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Elkader Register, Thur., 6 Jan. 1881. Home News column-

The new boarders at the jail since our last report are: Albert Stanley, sent over for 20 days from Volga City, for larceny; Martin Scott and Fred Hill, sent up from McGregor for 30 days, for indulging in too much fire water.

Elkader Register, Thur., 27 Jan. 1881. Elkport Locals column-

James Gilligan was arrested and fined one dollar and costs, for an assault and battery on Thomas Needham, last week

Elkader Register, Thur., 10 Feb. 1881. Home News column-

John Farrell was arrested Tuesday evening by Constables Ready and Sargeant, and on yesterday he plead guilty before Justice Skinner, to being drunk and disorderly. He was fined $10 and costs, which he paid.

Elkader Register, Fri., 4 Mar. 1881. Home News column-

Mike Dunn, (not our popular Assessor) was before Justice Lewis on Wednesday, charged with being drunk and disorderly. He plead guilty and was sentenced to Hotel de Place for 30 days. Constable Ready made the arrest.

Elkader Register, Fri., 1 Apr. 1881. District Notes column, from the Decorah Journal-

The following sentences were passed at the recent term of the District Court: 
Willard Van Pelt, for shooting Rastatter, who assaulted him, fined $20 and cost. 
Annette Holmes, for keeping a house of ill fame, sent to the penitentiary for two years and six months.

Elkader Register, Fri., 8 April 1881. Home News column-

Martin Broderick, who had just completed a 30 days sentence in the jail, was lodged in the jail again on Wednesday for another 30 days, on charge of fighting on the cars. He was sent up from McGregor. On Wednesday evening sheriff Place returned home after an absence of ten days, bringing with him Abe Shaw Jr., whose name it will be remembered was connected with a case of burglary, something over a year ago. Last January the grand jury found an indictment against Shaw for burglary, and also one for larceny. Warrants for his arrest were placed in the sheriff's hands, and he has been at work to discover his whereabouts. He finally located him at Mondale, Iowa, and started to secure him, but before sheriff Place reached there the bird had flown, and was next discovered at Blair, Neb., where he was arrested. To effect his arrest sheriff Place was obliged to go to Council Bluffs in order to cross the Missouri. The sheriff is entitled to much credit for the diligence with which he has worked up his case and effected the arrest of his man.

Elkader Register, Fri., 15 April 1881, Home News column-

-Jos. Finengan, a drunk and disorderly, was fined $10 and costs, Wednesday. He paid his fine.
-"Billy Barlow", a plain drunk and disorderly, was given 30 days in which to lower the county wood pile, Wednesday, by Justice Lewis. 
-Charles Peterson and John Anderson imbibed more tangle-foot than they could master, on Friday, and became noisy. They were taken in charge by Constable Ready, and on Saturday Justice Lewis furnished them with the necessary documents for 30 days board at Palace de Place. They will saw wood in the meantime.

Elkader Register, Fri., 20 May 1881. Crimes and Criminals column-

John Wagner, who resides near Elkader, and who never fails to observe the Lord's Day, by getting drunk, imbibed more of the "red eye" than he could carry last Sabbath, and while on his road home indulged in a number of acrobatic feats near the residence of H. H. Hagensick, which would have resulted in a broken neck for any less drunken man. After his circus had been enjoyed by the youngsters for a time, he was gathered into the fold by Constable Sargent, and on Monday he plead "guilty" to a plain drunk, before Justice Lewis, and was fined $10 and costs. He paid the bill.

After Mr. Wagner had gracefully made his devoirs and departed for the nearest saloon, there to drown his sorrow in his favorite drink, and while His Honor was yet busily engaged in figuring up his profits. John Prior was brought in, and waiving an examination on the charge of "lewdness", was bound over to await the action of the grand jury, in the sum of $250. This case is one which we do not like to mention. John is a good man, who might if he would, make one of our best citizens, a hard-working man, and one whose chief fault lies in "putting a thief in his mouth to steal his brains away", and when under the influence of drink, does things which he would not think of, were he sober. We hope however that this will serve as a lesson to him, and that in the future he will abstain from touching the cup which intoxicates. He has made good resolves, and if he will only try to keep them, we know of many that will aid him in his efforts. Let us hope so at least. 

Charles Wilson, charged with grand larceny, in that on last Sunday afternoon he did enter the residence of Edward Russell, and take from one bureau drawers a silver watch, two revolvers and twenty-five cents in the lawful coin of the realm. On coming down town he exhibited the revolvers to several persons, and did some talking about what use he was going to put them too. Later in the day Mr. Russell and his family, who had been absent, returned home, and discovered their loss, and at once initiated a search for the offender. Sheriff Place and Constable Sargent went after Wilson, and soon had him carefully placed behind the bars of Place's Palace, and then armed with a search warrant proceeded to investigate the premises. The goods were found under a fence, and made his guilt doubly sure. His case was continued until next Monday, when he will have an examination. 

