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St. Mary's Catholic
Cemetery - Strawberry Point

Strawberry Point, Cass twp.

St. Mary's cemetery - Strawberry Point

Important Notes:
The list below is incomplete, there are many other burials in this cemetery.
Because St. Mary's shares borders with the Strawberry Point cemetery, burials occasionally are attributed to the wrong cemetery - all burials should be verified - use the list on this page ONLY as a guide.

If you've walked St. Mary's, and have a transcription, please consider contributing your notes for this website.

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Sources for the burial list:
-WPA cemetery records as transcribed by Phyllis Montour (WPA records list a few surnames without indicating the town or twp. location. There are two other St. Mary's cemeteries in Clayton county; the researcher should also check those cemetery lists)
-Gravestone inscriptions, obituaries, census records, added by S. Ferrall

Name Born Died Comments
Anton, Elizabeth 1838 02/28/1906  
Anton, Henry 1868 1935  
Anton, Joseph 1828 03/15/1912  
Anton, Margaret Emma   06/09/2006 age 97y; cremains
Anton, Nick 1873 1931  
Behrens, Helmuth Herman 01/17/1877 06/10/1915 h/o Jennie
Behrens, Jennie Elizabeth nee Thyne 12/16/1877 09/11/1945 w/o Helmuth; d/o Austin & Mary C. (Henry)
Behrens, Josephine Mary 12/24/1909 05/06/1911 d/o Helmuth & Jennie
Byrnes, William J. 02/20/1860 07/19/1944 s/o James
Chapman, Harold Darnall 07/14/1906 08/28/1959 h/o Marcella; s/o James & Alice; USNR, WWII
Chapman, Marcella M. nee Forey 01/25/1912 09/23/1971 w/o Harold; d/o Edward
Dalen, Vincent Jerome   04/17/2010 age 80y; Veteran
Davis, Bernice Serena 1906 2002 d/o George & Rena
Davis, George W. SR 1874 04/02/1953 h/o Rena
Davis, Rena E. nee Davis 1879 1975 w/o George
DeWitte, Celista - - no dates; d/o Peter & Christina
DeWitte, Christina nee Verbeke 1875 1952 w/o Peter
DeWitte, Peter 1874 03/07/1962 h/o Christina
Fisher, William 08/18/1888 02/??/1943 w/o Mary Lukas
Henry, Alice Lucile 06/17/1909 02/01/1935 d/o John & Margaret
Henry, Emelia M. nee Dohrer 08/13/1865 06/03/1901 1st w/o Robert Patrick Henry; buried w/her infant
Henry, infant   06/??/1901 infant o/Robt Patrick & Emelia
Henry, James Aloysius SR 10/12/1888 11/26/1960 h/o Laura
Henry, John Martin Carr SR 1863 1946 h/o Margaret
Henry, John Martin Carr JR 04/25/1901 08/14/1910 s/o John & Margaret
Henry, Laura Belle nee Carpenter 1889 11/??/1953 w/o James A.
Henry, Lena C. 'Len' nee Rachkeminer 10/22/1856 02/??/1914 2nd w/o Robt Patrick Henry
Henry, Margaret Mary nee Ivory 1869 1952 w/o John; d/o James & Catherine (O'Brien)
Henry, Robert Patrick 11/05/1861 c1949 1st w/Emelia, 2nd w/Lena; s/o Alexander & Anna (Carr); Research Alert: funeral was at St. Mary's, Strawberry Pt., he may be buried in the Strawberry Pt. cemetery rather than St. Mary's
Henry, Wilbur J. 1918 1927 s/o James & Laura
Ivory, Annie Lucy nee Quinn 1874 1958 w/o Joseph; d/o Robt & Sarah (Carroll)
Ivory, Gernon T. 10/27/1913 ? s/o Joseph & Annie; Master Sgt, 116th Inf, WWII
Ivory, John C. 11/02/1914 1973 s/o Joseph & Annie; Lt. Col, WWII
Ivory, Joseph Patrick 1873 1943 h/o Annie; s/o Patrick & Mary (Gernon)
Ivory, W.J. 'James William' 07/30/1878 05/31/1929 s/o James & Catherine (O'Brien)
Merkle, Calista nee Henry 1886 1965 w/o William; d/o Michael W. & Catherine (Olinger)
Merkle, William 1885 1959 h/o Calista
Meyer, John C. 10/23/1906 05/26/1959 h/o Delores (Quinn); S-Sgt, WWII
Meyer, Thomas H. 12/13/1944 01/20/2010 s/o Delbert & Mildred (Fischer); U.S. Army, medic, Vietnam
Morris, Kathryn Dillon nee Garrity 1921 1992 w/o 1st Paul Dillon, 2nd Walter J. Morris
Morris, Martha Helena nee McTaggart 11/28/1882 1969 w/o Thomas
Morris, Thomas Raymond 1862 1947 h/o Martha
Morris, Thomas R. 'Hawkeye' 04/06/1950 04/07/1998 w/o Walter & Kathryn
Morris, Walter Joseph 11/24/1917 12/02/2003 2nd h/o Kathryn; s/o Thomas & Martha; Cpl, U.S. Army, WWII
O'Brien, Catherine Luella nee Henry 04/05/1869 05/12/1946 w/o Michael; d/o Alexander & Anna (Carr)
O'Brien, Helen M. 10/30/1902 12/25/1944 d/o Michael & Catherine
O'Brien, Kathryn A. 07/07/1907 11/26/2001  
O'Brien, Michael F. 03/25/1869 09/05/1927 h/o Catherine; s/o Michael & Margaret (Ivory)
Olinger, Msgr Julius J. 06/14/1906 04/19/1993 s/o Adam & Rose M. (Tinker)
Pugh, Florence nee Ivory 1905 1992 w/o Gerald; d/o Joseph P. & Annie (Quinn)
Pugh, Gerald M. 1906 1992 h/o Florence
Pugh, Jerome   01/17/1976 age 60y; Veteran; Research Alert: funeral was at St. Mary's, burial in this cemetery is assumed, not verified
Quinn, Mary L. 'Mamie' nee O'Brien 04/02/1872 02/13/1968 w/o Pete; d/o John & Julia (Leonard)
Quinn, Peter Henry 'Pete' 05/17/1869 06/30/1966 h/o Mary; Veteran
Rowe, Thomas REV 06/27/1865 06/23/1904  
Schurmann, Mary nee Amling 02/18/1856 12/15/1903 or 1913 w/o William
Schurmann, William 11/03/1848 05/22/???? h/o Mary
Whittle, John 1885 1957 h/o Margaret
Whittle, Margaret M. nee Dinan 1904 04/15/1996 w/o John; d/o Michael & Margaret (Henry)


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