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Important transcription notes:
*These records were extremely difficult to transcribe due to the scratchy condition of the microfilm photocopies and the (awful) handwriting of some of the original indexers. The researcher can expect errors and should use this index only as a guide.
*This index is not chronologically or alphabetically arranged.
*All columns appear in the original records except the 'transcriber notes' column

No. Plaintiff Defendant File Date Judgment Book & Page Record Book & Page Remarks Transcriber notes
112 Close, Malinda C. Close, Sylvander 11/16/1868 D/24 F/31    
116 Clark, John Clark, Martha A. 11/24/1868 D/25 F/28/65/116/170    
293 Comstock, Leo McKinnie, M. 01/08/1869 D/12 F/18   plaintiff first name is 'best guess'
305 Cone, G.C. Partch, V.P. etal 01/01/1869 D/15 F/20/62/136/172    
325 Cummings, D.S. Austin, W.C. etal 01/08/1869 D/20 F/26    
327 Curtiss Bros Burbank, S.S. 01/08/1869 D/21 F/26    
Tr Crary, O.W. Beyer, Joseph 04/10/1869 D/37      
357 Caussuth, Lutzi Bonman, Jacob 05/05/1869 D/41 F/73/136/167    
360 Caussuth, Louis Shean, P. & Cosuth, John 05/05/1869 D/41 F/74    
364 Case, J.I. & Co. Pupka, Martin 05/05/1869 D/42 F/75/137/168   defendant surname is 'best guess'
366 Chase, Hanford & Co. Leach & Barnes 05/05/1869 D/43 F/76    
367 Case, J.I. & Co. Pupka, Martin etal 05/05/1869 D/43 F/76/137/168   defendant surname is 'best guess'
371 Case, J.I. & Co. Bradley, J.A. & A. 05/05/1869 D/44 F/63    
392 Cragin Brothers McKinnie, Mat. 05/10/1869 D/9 F/64    
143 Carney, Moses Carney, Susan 03/12/1869 D/52 F/88    
144 Carter, William Burnis, Michael & Mary 03/16/1869 D/52 F/66/116/181    
145 Coon, Geo. W. Beebe, G.E. 03/16/1869 D/52 F/89    
Tr Crane, George Jackson, L.W. & Co. 06/05/1869 D/60      
Tr Crane, George Jackson, Margaret H. 06/05/1869 D/60      
Tr Crane, George Lutye, Geo. C. 06/05/1869 D/60     defendant surname is 'best guess'
Tr Crane, George Scott, Wm T. 06/05/1869 D/60      
Tr Clark & Rich Stortmand, J.N. 09/08/1869 D/63     defendant surname is 'best guess'
432 Collins, C.N. Wiley, James 09/03/1869 D/71 F/124   plaintiff initials are 'best guess'
168 Cook, Catherine Cook, Horton S. 07/21/1869 D/73 F/140/171    
170 Cole, Asa R. Cole, Ella S. 07/30/1869 D/74 F/128/192    
180 Cummings, D.S. Sackitt, C.F. etal 09/03/1869 D/76 F/128/183    
Tr Crogke, Sarah McCafferty, John 10/13/1869 D/79     plaintiff surname is 'best guess'
440 Cook, G.W. Exr Mil. St. P. R.Wy & Co. 12/24/1869 D/86 F/168    
442 Crawford, Moses Flaherty, Thomas 12/27/1869 D/87 F/168    
444 Crosby, J.O. Nachsmuth, Geo. C. etal 12/29/1869 D/87 F/174    
449 Chapman, Julia Chapman, James 01/01/1870 D/89 F/190    
451 Collins, C.N. Bass, Geo. L. etal 01/03/1870 D/89 F/191   plaintiff initials are 'best guess'
473 Case, J.I. & Co. Logan, Fred etal 01/03/1870 D/95 F/191    
