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Important transcription notes:
*These records were extremely difficult to transcribe due to the scratchy condition of the microfilm photocopies and the (awful) handwriting of some of the original indexers. The researcher can expect errors and should use this index only as a guide.
*This index is not chronologically or alphabetically arranged.
*All columns appear in the original records except the 'transcriber notes' column

No. Plaintiff Defendant File Date Judgment Book & Page Record Book & Page Remarks Transcriber notes
Tr Davis, Harrison Wilson, James 01/06/1869 D/1      
302 Dow & Fowler Green, James 010501869 D/15 F/21    
132 Dixon, William H. Dixon, Mary A. 01/08/1869 D/29 F/37    
Tr Daugherty, A.W. & Co. Perry, John R. 01/13/1869 D/30   Tr from Justice Dockett  
104 Dewey, Sister R. Dewey, A.B. etal no date C/174 F/28 Dismissed  
363 Dow & Fowler Forman, John etal 05/05/1869 D/42 F/75    
365 Dow & Fowler Hammond, Jaque & Kramber, John 05/05/1869 D/43 F/75    
372 Dow & Fowler Flannagan, F. 05/05/1869 D/44 F/63    
Tr Donne & Conilay McConks, Norris 06/02/1869 D/60      
Tr Donne & Conilay Friend, W.C. 06/02/1869 D/60      
Tr Donne & Conilay Leach, H.P. 06/02/1869 D/60      
403 Dravis, William Prell, Anna, David & Peter 07/03/1869 D/64 F/118/168    
425 Drake, H.B. Brazel, John 08/31/1869 D/67 F/123    
428 Dickey, G.B. Watson, Eleanor 09/02/1869 D/70 F/134    
173 Dort, Mary A. Dort, John E. 08/23/1869 D/74 F/148/182   not sure of surname for either party
481 Dow & Fowler Humphrey, W.H. etal 01/06/1870 D/98 F/169    
190 Davis, Henry C. Davis, Hiram etal 11/19/1869 D/104 F/186    
J by C Donovan, Denis Donovan, John 02/09/1870 D/112      
Tr Dow, J.C. Tolfeton, Ole 04/08/1870 D/117      
Con Donahue, M. Fields, Chester etal 04/28/1870 D/119   Confirm  
508 Dennihey, Charles Reagan, Patrick 04/12/1870 D/122      
212 Dunn, Peter Flannigan, Michael 02/16/1870 D/134      
217 Dunn, Peter Hurley, John etal 02/21/1870 D/136      
Con Davis, Henry C. Gordan, D.W. 06/23/1870 D/147      
243 Dugen, Mary Dwyer, John 08/01/1870 D/161      
Tr Daly, Martin Griffin, Patrick 11/19/1870 D/171      
Tr Durst, George Brown, Alonzo 11/26/1870 D/171      
Con Duff, M.E. Doreen, Edward & Jas 12/21/1870 D/177      
Con Depue, A.T. Mlp & St. Paul R.R. Co. 01/04/1871 D/184      
655 Davis, Henry C. Hitchcock, H.S. etal 01/05/1871 D/196      
256 Dunning, Theodore Biglow, G.P. 10/18/1870 D/199      
Con Dunn, Peter Knudson, Halon 01/21/1871 D/208      
666 Danah, Hugh Lynch, P. & Co. 01/19/1871 D/208      
Con Donahue, M. Fields, Chester etal 01/02/1871 D/211      
Con Doggett, Bassett & Hill DeLorminie, V. 02/27/1871 D/216      
Tr Daily, Thomas Crowley, Andrew 05/02/1871 D/221      
Tr Dickey & William Crowley, Andrew 05/02/1871 D/222      
668 Dist Twp of Boardman Kosisler, Charles 04/19/1871 D/224      
693 Dow, B.F. & Co. Smith, David 05/04/1871 D/230      
714 Day, F.F. & C.F.C. Flynn, Patrick etal 05/01/1871 D/236      
715 Day, F.F. & C.F.C. Keenan, Patrick 05/01/1871 D/236      
