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Last Saturday evening, July 14th Marvin Cook, D.D.G.M., installed the following officers of Northern Light lodge, No. 15, I.O.O.F. of this place: 
N.G. - R. W. Randall
V.G. - W. R. Brown
Sect'y - J. R. Bowers
Treas. - E. S. Rice
W. - F. L. Wellman
C. - E. Green
O.G. - R. P. Oliver
I.G. - H. Gilster
R.S. to N.G. - Warren Cassidy
L.S. to N.G. - P. W. McClelland
R.S. to V.G. - J. Hicks
L.S. to V.G. - A. C. Norton
R.S.S. - F. Howard
L.S.S. - H. Downing
~Elkader Register, Friday, July 20, 1883. Monona Mites column.


Masons & Order of Eastern Star

The joint installation of the Masonic and Eastern Star officers took place last Friday evening, in the presence of a large gathering. The hall was beautifully decorated for the occasion and the meeting took the form of a mid holiday festival. After the installation ceremonies a fine supper was served by the ladies of the O.E.S., which was equally enjoyed with the rest of the entertainment. The following are the officers for the coming year:
Masons -
W.M. - J. D. Brownson
S.W. - A. G. Killen
J.W. - G. W. Cook
Sec. - E. L. Rice
Treas.- W. H. Neilings
S.D. - E. R. Otis
J.D. - Herman Wehler
S.S. - David Hall
J.S. - O. C. Entwisle

Eastern Star -
W.M. - Mrs. John Killen
W.P. - E. F. Slightor
A.M. - Mrs. L. A. Wellman
Sec. - H. S. Rittenhouse
Treas. - Mrs. Wm. Bywater
Conductress - Mrs. G. L. Gilbert
A. Cond. - Carrie Anderson
Adah - Mrs. E. R. Otis
Ruth - Mrs. E. L. Calhoon
Esther - Mrs. Nellie Egbert
Martha - Mrs. David Hall
Electa - Mrs. J. R. Campbelle
Warden - Mrs. W. H. Neiling
Sentinel - Herman Wehler
~Elkader Register, Thursday, January 11, 1906. Monona column

The following officers were installed in the Yeoman Homestead last Monday evening:
Foreman - J. H. McGoon
Master Cerem's - C. E. Sebastian
Master Accounts - E. R. Otis
Correspondent - J. A. Maiers
Chaplain - Mrs. J. H. McGoon
Lady Rowena - Mrs. Brownson
Lady Rebecca - Mrs. Sebastian
Overseer - Dr. Humphrey
Watchman - Nelson Beeler
Sentinel - C. E. Norton
Guard - Rudolph Schroeder
The Field Manager, Wm. Hazen, was present, acting as installing officer.
~Elkader Register, Thursday, February 8, 1906. Monona column

Royal Neighbors
At the installation of the Golden Rule Camp No. 973, R.N.A., on Jan. 25th, the following officers were installed:
Oracle - Mrs. Ella Beutel
Vice Oracle - Mrs. Jennie Redeman
Chancellor - Mrs. Mary Friedlein
Recorder - Mrs. Ella Litchfield
Receiver - Lillie Zugenbuehler
Marshal - Mrs. Cara Friedlein
Inner Sentinel - Mrs. B. Friedlein
Outer Sentinel - Mrs. Emma Kahle.
Physician - Dr. C. W. Duffin
Manager - Mrs. Hattie Cords

The Graces were appointed as follows:
Faith - Mrs. Emma Jenkins
Modesty - Mrs. Frances Lorenz
Unselfishness - Mrs. Celia Greenly
Endurance - Ida Dubbels.
Courage - Mrs. Minnie Schutte
~Elkader Register, Thursday, February 8, 1906. Monona column

Modern Workmen
At the installation of New Leaf Camp, No. 537, M.W.A., on Jan. 25th, the following officers were installed:
Consul - John P. Stoeffler, Jr.
Advisor - Carl Ihm
Banker - E. J. Wolford
Clerk - Chas. E. Scholz
Escort - L. H. Beerman
Physician - C. W. Duffin
Watchman - John Brock
Sentry - O. E. Gray
Manager - Wm. Redeman
~Elkader Register, Thursday, February 8, 1906. Monona column


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