476 Case, J.I. & Co. Engel, John etal 01/03/1870 D/95 F/191    
194 Crawford, Pangon Crawford, John 01/03/1870 D/104 F/187    
199 Collins, Joseph Barnett, John etal 01/05/1870 D/105      
Tr Cunningham, John Bonham, M.J. & M.C. 04/07/1870 D/118      
Tr C Carter, H.B. Davis, Louis V. 04/22/1870 D/119      
536 Curtis, C.C. Hamlin, S.C. & Bass, G.L. 05/05/1870 D/129     plaintiff & 1st defendant initials are 'best guess
211 Casey, Thomas Duger, Patrick 02/16/1870 D/134      
216 Casey, Thomas Curley, John & Curley, Mary 02/21/1870 D/135      
Con Carter, H.B. McKeller, Archibald 01/13/1870 D/149      
568 Conner, Daniel Mil. St. P. R.Wy & Co. 08/30/1870 D/153      
594 Cummings, D.S. Fleming, Thomas etal 09/02/1870 D/160      
Con Carter, H.B. Fallon, Wm etal 09/10/1870 D/165 F    
Con Cook, A.D. Lei, Charles 10/17/1870 D/166      
Tr Cummins, Thomas Griffin, Patrick 12/09/1870 D/173      
Tr Crary, O.W. Hogan, Tim & Ryan, John 01/02/1871 D/180      
606 Culighan, John Broggmann, John etal 12/20/1870 D/184      
267 Cook, A.D. Bogue, John H. etal 12/01/1870 D/202      
269 Clack, Milo P. Erickson, Julia 12/22/1870 D/202      
Tr Craig, O.W. Hogan, Tim & Ryan, John 01/27/1871 D/210      
Tr Cotton, Wm Murphy, John 05/09/1871 D/224      
676 Childs & Briggs Alexander, Wm. G. 04/20/1871 D/226      
685 Cornell, Patrick Roguk, Edward etal 11/15/1871 D/228      
687 Carter, H.B. Behn, J. Henry etal 05/04/1871 D/229      
696 Cummings, D.S. Shirey, Daniel 05/04/1871 D/231     defendant surname is 'best guess'
706 Chadrick & Foot Stahl, John W. 05/04/1871 D/234      
707 Chadrick & Foot Fruman, M.V. 05/04/1871 D/234      
286 Clark, Samuel C. Kull, John H. etal 03/07/1871 E/1      
289 Chase, Lucy Putney, W.W. 03/02/1871 E/2      
304 Clayton County Ford, A. etal 05/04/1871 E/6      
Tr Carter, Mills & Co. Livingood, David 05/12/1871 E/8      
Tr Cairo, Patrick Larkins, James etal 06/07/1871 E/11      
752 Courson & Gould Low, Chas A. 08/31/1871 E/22     defendant surname is 'best guess'
Con Casey, Thomas Kennedy, Michael etal 12/20/1871 E/33      
791 Clemens, Joseph VanDyke, G.W. etal ??/?2/1872 E/42      
814 Carter, H.B. Ehrhardt, John 01/09/1872 E/46      
blank Carter, H.B. Brown, Herman 01/27/1872 E/46   [illegible remark]  
Con Cone, G.C. Ebel, John 02/08/1872 E/55 G/128/117    
Con Cone, G.C. Yearouse, George 02/10/1872 E/55   Stay Bond  
Tr Cossuth, Louis Keenan, Owen 03/04/1872 E/58      
Con Carter, H.B. Stevens, Asa & Bell, N. 03/13/1872 E/58 G/121    
Con Clough, C.H. Wahl, C. 05/21/1872 E/66      
850 Cone, G.C. Bruns, Patrick 05/08/1872 E/69      
852 Crooker & Cooke Hoffman, G. etal 05/09/1872 E/70      
370 Clayton County McCafferty, John etal 03/12/1872 E/72      
390 Cread, Joel Eno, Wm T & Joseph H. 05/10/1872 E/74      
Tr Curran, H. & J.D. Boyle, M. & Miles 11/11/1872 E/90      
Tr Cummins, T. & Co. Fury, Joseph etal 12/06/1872 E/92      