Dr. A. G. Cole, the celebrated dentist from West Union, the "city nearer heaven than any other town in the third district", arrived in town on Saturday last. The doctor is a grey headed man, old enough to know better, but his love of "that which intoxicates" has got the better of his judgement, and since his advent here he has continued "beastly full". On Monday evening he was complained of, and taken in charge by Constable Sargent, who escorted him before Justice Lewis, to answer the charge of "drunkenness." His Honor, after an investigation of the case, and after receiving a complete lexicon of "cuss words", coupled with the injunction to "fix it up right", assessed the doctor 30 days in the jail, where he now languishes, enjoying the benefits of prohibition. It is hoped that the reformation will be complete. 

John Donovin, on Sunday last, at McGregor, thought it would be quite a "cute" trick to rob the house of Edward Washburn, of Mendon township, but for some reason or other he made a miscalculation on the time he had, and after he had secured a small box, containing some $6 or $7 in cash, and was making good his escape, he was forcibly detained by Mr. W., who "happened" around at that time. He was taken to McGregor, and after examination, sent to Place's Palace, where he will have an opportunity to ruminate over the uncertainty of success in his profession, and the certainty of being behind the bars for some months, at least.

Elkader Register, Fri., 05 Aug. 1881. Home News column-

-On yesterday morning Constable Sargeant arrested Hugh Swift, of Read township, for drunkenness, and took him before Justice Lewis, who sentenced him to Palace de Place, for 30 days.  
-M. Ellis, for larceny of a stove belonging to his brother, was sentenced to ten days at Palace de Place, by Justice Lewis, on Saturday last. 
-Homer Ellis, for the larceny of a pair of shoes, now takes his meals at the quay, sent up by W. C. Lewis, J.P. While on trial for the larceny, Homer assaulted his brother Lum, and by order of His Honor, he was arrested and given an additional 10 days for that offence. 
-Thomas Boyle, drunkenness, was given 10 days in the county jail on Monday, by Justice Lewis.

Elkader Register, Fri., 12 Aug. 1881, Home News column-

John Miller, who has been in town since Monday last, squandering his substance for that which intoxicates, and annoying people by sleeping on the streets and in back yards, was arrested Wednesday by Deputy Sheriff Regan, and after trial before Justice Lewis, was fined $1 and costs, in default of which he went to jail.

Elkader Register, Fri., 9 Sept. 1881. District Court-

Abe. Shaw Jr., plead guilty to two indictments for larceny and one for burglary, and was sentenced to the additional penitentiary at Anamosa, for 5 months. One month on each larceny case and three months for burglary. His sentence was made light on account of his having been in the county jail for 13 months. 

The case of the state vs. W. A. Summons, charged with assault with intent to do great bodily injury, which has been on trial for several days, was given to the jury yesterday, who returned a verdict of "guilty of assault and battery."

Elkader Register, Fri., 16 Sept. 1881. Home news & District Court columns-

Thomas Boggy was arraigned before Justice Lewis, Monday, charged with assault and battery on the person of Mrs. Catherine Corcoran. He plead guilty, and was fined one dollar and costs. 

District Court: At its session last week, the District Court disposed of the following cases; 
State of Iowa vs. Henry Shadle, intoxication. Appeal from Justice Court. Defendant dismissed on payment of cost of proceedings. 

State vs. M. Cain, John Flannagan, and James McLoughlin, for their 4th of July fracas at Strawberry Point. Appeal from Justice Court. The fines of the first named were reduced from $25 to $5 and in the case of McLoughlin from $25 to $1. 

State vs. John Donovan, burglary. Defendant found guilty and sentenced to 1 year in the additional penitentiary at Anamosa. 

State vs. Hermann Bente, malicious mischief. The defendant was dismissed. 

The court again convened at Elkader on Wednesday morning, with his Honor, Judge Cooley, in the chair and Cyrus Wellington, prosecuting attorney; J. O. Crosby, Garnavillo; T. M. Davidson, Volga City and Robt. Quigley of McGregor, and our Elkader attorneys, present. 

State vs. George Monroe, larceny. Defendant plead guilty, and was sentenced to 4 years and 6 months in the penitentiary at Anamosa. 

State vs. John E. Slator, receiving and buying stolen property. Defendant sentenced to 4 years and 6 months at Anamosa.

Elkader Register, Fri., 30 Sept. 1881. Home News column-

Ed. Dernen, of McGregor, served the county ten days at Palace de Place, for disorderly conduct. He was sent up last week, and released yesterday.

Elkader Register, Fri., 7 Oct. 1881. Home News column- 

Peter Nugent was fined $10 and costs, by Justice Lewis, yesterday, for an assault and battery on a Swede residing at Mederville.


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