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Highland Lutheran Cemetery

Sec 3 NW/SE - Highland township

Highland Lutheran Cemetery - photo by Jim Steele JR Birdseye view of Highland Lutheran church & cemetery - Bing maps
Birdseye view courtesy Bing maps

To reach the cemetery from Elkader, take Hwy 56 west to Cannon Rd. Turn right (north) and follow Cannon Rd. to 225th St. turn left (west) and travel to the church & cemetery.

Note! This burial list & information was compiled from researcher contributions, obituaries, gravestone photos, WPA graves registration, SSDI records, census records, veteran burial records & newspaper articles. It is not yet a complete listing & will be updated as additional burials are found. You can help - do you know of a burial in the Highland cemetery that isn't listed? Dates? Corrections?

*The original list of names was contributed by Charlene Barnhart from an unknown source
*The WPA records were transcribed by Phyllis Montour and have been merged into the burial list.
*Changes & additions were contributed by Corinne Schoien November 2003
*Additional information & dates were provided by Joann Swenson Humphrey, January 2005
*Richard O'Brien has contributed names, dates & other info. from the Allamakee county Death Records (ACDR) and Veterans Affairs records (VAR). Some of the ACDR give funeral home - they are abreviated as follows:
Leonard Funeral home = LFH
Martin Funeral home = MFH
Schultz Funeral home = SFH
Witt Funeral home = WFH

*Gravestone photos have been contributed for this cemetery. Do you have any to share?
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*Obituaries have been contributed for some of the people in Highland cemetery. Do you have one to share?
Clayton co. Obituary Board & Allamakee co. Obituary Board

