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Hillcrest Cemetery
aka Volga City cemetery

12818 Cass St., Volga, Sperry Twp., Sec 9 NE NE 9-92-6

Hill Crest cemetery - photo by Jim Steele SR

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The cemetery is a short distance east of Volga City on Cass St. It is on the south side of the road, directly across from Sacred Heart Catholic / School House Yard Cemetery.

Birdseye view of Hillcrest cemetery - from Bing Maps
Birdseye view from Bing Maps

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~The original list of burials was contributed by Charlene Barnhart from an unknown source
~WPA records were transcribed and added to the original list by Phyllis Montour; lot numbers, if given, are from WPA records
~Additional burials and information have been added by the Clayton co. Coordinator from Clayton county death records, gravestone inscriptions, obituaries, newspapers, census and SSDI records

Name Birth Death Comments
Marble, Clair   11/23/1945 age 53; h/o Phoebe; s/o Fremont & Nora (Tenney)
Marble, Florence      
Marble, Freemont     s/o Clair
Marble, Lundee      
Marble, Mary B. 1834 10/29/1887 lot 107
Marble, Nora      
Marble, Phoebe     w/o Clair
Markham, E. May      
Martin, Baby      
Martin, Lorena      
McAleer, Amy      
McCann, Charley      
McCann, George 1847 1913  
McCann, George Jr. 1878 1920  
McCann, Parmelia      
McElree, Gerold      
McChesney, Herbert      
McChesney, Ruth Lovett 1888 1935 lot 22
McConnel, Ernest      
McCrea, George 1861 03/27/1888 lot 176
McCrea, Gordon      
McCrea, James 1858 06/03/1889 lot 177
McCrea, Marian      
McCrea, T. 1863 02/08/1890 lot 177
McDonald, Dorothy Moore      
McDonald, Joseph      
McMullen, Emily Mary Jane nee Cross 01/10/1858 05/29/1935 w/o Charles William (d. 09/23/1892, prob. burial O'Niell, NE)
McMullen, Emma      
McMullen, Iva     d/o Charles & Emily
McMullen Steven      
Meader, George      
Meader, Amelia      
Mecklenburg, Amelia 1876 04/04/1900 lot 51
Mecklenburg, Anna 1877 04/20/1900 lot 51
Mecklenburg, Henry C. 1838 06/06/1908 lot 51
Mecklenburg, Martha      
Mecklenburg, Sophia M. 1842 12/24/1913 lot 51
Merriman, Walter      
Merriman, Winnifred      
Meyers, John 1852 1929 lot 111; h/o Ruth
Meyers, Pete      
Meyers, Rebecca 1862 02/19/1907 lot 16
Meyers, Ruth nee Kewley 12/06/1853 05/02/1920 w/o John
Middaugh, Celia Blake      
Middaugh, Harry      
Miller, infant     4 month old infant of Louis & Emma; name may have been Gus
Miller, Alice Fox      
Miller, Dora      
Miller, Ella      
Miller, Alta M. nee Phillips 1871 01/11/1895 lot 3; w/o Lew
Miller, Flora      
Miller, Herbert      
Miller, Louis     h/o Emma Valquardts (see below, O'Brien)
Miller, Otto     lot 3
Moats, Abraham L. 1865 1937 lot 47
Moats, Bertha L.      
Moats, D.K.      
Moats, Daisy      
Moats, Ena Maude nee White 03/03/1867 02/09/1919 lot 47; w/o Abraham
Moats, Esther      
Moats, Eva M. 1867 1919 lot 47
Moats, Glen E.   11/28/1975 age 70; h/o Cecil
Moats, Glenn      
Moats, Invar      
Moats, Lyman      
Moore, Gary Lee      
Moore, Ira      
Moore, Irene      
Moore, Katherine      
Moore, Mary E.      
Moore, Ronald      
Moore, William      
Morarie, Michael      
Morgart, John      
Morgart, Vernon R. 09/02/1948 02/17/2003 s/o John & Letha (Nablo); died in Barnes City, IA
Morse, Caroline 'Carrie' nee Andrews 03/03/1879 07/22/1945 w/o Ernest; d/o Robert & Nancy
Morse, Catherine / Katherine nee Tenney 06/10/1835 10/13/1909 w/o Salem
Morse, Ernest Lund 10/06/1876 06/1?/1952 h/o Carrie; s/o Salem & Catherine
Morse, Eva May 1860 09/27/1871 d/o Salem & Catherine
Morse, Paul      
Morse, Mildred Viola nee Campbell 10/19/1879 10/14/1956 w/o William; d/o Austin & Nancy (Bissell)
Morse, Salem 02/28/1836 11/19/1903 lot 172; h/o Catherine; s/o Wm. & Lavina (Smith); Co. F 7th IA Cav.
Morse, William Salem 'Will' 1875 1953 h/o Mildred; s/o Salem & Catherine
Moser, Paul A.      
Munger, Bertrand     lot 188
Myers, Bert     s/o John & Ruth
Myers, Harriet      
Myers, James C.     s/o John & Ruth
Myers, John 05/13/1852 04/21/1929 h/o Ruth; s/o Cornelius & Mary
Myers, Ruth nee Kewley   05/02/1920  
Nading, Eunice      
Nading, Merlin Y.      
Neal, Harriet Lillian nee Kitterman 10/27/1907 11/09/1999  
Neunkirch, Frank      
Neunkirch, Mary J.      
O'Brien, Emma Miller nee Volquardts 02/09/1898 01/05/1994 1st h/ Lewis Miller; 2nd w/o William H.; d/o John & Wilhelmina (Sierks)
O'Brien, William Henry 'Bill' 11/25/1870 08/21/1943 h/o 1st Alice Kohler (?divorced), 2nd Emma (Volquardts) Miller
Oldfather, Beulah I.   12/14/1992 Age 90
Oldfather, Clara      
Oldfather, George      
Oldfather, Glen      
Oldfather, Martin      
Oldfather, Maryette      
Olson, Gail      
Olson, Wayne      


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