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Important transcription notes:
*These records were extremely difficult to transcribe due to the scratchy condition of the microfilm photocopies and the (awful) handwriting of some of the original indexers. The researcher can expect errors and should use this index only as a guide.
*This index is not chronologically or alphabetically arranged.
*All columns appear in the original records except the 'transcriber notes' column

No. Plaintiff Defendant File Date Judgment Book & Page Record Book & Page Remarks Transcriber notes
106 Gibbs, S.N. Hale, Joseph Junr. Etal 10/02/1868 D/22 F/54/85    
117 Grib, Henry Frazen, James & Cyntha 12/01/1868 D/25 F/38 Settled  
258 Gale & VanWick Savage, T.A. 12/07/1868 D/4 F/4 Settled defendant's 1st initial may be 'I' or 'J'
275 Griswold, J.H. & H.F. Glennon, James 01/05/1869 D/8 F/43/60    
333 Glass & Son Jennings, Wm W. 01/18/1869 D/32 F/40/71    
140 Gurley, Ichabod S. Gurley, Harriet 01/11/1869 D/35 F/87    
352 Giard Land Company Baker, Louis 04/13/1869 D/39 F/63    
402 Gray, Mary A. Snell, Charles 07/01/1869 D/63 F/138    
405 Griswold, Sophia Thoma, William 07/20/1869 D/64 F/118   plaintiff surname may be Grimwold
418 Gould, David Carlyle, John etal 08/25/1869 D/67 F/121    
169 Guage, Anna Christine Guage, Ueses 07/24/1869 D/73 F/128   defendant first name is 'best guess'
171 Gamiet, Moses B. Games, Mary Jane 05/02/1869 D/74 F/128/182   defendant surname is 'best guess'
J by C Granger, H.S. Meyer, H.C. & Mattoe 12/01/1869 D/82      
109 Gemin, A.H. Ringling, A. 01/30/1870 D/84     plaintiff surname is 'best guess'
Con Glass, Thomas Willman, William etal 01/04/1870 D/84 "Error" See Clic-Com A Index written in tiny letters in the No. column is what looks like the word 'error'; also the remarks are a 'best guess'
485 Garber, J.C. Coggons, W.W. etal 01/06/1870 D/98 F/169    
Con Greathead, Wm. E Callaghan, Michael 01/06/1870 D/108 F/162   plaintiff surname may be Greatheart
Tr Goolickson, A. & Bro Tollfson, Oley 02/21/1870 D/114      
J by C Granger, H.S. Cook, Orrin 04/30/1870 D/120      
537 Griswold, J.M. & Co Busher, B. 05/05/1870 D/129      
230 Glenn, Eugene etal Williams, J.C. etal 04/19/1870 D/139      
Tr Gleason, Daniel Meyer, Joseph 06/20/1870 D/145      
Tr Gregory, Elijah Raluff, J.P. & Victor 06/18/1870 D/147     defendants surname may be Baluff
Con Greathead, Wm. E Benson, Moses & Jane C. 06/30/1870 D/148     plaintiff surname may be Greatheart
Con Greathead, Wm. E Bronnson, H.D. 06/30/1870 D/148   Surety on Stay Bond plaintiff surname may be Greatheart
535 [line is blank]            
Con Granger, H.S. Peck, S.E. & S.S. 08/29/1870 D/151      
251 Gordiner, Geo etal Wiley, James etal 08/30/1870 D/163      
Tr Gillufen, A. Sargent, E.H. 10/26/1870 D/169     plaintiff surname is 'best guess'
Tr Griffin, S.B. Plank, M.V. 12/06/1870 D/172      
Tr Gaul, Peter Brock, Battis 12/16/1870 D/174      
Tr Goebel, Cathern Brock, Battis 12/06/1870 D/175      
Con Granger, H.S. Keleher, Pat J. etal 01/07/1871 D/181      
699 Gibson & Tyler Sommes, V.D. 01/04/1871 D/195      
657 Goodrich, D.G. Brock, Battis etal 01/05/1871 D/197      
266 Gilchrist, M.N. Summers, D.G. 11/03/1870 D/202      
275 Greenley, John Busher, B. etal 01/02/1871 D/204      
Con Greathead, Wm. E Green, James etal 01/18/1871 D/208     plaintiff surname may be Greatheart
Tr Gilson, O.L. Swan, Christine 01/28/1871 D/210      
Con Granger, H.S. Hoves, Julius 01/30/1871 D/210      
Con Granger, H.S. Conner, Owen 01/02/1871 D/212      
Con Granger, H.S. Crowley, Andrew & Bridget 02/21/1871 D/216      
Con Granger, H.S. Beity, Martin 02/27/1871 D/216      
Con Gilchrist, J. Crowley, Andrew 05/01/1871 D/221      
677 Glass, Thomas Flannagan, F. & McBride, R. 04/20/1871 D/226      
691 Gunther, Edward M--roson, F.F. 05/05/1871 D/230     defendant surname is 'best guess'
285 Gleason, Wm A. Randolph, James F. 03/01/1871 E/1      
311 Gramisman, Henry Smith, Jno H. & Caroline 07/05/1871 E/26 G    
Con Gilbert, G.W. Martin, Mary A. 01/09/1872 E/34 G/54    
Con Granger, H.S. Kernan, Patrick 01/13/1872 E/35      
360 Glass, Thomas Bishop, Daniel 12/21/1871 E/53      
365 Gannan, Thomas Barker, Isaac P. 01/05/1872 E/54   Satisfied  
838 Glass, Wm H. Plumb, E.D. 04/27/1872 E/68      
Tr Ganz, Henry Palmer, William H. 07/02/1872 E/76      
Tr Gannon, E.H. Baker, J.C. 07/16/1872 E/76      
Tr Grant & Moore Murphy, E. 12/19/1872 E/94      
894 Gilchrist, W.I. The McGregor News Printing Co 10/11/1872 E/97      
866 Gueinzuis, J.O. Kazer, Herman H. 05/30/1872 E/116     plaintiff name is 'best guess'
694 Gleason, Timothy Wishadle, Margartha etal 05/05/1871 D/231      
955 Gorman, Michael Bagley, E.F. 03/13/1873 E/123      
991 Gilchrist, Wm J. Peick, F. 05/071873 E/128      
460 Goldsmith, G. & Co. Puffer, Thomas S. 04/07/1873 E/138      
991 Gilchrist, Wm J. Wamka, John 05/07/1873 E/128      
991 Gilchrist, Wm J. Vanfiel, J.C. 05/07/1873 E/128   Error see Circuit Court  
Tr Glass, Thomas Walker, P.P. 09/10/1873 E/145      
595 Garber, Samuel Beddon, Martin & Hannah 09/13/1870 D/166      
822 Garber, Samuel Beddon, Exr 01/05/1872 E/48      
43 Garber, Martin Auditor of CC Oakland Int District 09/03/1873 E/157      
45 Garnavillo Dist Tp Schroeder, Diedrick no date E/183      


~source: Index to District Court 1848-1891 -  FHL US/CAN Film #1671515
~photocopied records generously contributed by Constance Diamond
~records transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall for Clayton co. IAGenWeb

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