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Important transcription notes:
*These records were extremely difficult to transcribe due to the scratchy condition of the microfilm photocopies and the (awful) handwriting of some of the original indexers. The researcher can expect errors and should use this index only as a guide.
*This index is not chronologically or alphabetically arranged.
*All columns appear in the original records except the 'transcriber notes' column

No. Plaintiff Defendant File Date Judgment Book & Page Record Book & Page Remarks Transcriber notes
C107 Lyttle, W.H. Benton, Louis Jr etal 11/04/1868 D/23 F/46/
C108 Lyttle, W.H. Benton, Louis Jr etal 11/04/1868 D/23 F/46    
C115 Leurs, Herman & Sophia Tetschner, Christian 11/19/1868 D/25 F/32/65    
266 Larson, Hulga Jacobson, Erick 12/28/1868 D/6 F/5/94    
283 Luther, John Jr. Müters, H. 01/06/1869 D/10 F/5 Dismissed  
297 Lyons, J. Brown, S. 01/08/1869 D13 F/20    
362 Lorimier, Ve De Flaherty, Thos & Bohn, Pat 05/05/1869 D/42 F/63    
E152 Lane, Sarah Fuller, D.O. etal 04/14/1869 D/54 F/90    
Tr Listrod, Charles Meyer, Joseph 05/25/1869 D/57   Tr from S. Powell J.P.  
Tr Larson & Garber Rickford, O.P. & Cannitt 08/17/1869 D/62     2nd defendant surname is' best guess'
D404 Leamson, S. & Co. Dorrian, Michael 07/13/1867 D/64 F/118/172   both surnames are 'best guess'
Tr Lindsey, Edmond Walls, Wm M. 11/15/1869 D/69      
Tr Lindsey, Edmond Rosier, Granville & Martha 11/15/1869 D/69      
447 Lomis & McKinzie Griffin, R.B. etal 01/01/1870 D/88 F/190    
453 Lamm, A. Lasch, Mathias 01/03/1870 D/90 G/266    
473 Lamm, A. Wilmos, John 01/03/1870 D/95 F/177/320
484 Lyons, D.W. Lyons, Levi 01/06/1870 D/97 F/192    
491 Lange, W.P. Crowley, Andrew 01/06/1870 D/99 F/179    
492 Lange, W.P. Rogers, James etal 01/06/1870 D/99 F/179    
493 Lange, W.P. Larkin, James 01/06/1870 D/100 F/179    
J by C Liebrock, Charles Hogan, Timothy etal 01/29/1870 D/110      
507 Liston, Daniel Surgles, Peter 04/05/1870 D/122      
223 Lynch, Patrick Sheihan, David & Bridget 03/01/1870 D/137      
Con Lord & Smith Egbert, Silas 05/18/1870 D/143      
transcript Lyon, John F. Ball, Joel 08/01/1870 D/150      
571 Lovington, John B. Gibson, Melchim 08/30/1870 D/154      
580 Leroy, David Busher, B. 09/01/1870 D/155      
581 Lida, Dennis Fox, Samuel B. etal 09/01/1870 D/157      
245 Lange, W.P. & Co. Gorders, John etal 08/02/1870 D/162      
Tr Lindsey, Edmond Sargent, E.H. 10/26/1870 D/168      
Tr Lindsey, Edmond Husshey, John W. 10/31/1870 D/169     defendant surname may be Humphey
Tr Latham, John Griffin, Patrick & Hogan, John 12/10/1870 D/174      
Tr Kemki, Louis Kuhler, August & J.W. 12/13/1870 D/175      
Tr Lindsey, Edmond Truan, Loman 12/22/1870 D/177      
607 Larson, Matthia Oleson, Andrew 12/21/1870 D/185      
260 Lichtenberger, Christian & Co. Heder, Henry etal 11/15/1870 D/200     defendant surname may be Cedar
Tr Lewis, James A. Sherwood, O.A. 01/30/1871 D/211      
Tr Linton & Reed Ellsworth, Henry 02/10/1871 D/214      
Con Lovell, Portland Price, Realto E. 03/07/1871 D/217      
Con Lamm, Xavier Gunther, Ann 04/24/1871 D/220      
Tr Livingood, David Green, James J. 04/26/1871 D/221      
673 Lee, H.A. Douglass, Edmund 04/20/1871 D/226      
682 Lynch, Patrick O'Brien, P.H. etal 03/21/1871 D/228      
287 Larson & Garber Rickford, Orsen P. 03/01/1871 E/2      
288 Larson & Garber Brooks, Aloy 03/01/1871 E/2      
756 Lancaster Woolen Mill Co. Haefna, G. 08/31/1871 E/23      
307 Luther, John Jr. Kietzmeier, Mary G. 05/05/1871 E/25      
Tr Larson & Garber Larkin, James 10/03/1871 E/31      
Tr Low, Howe & Co. Tollafsten, Ole 01/22/1872 E/36      
793 Leffingwell, D. McGregor News Printing Co. 01/02/1872 E/42      
528 Larson, Wm Sherwood, Marion etal 11/15/1871 E/49      
346 Lyons, J.J. Lyons, Nancy J. 11/15/1871 E/51      
Tr Liddy, Timothy Rathman, Fred 03/21/1872 E/60      
Tr Larson & Garber Sherwood, Marion 04/27/1872 E/64      
Tr Larson, William Sherwood, Marion 04/27/1872 E/64      
Tr Leibrock & Vanpel Kernan, Owen 06/08/1872 E/76     2nd plaintiff name may be Vanssel
Tr Leibrock & Vanpel Krambeer, John 09/16/1872 E/81     3rd plaintiff name may be Vanssel
484 Lyons, D.W. Lyons, Levi 09/10/1872 E/80      
892 Larson, Hulga Appleman, G.A. & A. 09/07/1872 E/84      
940 Lang, C.C. Porons, A.J. 01/10/1873 E/103      
417 Lawson, John D. McCranny, O. etal 12/06/1872 E/187      
445 Larrabee, Frank Sillivan, P. & H. 01/10/1873 E/108      
940 Lang, Cle Whitney, John 01/10/1873 E/103      
940 Lang, Cle Love, James 01/10/1873 E/103      
Tr Land, J.M. & Co Wood, J. 02/08/1873 E/111      
Tr Linton, John Stevens, J. 03/07/1873 E/113      
999 Lynch, Patrick O'Brien, Michael 05/09/1873 E/130      
450 Lyons, D.W. Kramer, J.L. 01/10/1873 E/137      
450 Lyons, D.W. Katzky,M. 01/10/1873 E/137      
54 Lufold, Kuh & Co. Savage, T.A. 09/15/1873 E/152      


~source: Index to District Court 1848-1891 -  FHL US/CAN Film #1671515
~photocopied records generously contributed by Constance Diamond
~records transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall for Clayton co. IAGenWeb

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