Tr Carter, H.B. Sherman, Joseph & Robert 12/21/1872 E/94      
Tr Clough, David Shoemaker, P.C. 04/08/1873 E/116      
Tr Clough, David Shoemaker, P.C. 04/08/1873 E/116      
Tr Chapman, Est of Louis Daveen, Anastasia Exc of James Daveen, dec and/[illegible] 05/05/1873 E/119     defendant surname may be Diveen
Tr Cattron, Wm. Exc Spangler, Reuben 05/16/1873 E/119      
Tr Cattron, Wm. Exc Spangler, Susannah 05/16/1873 E/119      
Tr Cattron, Wm. Exc Spangler, Hanson 05/16/1873 E/119      
950 Carter, H.B. Clute, R.S.H. 02/21/1873 E/122      
950 Carter, H.B. Clute, L.G. 02/21/1873 E/122      
952 Carter, H.B. Horsnell, William 02/21/1873 E/123      
952 Carter, H.B. Horsnell, Thomas 02/21/1873 E/123      
985 Campbell, James A. Campbell, Elizabeth & F. Campbell her guard. 05/07/1873 E/128      
987 Carter, H.B. Bird, Charles 05/07/1873 E/128      
1010 Calhoun, E.M. Clark, Albert F. 05/19/1873 E/132      
1010 Calhoun, E.M. Clark, Lewis H. 05/19/1873 E/132      
1010 Calhoun, E.M. Sawvell, Jacob 05/19/1873 E/132      
469 Carter, H.B. etal Tompkins, Robert 05/07/1873 E/139      
Tr Catron, Wm Exc Spangler, Reuben 07/12/1873 E/142     plaintiff surname is 'best guess'
Tr Catron, Wm Exc Spangler, Susannah 07/12/1873 E/142      
Tr Catron, Wm Exc Spangler, Hanson 07/12/1873 E/142      
851 Church, G.W. Updegraff, Thomas trustee 05/09/1872 E/146      
45 Cone, G.C. Freeman, H.C. 09/04/1873 E/151      
461 Carpenter, Daniel D. Phelps, P.W. 04/19/1873 E/158     unsure of plaintiff middle initial & of defendants surname
461 Carpenter, Daniel D. Phelps, Lina G. 04/19/1873 E/158     unsure of plaintiff middle initial & of defendants surname
468 Carter, H.B. Hurley, John 05/07/1873 E/153      
468 Carter, H.B. Johnston, Huntley & Co. 05/07/1873 E/153      
478 Chipman, Horace A. Chipman, Barbara E. 09/07/1873 E/154      
168 Cook, Morton S. Cook, Catherine 07/21/1869 D/73      
683 Connelly, P. Lynch, Patrick 03/21/1871 D/228      
980 Casuth, Louis Tugetsch, Christ 05/07/1873 E/156      
Con Crowley, Andrew Flannegan, John no date E/159      
Con Cook, A.D. Shaw, Abraham & Jane no date E/160      
71 Cumins, F. & Co. Keenan, Patrick & Flynn, Patrick no date E/164     plaintiff initial may be a 'T'
495 Carrier, L.F. Gubser, Melchoir & Catharine no date E/168      
13 C.D. & M. R.R. Co. Schecker, Charles no date E/176      
480 Chrisholm, Robert B. Van Valkenburge, Loyal & Elizabeth no date E/177      
34 Clarke & --tter Tanner, L.G. etal no date E/182     can't make out 1st 2 letters of the 2nd defendants name
35 Casey, Thomas Dwyar, Patrick no date E/182      
70 Carter, H.B. Thein, Peter no date E/187      

~source: Index to District Court 1848-1891 -  FHL US/CAN Film #1671515
~photocopied records generously contributed by Constance Diamond
~records transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall for Clayton co. IAGenWeb

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