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Clayton Co. Justice & Court Proceedings
... as reported in the 1883 newspapers

~compiled & transcribed by Reid R. Johnson for Clayton Co. IAGenWeb

Elkader Register, Fri., January 12, 1883
District Court:

State vs. Con. Meehan, murder. Defendant arraigned and pleads not guilty, and case continued by consent. [See Cornelius Mahan below]

State vs. Jennie Munger, lewdness. Defendant arraigned and plead not guilty. Bail discharged and case continued.

State vs. Adam Banze, malicious mischief, continued.

State vs. Thomas Monahan, assault with intent to murder, defendant arraigned and pleads guilty to an assault. Sentenced to pay a fine of two dollars, and eight dollars to apply on costs.

State vs. Frank Howe Jr., Hiram Sawvel, Samuel Beckett, Jno. Beckett, Fred Beckett, Wm. Beckett, Chas. Beckett, Chas Cole, J. Johnson, A. Lindquist, larceny. H. Sawvel pleads guilty and is sentenced to 60 days at hard labor in the penitentiary at Anamosa. A judgement for costs entered against other defendants.

State vs. Michael Finnegan, nuisance, fined $5.00 and costs of suit.

State vs. Anton Kossuth, seduction, dismissed, defendant having married prosecuting witness during vacation.

State vs. Henry Huggins, larceny, sentenced to 60 days at hard labor in the penitentiary at Anamosa.


Elkader Register, Fri., March 16, 1883

James Hunt, a young man residing near this place, has been arrested on charge of forging his father's name to a number of notes, and securing the money thereon, some $800.00. He is now in the Elkader jail, awaiting the action of the grand jury.


Elkader Register, Fri., May 25, 1883. McGregor Mites column, north town section

A tramp named Murray appropriated Baggage Master Deitrick's rubber coat the other evening, for which act he was sentenced to 30 days at hard labor.


Elkader Register, Fri., June 22,1883

Bridget Dwyer, of Cox Creek township, was bound over to the next term of court, by Justice Keith, of Strawberry Point, in the sum of $300., for threatening the life of widow Carr, of the same township.


Elkader Register, Fri., July 27, 1883. Home News column.

There are now eight prisoners in the county jail, all but two being bound over to the district court. Among the prisoners is:

James Leslie, sent up from McGregor for 30 days for drunkenness.

Charles Eno, of the same place (McGregor), charged with attempting a rape on a Miss Tyler.

D. B. Schroeder, for stealing a horse.

Alex. Beebe, who is awaiting examination by the commissioners of insanity.


Elkader Register, Fri., September 21,1883. District Court column.

On Wednesday afternoon, Cornelius Mahan, who was convicted of killing Dennis Murphy, was sentenced to two years in the penitentiary by Judge Hatch. His light sentence is due to the fact that his friends circulated a petition, certifying to his previous good character and asking for the mercy of the court, which was signed by nearly every resident of Elkport, and presented to the Judge.

The case of the State vs Schroeder , the man who stole a hose near Guttenberg and sold it at McGregor, was called on Wednesday evening, and the defendant pleading guilty was sentenced to three years in the penitentiary.


Elkader Register, Fri., September 28, 1883. District Court column.

On Saturday the case of the State vs Charles Eno, charged with committing rape on the person of Mrs. Tyler, of McGregor, was called, and after a short trial he was found guilty, and was sentenced to three years in the penitentiary at Anamosa.


Elkader Register, Fri., October 26, 1883

District Court was in session at Decorah last week. Hans Hanson, who shot and killed Peter Peterson, about a year ago, has plead guilty to manslaughter and will probably be sentenced to a short term at Anamosa.


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