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Important transcription notes:
*These records were extremely difficult to transcribe due to the scratchy condition of the microfilm photocopies and the (awful) handwriting of some of the original indexers. The researcher can expect errors and should use this index only as a guide.
*This index is not chronologically or alphabetically arranged.
*All columns appear in the original records except the 'transcriber notes' column

No. Plaintiff Defendant File Date Judgment Book & Page Record Book & Page Remarks Transcriber notes
109 Evans, Susan Ann etal Evans, Martha Jane etal 11/11/1868 D/23 F/29/65/116/ 258/337    
287 Eibel, John Sherrd, Peter 01/06/1869 D/11 F/11/61/135   defendant surname is 'best guess'
308 Elmendorf, F.F. Moody, Silas & Maria 01/05/1869 D/16 F/22    
129 Evans, H.D. Sampson, S.M. 01/08/1869 D/28 F/8/66/151/ 171    
137 Eno, William P. Zeiglemeier, Anton etal 01/08/1869 D/30 F/37/104    
340 Evans, H.D. Backtele, David 01/30/1869 blank F/53/99/149    
340 Evans, H.D. Schmidt, W. & B gard. 01/30/1869 blank F/53/99/149    
Tr Evans, H.D. Klutzback, Jacob 02/21/1869 D/33   Tr from Justice  
141 Edsoll, Burton Flennigan, John 03/03/1869 D/36 F/88    
419 Evans, H.D. Bumham, James F. 08/31/1869 D/68 F/138    
435 Evans, H.D. Brien, H.O. 10/22/1869 D/85 F/173   defendant initials are 'best guess'
452 Eisendrath & Co. Lampeson, S.H. 01/03/1870 D/59 F/175   defendant initials are 'best guess'
504 Elmore A.B. Elmore, Wm & Mary 03/23/1870 D/121      
518 Eckart, Henry Brazell, James 04/31/1870 D/120      
213 Elmore, Wm. Elmore, Mary 02/21/1870 D/135      
558 Evans, H.D. Birnette, Fuller & Co. 05/22/1870 D/151      
582 Ernest, George Schamnth, John etal 09/01/1870 D/157     defendant surname is 'best guess'
249 Evans, H.D. Kargleder, John H. etal 08/13/1870 D/163   Satisfied  
276 Egbert, Emeline etal Topliff, Orlma etal 01/03/1871 D/204     defendant first name is 'best guess'
Con Ehrhardt, John Meyer, John 03/06/1871 D/217      
Tr Edely, W. Martin, Mary A. 01/08/1872 E/34      
326 Esser, Martias Nicklaus, John 11/11/1871 E/49      
354 Evans, H.D. Davis, John L. 11/02/1871 E/52      
355 Evans, H.D. Barker, Isaac etal 11/02/1871 E/53      
356 Evans, H.D. etal Barker, Isaac etal 11/02/1871 E/53      
812 Eggman, Jacob, Frederick & Varina Bonknert, Joseph 01/04/1872 E/46 G/264    
Con Evans & Jones Sloan, Chas. 09/11/1872 E/79      
870 Evans, H.D. Collins, Mary Ann & E.G. 07/21/1872 E/81      
402 Erms, Delia S. Andrick, J.H. 07/21/1872 E/86      
932 Excelsior Manufactoring Co. Miller, V.R. 01/10/1873 E/103      
993 Eddy, Geo. W. Krueger, William 05/07/1873 E/129      
993 Eddy, Geo. W. Buhlman, William 05/07/1873 E/129      
997 Ehrhardt, John Tujitsch, Andreia 05/08/1873 E/129      
458 Ehrhardt, John etal Brock, Battis 03/19/1873 E/138      
Con Eno, Wm P. Flynn, Patrick 03/19/1873 E/159      
Con Eno, Wm P. Kernan, Patrick blank E/159      
80 Engebretson, Sam Vanforth, J.C. & Dwyer, John blank E/166     first defendant surname may be VanFall or VanFael
60 Ehrhardt, John Voss, F. etal blank E/185      