296 Deacon, Edward Deacon, Archilles 02/18/1871 E/4      
741 Daniels, Frances Wiltsie, Alexander 08/31/1871 E/20      
742 Daniels, Frances Heddelson, J. 08/31/1871 E/20      
743 Daniels, Frances Deyo, H. 08/31/1871 E/20      
744 Daniels, Frances Bemis, Chancy 08/31/1871 E/20      
745 Daniels, Frances Hays, Dennis 08/31/1871 E/21      
746 Daniels, Frances Baker, J.H. 08/31/1871 E/21      
762 Douglass, Gilbert Chicago, Dubuque & Minn. R.R. Co. 08/31/1871 E/25      
Tr Dow, J.C. Tollopten, Ole 04/08/1870 E/31      
Tr Davidson, L.M. Kier, Thomas 12/02/1871 E/32      
Tr Dow, J.C. Skowan, William & Lizzie 01/17/1872 E/35      
802 Doe, J.B. Preebles, J.G. 01/04/1872 E/44      
805 Dodge & Thornson M'fg Co. Humfrey, James 01/0401872 E/45      
805 Dodge & Thornson M'fg Co. Humfrey, Michael 02/02/1872 E/45   Surety  
Con Dunn, Peter Hogan, Timothy 02/07/1872 E/55 G/116 Satisfied  
Tr Daly, Thomas Keer, Thomas 02/17/1872 E/56      
Tr Daugherty, A.W. Keer, Thomas 02/17/1872 E/56      
Con Davis, L.V. Pinney, Harris etal 04/16/1872 E/62      
Tr Drake, Dayton & Patrick Daily, M.J. 08/24/1872 E/77      
Tr Daly, Thomas Henly, John 09/14/1872 E/78      
Tr Delong, P.P. Barnhardt, G.W. 10/15/1872 E/88      
Tr Delong, P.P. Barnhardt, G.W. 10/15/1872 E/88      
Tr Draker, Lewis Billings, M. F. etal 02/03/1873 E/109/110      
Tr Dunn, Peter Keenan, Owen etal 02/04/1873 E/110      
Tr Dickey & William Winslow, Emma & A.P. 02/08/1873 E/111      
919 Douglass, E. Dunning, Wm 01/07/1873 E/100 G/284    
Tr Dickinson, H.B. Caldwell, Elizabeth 03/29/1873 E/115      
Tr Dickinson, H.B. Gummill, Robert 03/29/1873 E/115      
969 Doggett, Bassett & Hill Place, R.C. & Bro 05/01/1873 E/125      
969 Doggett, Bassett & Hill Russell, Wm 05/01/1873 E/125      
Con Doggett, Bassett & Hill Oglesbee, Harry 06/16/1873 E/141      
Tr Davidson, B.A.E. Mosgrove, Thomas 08/09/1873 E/143      
31 Davenport & St. Paul R.R.C. Balstein, Samuel 09/01/1873 E/149      
31 Davenport & St. Paul R.R.C. Smith, E. 09/01/1873 E/149      
479 Doty, Charles W. Doty, Sarah Ann 09/01/1873 E/155      
Con Duff, M.E. Exc Flanagan, F. no date E/158      
Con Dixon, William Robbinson, Robert 11/24/1873 E/158 G/398    
Con Dixon, William Robbinson, H. 11/24/1873 E/158 G/398    
Con Denning, Wm. Depue, A.V.& Dow, E.G. & James, S.H. 12/15/1873 E/159      
Con Denning, Wm. Nichols, Luther no date E/159 G/403    
51 Davenport & St. Paul R.R.C. Ziegler, S.B. no date E/162      
81 Dutcher, Vose & Adams Kreuge, Wm. & Buhlman, Wm. & Beckman Bro. no date E/166      
404 Davis, James etal Bowman, J.A. no date E/168      
499 Dist Twp of Boardman Cannada, Mary Ann & John no date E/169      
10 Denior, Green & McCracken Woolscroft, D. no date E/179      

~source: Index to District Court 1848-1891 -  FHL US/CAN Film #1671515
~photocopied records generously contributed by Constance Diamond
~records transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall for Clayton co. IAGenWeb

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