer, Willis Magdefrau, and Arthur Olson. Patrol leaders are Horace Talcott, Marvin Lundt and Edgar Nodurft. Horace Talcott is scribe. Meetings will be held every Friday evening.
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 28 Feb. 1935


~contributed by Reid R. Johnson for Clayton co. IAGenWeb

Modern Woodmen
The Modern Woodmen of America elected the following officers at their annual business meeting:
H. V. Steward, council
George Edmonds, advisor
Floyd Edmonds, banker
H. M. Anderson, physician
E. L. Malone, Chas. Hakert, F. E. Davis, trustees
Levis Gamm, secretary.
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 29 Dec. 1949



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