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Important transcription notes:
*These records were extremely difficult to transcribe due to the scratchy condition of the microfilm photocopies and the (awful) handwriting of some of the original indexers. The researcher can expect errors and should use this index only as a guide.
*This index is not chronologically or alphabetically arranged.
*All columns appear in the original records except the 'transcriber notes' column

No. Defendant Plaintiff File Date Judgment Book & Page Record Book & Page Remarks Transcriber notes
J by C Tollefson, Ole Blackett & Son, William 1/7/1869 D/1 E/562 Satisfied  
268 Thompson, Thomas Flemakin, R.B. 12/28/1868 D/6 F/10 Stay bond  
115 Tetishmer, Christian Suers, Herman & Sophia 11/19/1868 D/25 F/32    
73 Thiele, Henry State of Iowa 1/23/1869 D/31 F/39 Surety  
186 Tremain, J.C. Moore, Nelson 5/8/1868 C/306      
187 Tremain, J.C. Moore, Nelson 5/8/1868 C/307      
380 Thompson, Thomas Warzer & Cromwell 5/7/1869 D/46   Satisfied  
399 Todd, Andrew S. Bidwell, H., Son & Cop'y 5/7/1869 D/57      
172 Tann, Wm H. Tann, Mary A. 8/5/1869 D/74      
  Tollafston, Ole Brown, Sieberling & Co. 1/10/1870 D/85      
57 Thompson, W.H. Fuller & Co., M.E. 10/14/1869 error      
Tr Torkelson, Hans Blackett, Wm. & Son 1/12/1870 D/108      
453 Tollefson, Ole Brown, Sieberling & Co. 1/3/1870 D/90      
478 Thompson, J.P.K. Howard, R.L. 1/3/1870 D/96      
486 Tugetsch, George Kerr, John 1/6/1870 D/98      
478 Thompson, Jasper Howard, R.L. 1/24/1870 D/96   Surety on Stay bond  
Tr Tollefson, Ole Irwin, Geo W. 2/16/1870 D/113      
Tr Tollfson, Oley Goolickson, A. & Bro. 2/21/1870 D/114      
  Teed, Frank A. admitted as an Atty     F/196   surname may be Tuil or Teid; very difficult to tell
Tr Tollefson, Oley Hoyt & Burdick 4/1/1870 D/116      
  Tollefson, Oley Don, J.C. 4/8/1870 D/117      
527 Townsend, Gideon Seventhord, C.M. 5/2/1870 D/127      
[illegible] Tollefson, Ole Hanson, Ben 5/6/1870 D/134      
Tr Thompson, Moses & James Barnes, M.O. 8/2/1870 D/150   Satisfied  
237 Tollefson, Oly & Sarah Ivory, Catharine guar 5/6/1870 D/140 F/285 Satisfied  
238 Tollefson, Oly & Sarah Harbennson, Oley 5/6/1870 D/141 F/286   plaintiff surname is 'best guess'
244 Truman, Ellen & Martin V. Sargent, Geo W. 8/1/1870 D/161 F/288    
Tr Tollefson, Oley Aultman, Miller & Co. 11/14/1870 D/170   Transcript from Fayette Co Dist court  
Tr Truair, Soman Lindsey,Edmond 12/22/1870 D/177      
Tr Truman, S.C. Tinker, R.H. 1/7/1871 D/199      
610 Tollefson, Ole Parker & Stone 1/2/1871 D/185   Satisfied  
641 Tollefson, Ole Farrar, Arthur & Co. 1/4/1871 D/193      
656 Tussatach, George Quigley, Dennis C. 1/5/1872 D/197     defendant surname is 'best guess'
281 Theile, Heinrich & C. Cedrick, George 1/5/1871 D/200      
Con Titeton, A.F. Soull, Portland 3/8/1871 D/217   Surety  
Tr Tarbox, Asa P. Scott, Thomas B. 2/11/1871 D/215      
Tr Truman, Z.C. Thompson, Thomas 2/15/1871 D/215      
698 Thompson, Thomas Rowe, Sherman & Co. 5/4/1871 D/232      
699 Thompkins, Robert Newell, H.E. 5/4/1871 D/232      
224 Truman, Ellen & Martin Sargent, G.W. 8/1/1870 D/161      
276 Topliff, Olivia etal Egbert, Emeline 1/3/1871 D/204      
699 Thompson, Thomas Newell, H.E. 6/1/1871 D/232   Surety  
Con Truman, Silas C. Peter, John 6/29/1871 E/11   S  
Con Tracy, John S. Slauer & Daubenberger 7/5/1871 E/13   Satisfied  
751 Tyler, Susan Ann etal Buell, James etal 8/31/1871 E/22      
753 Tompkins, Robert Buck, Orville M. 8/31/1871 E/22      
Tr Tolloftsen, Ole Dow, J.C. 4/8/1870 E/31      
Tr Torkelson, Hans Dow, J.C. 4/8/1870 E/31   Surety  
Con Thompson, Hannah M. Hathaway, Susan 12/11/1871 E/33   Satisfied  
Tr Tollafston, Ole Sow How & Co. 1/22/1872 E/36      
323 Thurber, Mary Ellen Thurber, H.H. 10/26/1871 E/49   No judgement  
Con Thein, Peter Osborne, D.M. & Co. 3/16/1872 E/59 G/122    
Tr Tompkins, R. Upper Iowa University 11/26/1872 E/64      
15 Townsend, W.D. Burrins & Sage 8/31/1866 C/126      
Con Torkelson, Lars Aultman, Miller & Co. 5/23/1872 E/75   Satisfied  
Tr Thomas, M.A. Drake, Lewis 2/3/1873 E/109      
- Thornton, A. Sheldon, S.L. 2/28/1873 E/112      
956 Tipton, A.F. Bank, First Nat'l of Elkader 5/1/1873 E/125      
979 Tompkins, Robert Bank, First Nat'l of Elkader 5/7/1873 E/126      
  Thompson, Thomas Bank, First Nat'l of Elkader 5/7/1873 E/126      
981 Taake, William Haywood, Cartledge & Hemore 5/7/1873 E/127   Satisfied  
997 Tujetsch, Andria Ehrhardt, John 5/8/1873 E/129   Satisfied  
469 Tompkins, Robert Carter, H.B. etal 5/7/1873 E/189   Satisfied  
981 Taaka, Christian Haywood, Cartledge & Hemore 5/7/1873 E/127 G/342 Satisfied  
Tr Thomfason, E.C. & A.A. Woodward & Preston and E. Odell 8/12/1873 E/143      
  [blank line]            
980 Tugetsch, Christ Caruth, Louis 5/7/1873 E/156   Satisfied  
59 Thompson, Thomas Bank, First Nat'l of Elkader   E/162      
76 Tinnes, Albert Stems, C.H.   E/165   Satisfied  
Con Taylor, H.B. Aultman, Miller & Co.   E/172      
34 Tanner, L.G. Clarke & Utter   E/182      
70 Thein, Peter Carter, H.P.   E/187      
Con Taylor, H.B. Aultman, Miller & Co.   E/189      


~source: Index to District Court 1848-1891 -  FHL US/CAN Film #1671515
~photocopied records generously contributed by Constance Diamond
~records transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall for Clayton co. IAGenWeb

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