Name Birth Death Comments
Aamoth, Ingeborg      
Aamoth, Knute      
Aamoth, John      
Amoth, Sever      
Anderson, Bennie      
Benson, Adolph      
Benson, August 08/05/1855 06/15/1937 h/o Sarah E.
Benson, Ben      
Benson, Bertha Curina 1867 08/27/1914 WPA record
Benson, Bjorn M. 07/22/1862 01/04/1935 h/o Borghild; s/o Mikkel & Bergit Bjornson
Benson, Borghild nee Lien 01/17/1863 05/17/1929 w/o Bjorn M.; d/o Lars & Jorand Lien
Benson, Buelah R. 06/17/1921 03/08/2002 w/o Leo L.
Benson, Charles A.      
Benson, Eliz      
Benson, Guri 1825 07/19/1906  
Benson, Ingeborg 1841 1923  
Benson, Leo L. 11/16/1924 09/19/2006 h/o Buelah R.
Benson, Melvin E.     s/o Bjorn & Borghild
Benson, Oscar      
Benson, Sarah Elizabeth nee Jakobi 11/11/1857 06/17/1932 w/o August
Benson, Thomas 1838 1916  
Bogstrand, Ole 1833 04/29/1911  
Bogstrand, Tollef      
Browne, Luella      
Bush, Gladys Lavon      
Bush, Irvin      
Butikofer, Patricia L. nee Erickson 09/27/1929 11/30/2010 w/o Silas
Butikofer, Silas L. 02/17/1924 11/02/2012 h/o Patricia
Chapman, Fanny nee Dils 07/18/1814 03/15/1903 w/o Jackson (died 1849 in Ohio)
Christianson, Christian O. 'Chris'   01/06/1948 aged 75y; h/o Ingeborg
Christianson, Gladys      
Christianson, Ingeborg nee Wikan   1946 w/o Christian O.
Christianson, Ruth G.      
Dale, Emelia G. 1886 01/04/1935  
Engen, Astri 1823 1911  
Engen, Nels 1830 1911  
Engen, Peter N. 06/09/1868 06/15/1936  
Erickson, Charles A. 06/05/1892 04/22/1980 h/o Gladys; s/o August & Emma Christine (Johnson) Erickson; d. Postville; ACDR
Erickson, Christena nee Anderson 02/04/1851 03/20/1928 w/o John; d/o Berge & Anna Anderson
Erickson, Doris      
Erickson, Gladys Magnolia nee Hader 07/23/1910 02/16/1991 w/o Charles A.
Erickson, Hilma nee Benson      
Erickson, Jennie 12/25/1894 01/06/1917  
Erickson, John 1840 1917 h/o Christena
Erickson, John 1864 11/19/1924  
Erickson, Bertha      
Erickson, Levi      
Espeseth, Birgit 1855 1935  
Fonnebu, Anna      
Fonnerd, Anne T. 1835 03/03/1907 WPA record
Frieden, Beryl Eulalie nee Hader 01/29/1916 07/22/1993 w/o Orville; d/o Gustav & Anna (Amoth) Hader
Frieden, Orville F.   07/20/1990  
Gregerson, Christian 1882 1935  
Gregorson Christine nee Ellingson 1839 1921 w/o Guttorm
Gregerson, Annie      
Gregerson, George     s/o Lars & Margaret
Gregerson / Gregorson, Guttorm 03/24/1842 05/06/1919 h/o Christine; Note! surname is spelled Gregorson throughout his obit
Gregerson, Ida      
Gregerson, Julia 1870 01/11/1914  
Gregerson, Lars 12/21/1844 03/07/1939 h/o Margaret; s/o Gregor Olson & Gunhild Guttormson
Gregerson, Louie     s/o Lars & Margaret
Gregerson, Margaret Olson nee Aasen 07/30/1864 02/25/1934 w/o Lars; d/o Ole & Isabelle
Gregerson, Oscar     s/o Lars & Margaret
Gregerson, Selma     d/o Lars & Margaret, d. age 2
Gunderson, Embret   1950  
Gunderson, Mary      
Gunderson, Randine 1883 01/30/1931 female
Hader, Annie      
Hader, Gust      
Hader, Sybil Ione      
Halverson, Alvina Ida nee Ruroden 05/04/1914 10/12/2009 w/o Roy
Halverson, James Ronald 08/30/1938 04/21/2013 s/o Roy & Alvina; US Army veteran
Halverson, Roy Gillard 12/12/1897 09/16/1984 h/o Alvina; s/o Erick & Mari (Knudtson) Halverson
Harrington, Norma nee Larson 1930 03/09/1987 d/o Adolph & Mary Larson
Hofer, Selma Esther nee Friederich 12/11/1905 01/29/1987 1st h/ Ernest Lerch (d. 1940, bur. Apostolic cem.); 2nd h/ Harold Meisner (d. 1968); 3rd h/ Clarence Hofer (d. 1976); d/o Gottlieb & Adeline (Butikofer) Friederich
Holm, Leonard      
Holm, Ruby      
Holm, Selmer      
Holm, Vivian      
Houg, Tillman      
Johnson, John H. 11/19/1879 02/16/1946 h/o Luena; s/o Halvor & Bergit (Nelson) Johnson
Johnson, Luena nee Wikan 07/10/1872 07/17/1937 w/o John H.
Kuehl, Ed      
Kuehl, Phyllis      
Larson, Adoph H. 1894 1965 h/o Mary A.
Larson, Albert H. 10/01/1878 04/30/1956 s/o Halvor & Ingeborg
Larson, Albert 1869 1950 h/o Margaret
Larson, Anders 05/21/1837 10/05/1907  
Larson, Betsey M. nee Benson 1890 1970 w/o Olavus H.
Larson, Bjorn 1862 1935 "Father"; h/o Borghild
Larson, Borghild 1863 1929 "Mother"; w/o Bjorn
Larson, Carroll      
Larson, Charles 1848 1923  
Larson, Christian P. 1876 1936  
Larson, Clara Louise nee Johnson 10/08/1907 09/20/1989 h/o Henry E.; d/o Carl & Martha (Sampson) Johnson
Larson, Dorothy Evelyn nee Ernst 02/10/1915 11/18/1950 w/o Harril B.; d/o Roy & Eva
Larson, Edward Lee 1937 1939  
Larson, Edward P. 1871 1938 "Father"; 2nd h/o Gunild
Larson, Elizabeth 1901 1976 w/o Peter E.
Larson, Elva Mae 1928 2000 w/o Mervin H.
Larson, Glen E. 1910 1991 h/o Stella G.
Larson, Gunild nee Thompson 12/24/1867 09/09/1940 "Mother"; 1st h/ Thor Knudson; 2nd h/ Edward P. Larson
