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Shooting Club Organized
A shooting club has been organized at Guttenberg, and weekly shoots at glass balls will be held. The officers are:
President - C. P. Goodrich
Treasurer - John Luther
Secretary - W. Hoffbauer, Jr.

The rank and file are:
W. Ihm
F. G. Wiest
P. S. Stranahan
Dr. W. L. Duffin
A. Class
Ed. Seibel
Joe Gehrich
J. Kirch
Fred Jaeger
~Elkader Register, Fri., March 30, 1883. Home News column.



Fire Company
At a meeting of Rescue Fire Co., Tuesday evening, the following officers were elected for the ensuing year:
Chief - John P. Stoeffler, Jr.
Foreman Hose Co. - Carl Ihm.
Foreman Hook and Ladder Co. - Tony Lorenz.
Foreman Chemical Engine - Ed Kuempel.
Secretary - C. W. Scholz.
Treasurer - Wm. Junk.
~Elkader Register, Thur. January 18, 1906. Guttenberg column



Fire Company
Guttenberg: At the annual meeting of the Rescue Fire company of Guttenberg held at the town hall, the following officers were elected for the coming year:
Chief - M. A. Abel
Asst. Chief - Glen Mueller
Secretary - George L. Gender
Treasurer - Carl Ihm
Executive Committee - Jack Gender, Eldo Hagen, Arthur Frommelt, Daniel Leliefeld, Russell Schroeder
Truck drivers - Joseph Kasper, Harold Finch, Woodrow Wenks, Elmer Hinzman, Eldo Hagen, Jack Gender

The local fireman's benevolent organization elected the following officers for the year at the annual meeting:
President - M. A. Abel
Secretary - George L. Gender
Treasurer - Cletus Saeugling
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 17 Jan. 1935


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