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St. Paula Cemetery

Jefferson Township, Section 21 SE/SW

St. Paula cemetery - photo by Helen Jennings, 2008

Data sources:

* The original list of names was contributed by Charlene Barnhart from an unknown source
* Iowa WPA cemetery records - transcribed by Phyllis Montour
* Allamakee co. Death Records (ACDR) - contributed by R. O'Brien
* Additions, corrections & notes from obituaries, gravestone inscriptions, newspapers, researcher contributions (as credited), census records & SSDI records

*Gravestone photos have been contributed for this cemetery*
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*Obituaried have been contributed for people buried in this cemetery*
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Name Birth Death Comments
Amsden, Lyman 1794 1887  
Amsden, Mary (Whiteman) 1817 1895  
Backes, Aldo 04/17/1896 09/21/1916 WPA = Aldon W.
Backes, Anna      
Backes, Carl Ludwig      
Backes, Ernest Carl      
Backes, George Heinrich      
Backes, Maria K.      
Backes, Peter      
Baker, Marie 1837 02/21/1899 WPA record
Baker, Peter 1824 01/21/1888 WPA record
Ball, Infant Dau      
Ball, Infant Son      
Ball, Sam      
Bischke, Amelia      
Bischke, Augusta M.      
Bischke, Carolyn      
Bischke, Charles C.      
Bischke, Fred      
Bischke, Fred      
Bischke, Fred Jr      
Bischke, Gus      
Bischke, Kathryn      
Bischke, Lamar      
Bischke, Leo      
Bischke, Louis      
Block, Baby      
Block, Elmer      
Bonker, August      
Bonker, John F. 1827 05/01/1898  
Bonker, Mary E. 1831 03/06/1893  
Borcherding, Gus Roy      
Borcherding, Gustav      
Borcherding, Lavern      
Borcherding, Mabel      
Borcherding, Virgel      
Brase, Anna D. 1875 1929 WPA record
Brase, Fred W.H. 1866 1936  
Brase, Georgi Anna      
Brase, Gertrude      
Brase, Harold Henry Paul      
Brase, Heinrich      
Brase, Karoline 1836 1881  
Brase, Minnie      
Brase, Wilhelmina 1838 1903  
Brase, William H. Dietrich      
Bruening, Carl      
Bruening, Charles      
Bruening, Joachin      
Bruening, Mary      
Bruening, Sophia      
Groth, Fred      
Hyde, Marie 1911 1931  
Hyde, Susie 1873 10/20/1911 WPA = Susue E. Wathen Hyde
Hyde, Victor A.      
Jaeger, Katherine 1837 01/12/1889  
Kottke, August Jr. 1887 09/30/1918 World War I; WPA = August W.
Kottke, August S. 1838   Co D 27 Ia inf.; WPA = August
Kottke, Earl      
Kottke, Ella      
Kottke, Elmer      
Kottke, Fred      
Kottke, Lena      
Kottke, Lloyd      
Kottke, Lottie      
Kottke, Louis F. 1868 10/05/1935  
Kottke, Mary 1845 04/29/1912  
Kottke, Mary      
Kottke, Pearl      
Kottke, William F. 1885 1918  
Kottke, Katherine      
Kukuk, Minna 1822 08/08/1867 WPA record
Langless, Dorthea   1899 WPA record
Lemke, Anna Dora      
Lundt, Louis 1879 07/14/1921  
Molgaard, Leslie Christopher 01/06/1905 03/25/1979 h/o Mabel; d. Lansing, IA; Thronburg Funeral home; ACDR
Molgaard, Mabel nee Bischke 04/13/1909 02/18/2002 w/o Leslie
Moser, Charles Wm.      
Moser, Fern Ellen      
Niederfrank, Louisa 1847 1865  
Noack, Anne nee Kottke     w/o James
Noack, Clay Patrick 03/15/1896 06/19/1980 h/o Helma; s/o James & Anne; d. Postville hosp.; Schutte Funeral home; ACDR
Noack, Dean      
Noack, Ella      
Noack, Helma nee Brandenburg 04/29/1900 03/03/1989 w/o Clay
Noack, Howard C.      
Noack, James Franklin     h/o Anne
Noack, Leona I. 1873 01/20/1901 WPA = Lena Kottke Noack
Noack, Roy 08/20/1888 01/08/1912  
Overbeck, M.E. 1824 12/20/1901  
Overbeck, Anna M.C.      
Overbeck, Henry      
Overbeck, Herman 1852 05/12/1823  
Overbeck, Wm 1826 07/21/1884  
Patrick, Bertha D.   11/11/1986 age 88y
Patrick, Emma      
Patrick, Joseph A.      
Patrick, Leslie      
Patrick, Lynn      
Schecker, Frederika nee Blanchaine 1828 03/??/1868 1st w/o Charles Schecker (d. 1906, bur. East Side cem.)
Sherman, Henry     no dates or marker; Civil War vet.
Sherman, Mary Groth      
Troester, Delbert      
Werkamp, Elise      
Werkamp, H.G.      
Werkamp, Henry      
Werkamp, Wm. H.      
Whaler, Wilhelmina      
White, Mary      
White, Vera      


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