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Important transcription notes:
*These records were extremely difficult to transcribe due to the scratchy condition of the microfilm photocopies and the (awful) handwriting of some of the original indexers. The researcher can expect errors and should use this index only as a guide.
*This index is not chronologically or alphabetically arranged.
*All columns appear in the original records except the 'transcriber notes' column

No. Defendant Plaintiff File Date Judgment Book & Page Record Book & Page Remarks Transcriber notes
98 Rathman, E & G Schumacker, C & A 8/31/1868 C/123 F/28   not certain of defendant's second initial
319 Read, J.P. Thompson, Jasper 1/8/1869 D/19 F/24    
69 Reynolds, Bassell & Co. Drummond, David & etal 4/1/1868 C/310 F/48    
69 Reynolds, J. Drummond, David & etal 4/1/1868 C/310 F/48    
323 Rogers, James McClure, R.B. 1/8/1869 D/20 F/25    
280 Richardson, A.P. School District, Village of McGregor 1/5/1869 D/9   Satisfied  
388 Roberts, J.J. Zork, Sam 5/7/1869 D/48     plaintiff name is a 'best guess'
148 Renshaw, David L. Exr Meyer, Charles 3/23/1869 D/53      
372 Roberts, J.J. Dow & Fowler 5/19/1869 D/58      
surety Regan, John State of Iowa 5/22/1869 D/58   Satisfied  
413 Russell, Wm Kellogg & Covell 8/25/1869 D/66      
Tr Rosier, Granville Lindsey, Delmond 11/15/1869 D/81      
- Richards, Sears T. Preston, W.A. 12/20/1869 D/83      
248 Rand, Jacob B. Burr, W.R. & R.D. 9/11/1868 D/1      
492 Rogers, James & Edward Surge & Co., W.P. 1/6/1870 D/99      
185 Rush, Rachel T. Rush, Jacob Jr 11/4/1869 D/102      
J by C Ross, J.B. Keenan, Patrick 3/29/1870 D/116   Satisfied  
537 Ryan, John Brockman, Frederick 5/6/1870 D/132      
226 Reynolds, James & Elizabeth Boardman, Julia 3/16/1870 D/138      
548 Rowley, Nathan Ruble, S. & H. 5/6/1870 D/132      
Tr Richards, Allen S. State of Iowa 6/3/1870 D/146      
Ia Rollinson, H. Foster, C.S. 5/24/1870 D/125   State Board  
Ia Russell, William Davis, Henry C. 6/30/1870 D/147   State Board Satisfied  
Ia Roach, John Oglesbee, Harrison 7/20/1870 D/148   State Board Satisfied  
581 Rosenkraus, B. Lidda, Dennis 9/1/1870 D/157      
252 Ryan, J.L. & Melima Henderson, Elizabeth 4/30/1870 D/139 F/285    
Tr Ryan, John Craig, O.W. 1/2/1871 D/180   Satisfied  
636 Ringling, A. Cayden, Wilson & Allen 1/4/1871 D/195      
649 Rogers, James McCormick, C.H. etal 1/5/1871 D/195   Satisfied  
258 Richards, A.S. Richards, D.W. 10/24/1870 D/200      
270 Ryan, John Malone, H.B. & Co 1/2/1871 D/203      
Con Roth, Stephen Aultman, Miller & Co. 1/2/1871 D/211      
594 Ryan, John Cummings, D.S. 9/2/1870 D/160      
285 Randolph, James F. & Elizabeth Gleason, Wm. A. 3/1/1871 E/1      
302 Ryan, Medorus Ryan, James 5/3/1871 E/5      
669 Russell, William Lyman, etal 6/1/1871 D/225   Satisfied  
118 Riley, John State of Iowa 7/13/1871 E/29      
729 Renkert, George Tupitsch, Christian 8/28/1871 E/17     plaintiff surname is 'best guess'
758 Rogers, James Ruble, Sarah H. 8/31/1871 E/24   Satisfied  
758 Rogers, Edmund Ruble, Sarah H. 9/25/1871 E/24   Surety satisfied  
Con Ryan, Patrick Casey, Thomas 12/20/1871 E/33      
780 Ryan, E.D. Tytus Van Buren & Co. 12/26/1871 E/40      
794 Rollinson, Henry, John & R. Brown, P.J. 1/3/1872 E/42 G/133 Surety not sure of plaintiff's second initial
783 Ryan, Henry 1st Nat'l Bk of McGregor 12/26/1872 E/41 G/131 Surety  
Con Ryan, John Yale, C.W. 2/24/1872 E/56 G/117 Satisfied  
Con Ryan, Edmund Yale, C.W. 2/24/1872 E/56 G/128 Surety satisfied  
Tr Regan, Patrick O'Briene, F. 4/1/1872 E/61      
Tr Regan, Patrick Jacharias, E. 4/1/1872 E/61      
Tr Regan, Patrick Hogan, Timothy 4/15/1872 E/62      
855 Redding, Nancy Burbank, Betsey 5/9/1872 E/70      
376 Ryan, John & Ann Buell, James 3/18/1872 E/73/109   Satisfied  
402 Richardson, Caroline Exr Evans, Delia S. 7/21/1872 E/86      
810 Rogers, James Exr Spence, Mary Ann & Wm 8/30/1872 E/87      
912 Randall, R.W. Howe Machine Co. 12/31/1872 E/99      
433 Raitt, Oliver Buell, James 7/21/1872 E/106      
415 Rugnitz, Carl Thompson, John 11/30/1872 E/107      
968 Routzong, Leroy Oglesbee, Harry 5/1/1873 E/125      
969 Russell, Wm Doggett, Bassett & Hill 5/1/1873 E/125      
984 Randall, R.W. Fairbanks, Morse & Co. 5/7/1873 E/127   Satisfied  
990 Rogman, John Johnston, Huntley & Co. 5/7/1873 E/128      
1000 Redding, Nancy Palmer, Wm. A. 5/9/1873 E/130      
Tr Reise, Catherine Hunt & Price 9/8/1873 E/144      
33 Roberts, John Howe Machine Co. 9/1/1873 E/149   Error, see Circuit Conrt  
34 Rethwisch, William Hiller & Frisch 9/1/1873 E/149   Satisfied  
481 Rogers, James Bryant, Walter J. 9/3/1873 E/155      
481 Rogers, Edward Bryant, Walter J. 9/3/1873 E/155   Satisfied  
Con Rollinson, Robert Dixon, William 11/24/1873 E/158 G/398    
Con Rollinson, H. Dixon, William 11/24/1873 E/158 G/398    
65 Reuther, Louis Schmidt, J.A. & Co   E/163      
500 Regan, William Perry, John Guar'n   E/169   Surety  
Con Rathbun, Albert Barnard, H.H.   E/171   Satisfied  
  Rogers, E.D. Crowley, Andrew   E/159   Surety  
Con Robinson, William Aultman, Miller & Co.   E/172      
188 Rummel, Theodore State of Iowa   E/176      
16 Randall, Elizabeth Randall, R.W.   E/179 G/477    
17 Rook, Wm Buell, James   E/180      
61 Ryan, C Williams, Warren   E/185      
64 Russell, Wm Patterson, John   E/186      
73 Robbe, Warren F. Robbe, Mary A.   E/188   Satisfied  


~source: Index to District Court 1848-1891 -  FHL US/CAN Film #1671515
~photocopied records generously contributed by Constance Diamond
~records transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall for Clayton co. IAGenWeb

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