Larson, Halvor 09/22/1844 11/04/1916 h/o Ingeborg; Civil War veteran
Larson, Harril B. 1915 1959 h/o Dorothy E.
Larson, Helen nee Johnsrud 04/23/1887 03/03/1923 w/o Henry E.
Larson, Henry Edward 04/14/1887 01/18/1960 h/o Helen
Larson, Henry R. 08/30/1877 08/02/1949 h/o Ida N.; s/o Reier & Ragnild
Larson, Hiram C. 06/12/1926 07/15/1988  
Larson, Ida Nora nee Thronson 1880 05/09/1948 w/o Henry R.
Larson, Ingeborg nee Haugen 08/20/1859 08/09/1935 w/o Halvor
Larson, Iowa L. nee Erickson 1912 2002 w/o Orvald E.
Larson, Kari Helena nee Assen 1873 10/22/1908 1st w/o Lars P.
Larson, Lars P. 1868 1951 1st w/ Kari H. Assen; 2nd w/ Lydia Roras
Larson, Lars      
Larson, Lars H.      
Larson LaVern G. 06/05/1921 02/05/1964 PFC, 750th AAA Gun BN CAC, World War II
Larson, Lawrence 1914 1947 s/o Albert & Margaret
Larson, Lawrence V. 03/06/1918 04/17/1976 PVT, US Army, World War II
Larson, Louis J. 'Louie' 1897 03/??/1918  
Larson, Lydia nee Roras 1889 1969 2nd w/o Lars P.
Larson, Margaret 1875 1950 w/o Albert
Larson, Mary A. 1903 1994 w/o Adolph
Larson, Mary Evelyn 1863 1932  
Larson, Melvin      
Larson, Merlin L. 02/07/1916 07/23/1924 s/o Lars P. & Lydia
Larson, Mervin H. 1922    
Larson, Olavus H. 1886 1968 h/o Betsey M.
Larson, Orvald E. 1905 1971 h/o Iowa L.
Larson, Peter      
Larson, Peter E. 1900 1937 h/o Elizabeth
Larson, Ragnild nee Gulbrandsen 04/13/1842 10/24/1934 w/o Reier
Larson, Raymond J. 09/05/1937 09/05/1975  
Larson, Realto J. 1910 1936 s/o Henry & Helen
Larson, Reier Clement 1837 08/12/1925 h/o Ragnild
Larson, Richard D. 03/29/1916 03/29/1997 s/o Henry R. & Ida N.; PFC US Army, World War II
Larson, Stanley Mervin 07/21/1950 02/21/1997 s/o Mervin & Elva M.; Sgt. USMC, Vietnam veteran
Larson, Stella Geneva nee Kjosa 09/10/1914 11/08/2007 w/o Glenn E.; d/o Thov JR & Gurine (Houg) Kjosa
Larson, Theodore 08/16/1861 08/31/1931  
Larson, Thomas H. 1907 2001  
Lerch, Irma      
Leuchtenmacher, Hilda      
Leuchtenmacher, Roy      
Meisner, Harold 1907 1968 h/o Selma E.
Meisner, Selma 1905 1987 w/o Harold H.
Moore, Bernita Ilene nee Larson 10/01/1918 08/13/1999 w/o Leonard L.; d/o Olavus & Betsy (Benson) Larson; d. Postville; LFH; ACDR
Moore, Betsey Marie nee Benson 11/17/1890 10/07/1970 d/o Bjorn & Borghild (Lien) Benson; d. Postville; WFH; ACDR
Moore, Leonard Leo 03/21/1916 03/09/1989 h/o Bernita; s/o Emil & Esther (Frieden) Moore
Olson, Baby      
Olson, Bernell      
Olson, Joan Eileen      
Olson, Millard      
Olson, Ona      
Pagan, Adolph      
Pagan, Alexander      
Pagan, Alexander Monroe      
Pagan, Tillie      
Palmer, Christina nee Larson 1880 04/07/1905 w/o Christ; d/o Halvor & Ingeborg Larson
Pollock, Thomas 07/20/1832 05/11/1896 h/o Helen Rood
Reavis, Floyd      
Rose, Alan LeRoy 06/03/1948 12/20/2011 h/o Karen Cline; s/o Eugene & Vidys (Pape); U.S. Army veteran
Sarchet, baby      
Schoien, Alma nee Torkelson     w/o Herman
Schoien, Arlene 04/01/1921 06/09/2007 d/o Herman & Alma
Schoien, baby      
Schoien, Herman     h/o Alma
Schoien, Irvin      
Syverson, Halvor nee Espeseth 10/10/1859 06/29/1931  
Sheeley, Minnie      
Thompson, Daniel 1879 11/03/1910  
Thompson, Earl      
Thompson, Halvor      
Thompson, Ingeborg 1843 1931  
Thompson, Ole 1881 03/??/1927 unmarried
Thompson, Olive      
Thompson, Stenor      
Thompson, Thore 1837 1918  
Torkelson, Abe 05/10/1853 01/02/1934 h/o Isabelle Olson
Torkelson, Beda Rosina     age 14y; d/o Halvor & Johanna
Torkelson, Carl      
Torkelson, Elsie nee Butikofer     2nd w/o William
Torkelson, Halvor 1863 03/??/1932 h/o Johanna
Torkelson, Helga      
Torkelson, Ingeborg 'Isabel' nee Olson 11/13/1867 10/29/1943 w/o Ole; d/o Asle & Sigrid Olson
Torkelson, Johanna nee Benson 10/14/1860 06/08/1934 w/o Halvor
Torkelson, Luella Geneva nee Benson 02/23/1901 02/02/1935 1st w/o William; d/o B.M. & Borghild Benson
Torkelson, Mabel      
Torkelson, Margith 1823 05/24/1907  
Torkelson, Millard      
Torkelson, Ole 1852 01/02/1934 h/o Ingeborg
Torkelson, Otto      
Torkelson, Theodore 1861 08/31/1931  
Torkelson, Tom      
Torkelson, Wayne Oliver 07/27/1936 03/07/1938 s/o Oliver & Reva (Swenson) Torkelson
Torkelson, William     1st w/ Luella; 2nd w/ Elsie
West, Clifton   12/19/1937 aged 38y
Wikan, Amanda Louise nee Meisner     w/o Halvor
Wikan, Edward      
Wikan, Halvor 09/08/1868 01/30/1943 h/o Amanda
Wikan, Robert      
Wilson, infant son   08/19/1889 s/o F. Wilson; obit states buried in Albrecht cemetery but he appears on the original list from C. Barnhart; researchers should confirm


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