No. Plaintiff Defendant File Date Judgment Book & Page Record Book & Page Remarks Transcriber notes
268 Flannagan, R.B. Bonham, M.C. 12/28/1868 D/6 F/10    
133 French, Augustus etal Benton, Louis Jr. 01/08/1869 D/29 F/54/86    
352 Fox, Charles Opitz, C.A. 04/16/1869 D/40 F/73/136    
355 Farrell, Wm Boyle, H.S. 04/22/1869 D/40 F/73/144/189    
394 Fulton, Bollman & Co. Buckley, J.I. 05/07/1869 D/50 F/64   defendant second initial may be 'S'
Tr Fuller, A.R. Sackett, C.F. 09/06/1869 D/63      
Tr Fuller, A.R. Scott, John 09/06/1869 D/63      
407 Feay, James M. Feay, Henry etal 07/22/1869 D/65 F/138/196    
408 Felt, S.S. Grinnell, John 08/03/1869 D/65 F/119   plaintiff initials may be L.S.
Tr Ford, Ambrose Meyer, Joseph 10/21/1869 D/80      
Tr Fox, Henry & Company Heling, John 11/04/1869 D/88      
193 Fox, Samuel B. Fox, Susan 12/21/1869 D/104      
Con Fox, Susan Fox, Samuel B. 01/19/1870 D/109      
519 Foster, O.S. Pierce, Gilbert, Denning & Co. 04/30/1870 D/125      
218 Fay, Amanda Fay, D.H. 03/01/1870 D/136 G/281   defendants initials are 'best guess'
564 Fisher, J.W. Stiner, Abraham & J. Luke 08/10/1870 D/153      
576 Faesbinder, Huburt Stockfeldt, Paul 09/01/1870 D/155      
588 Farmington, Theodor Peterson & Larson 09/01/1870 D/158      
Tr Ford, Ambrose McCafferty, John 10/25/1870 D/166      
Tr Ford, Ambrose McCafferty, John & Hogan, F. 10/25/1870 D/168      
Tr Freeman, R.L. Gleason, Daniel 12/20/1870 D/178   Satisfied  
Tr Floete, Charles Stockfeldt, Paul 12/24/1870 D/178      
637 Farror, Arthur & Co. Gregg, S.A. 01/04/1871 D/182      
608 Farror, Arthur & Co. Stone, Marion 01/04/1871 D/192      
639 Farror, Arthur & Co. Nichols, Andrew F. 01/04/1871 D/192      
640 Farror, Arthur & Co. Horne, Henry 01/04/1871 D/193      
641 Farror, Arthur & Co. Tolefson, Ole 01/04/1871 D/193      
642 Farror, Arthur & Co. Williams, E.H. 01/04/1871 D/193      
640 Farror, Arthur & Co. Grinnell, John 01/04/1871 D/193      
644 Farror, Arthur & Co. McKee, Paul C. 01/04/1871 D/194      
678 Ford, Geo. C. Ford, A. etal 03/25/1871 D/227      
295 Feeney, Mathew Husley, Michael 03/16/1871 E/4      
298 Faler, Helen M. Faler, Chas G. 04/20/1871 E/4     surname many be Fales
300 Francisco, Ellen Francisco, Chas. H. 04/20/1871 E/5      
807 Fox, C.F. Eibel, Wm & John etal 01/04/1872 E/42      
321 Flanders, G.H. Jackson, Susan A. etal 10/23/1871 E/48      
347 Flanders, G.H. Grant, W.B. etal 11/30/1871 E/51      
321 Flanders, G.H. Evans, H.D. etal 01/29/1872 E/48   Surety  
blank blank Bowman, Amia 12/23/1872 blank     this entry is written in tiny letters between 321 & 905 - plaintiff may be Magdalena Frieden or G.H. Flanders, it is not clear
905 Frieden, Magdalena Meier, Mary 12/23/1872 E/117 G/238/285 Com'te Record A/379  
905 Frieden, Magdalena Bumgardner, Louis & Bumgardner, Emily 12/23/1872 E/117 G/238/285 Com'te Record A/379  
984 Fairbanks, Moore & Co. Randall, R.W. 05/07/1873 E/127      
347 Flanders, G.H. Merrill, Samuel 11/30/1871 E/133      
illegible Fredrick, Albert Kuhler, A.; Christian P. & Hahn, P. blank E/162      
61 Fox, C.F. Vanfiel, J.C. & Bandan, C. blank E/163      
61 Fox, C.F. Oelke, Wm & Wm H.; & Schrialfeld, Johann blank E/163     3rd defendant surname is 'best guess'
496 Flemming, William Hilton, John S. blank E/168      
504 Fox, Charles Scholer, Henry & Budde, Charles blank E/170      
Con Flemiken, R.B. Flemiken, J.N. blank E/171      
21 Fitz Patrick, James Sullivan, Daniel blank E/180      

~source: Index to District Court 1848-1891 -  FHL US/CAN Film #1671515
~photocopied records generously contributed by Constance Diamond
~records transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall for Clayton co. IAGenWeb

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