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Giard Cemetery
Walked and researched by Bev Bernhard 2006
(updated as new info. becomes available)
Sec. 3 NE/SE Farmersburg twp. - intersection of Hwy 52 and Harness Rd.

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Aerial view of Giard cemetery, courtesy of Bing maps
Aerial view of Giard cemetery, courtesy of Bing maps

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Name Dates - Age Bev's notes
Lange, Adam no dates "Lange" on large stone
Lange, Anna Jeanette b. 7/3/1866 d. 1/24/1952 wife of Julius Theodore Lange
Lange, Anna K. d. 3/1/1892 age 57y 2m 12d wife of Adam Lange WPA lists as Lance instead of Lange
Lange, Charles N. b. 9/21/1868 d. 7/12/1889 WPA lists as Lance instead of Lange
Lange, David W. "George" b. 1958 d. 2000  
Lange, Duane D. b. 1925 d. 2003  
Lange, Fred W. b. 1868 d. 1926  
Lange, Julius Theodore b. 9/18/1870 d. 11/25/1945  
Lange, Lena E. b. 1865 d. 1952  
Lange, Lowell Wesley b. 10/20/1932 d. 11/2/1990 PFC US Army Korea son of Wesley & Cleta Lange
Lange, Wesley b. 1904 d. 1998  
Leimbach, Marian Haefner b. 1896 d. 1974 buried with Klotzbach group
Linton, Julia d. 3/9/1861 11 mo 14d daughter of W.C. & J. Linton
Lovig, Annette Jan 11-13, 1947 infant daughter of Conrad & Gertrude Lovig
Lovig, Conrad J. b. 1910 d. 1988 husband of Gertrude (Wickersheim) Lovig
Lovig, Gertrude (Wickersheim) d. 2006 wife of Conrad Lovig
Luckerman, Charles L. b. 1851 d. 1936  
Luckerman, Elmer C. b. 1883 d. 1971  
Luckerman, Louise b. 1858 d. 1932  
Luckerman, Louise b. 1857 d. 1874 John C. Luckerman may be on same stone unreadable
Mann, Annie C. b. 1892 d. 1904 with Frederick Mann
Mann, Bela B. d. 9/16/1856 34y 3m  
Mann, Catherine b. 2/24/1817 d. 10/8/1896 wife of Jonathan
Mann, Dewey H. b. 1901 d. 1902 with Frederick Mann
Mann, Elizabeth b. 8/25/1804 d. 5/11/1882 wife of John Mann
Mann, Frederick J. b. 1857 d. 1904  
Mann, Henry E. b. 1885 d. 1962  
Mann, Jonathan b. Apr 1817 d. 8/23/1894  
Mann, Lucy M. b. 1857 d. 1933 wife of Frederick Mann
Mann, Nettie K. b. 10/29/1883 d. 5/12/1886 with Frederick Mann
Mann, Rev Johann (John) b. Feb 1810 d. Nov 1881 71y 8m 27d in German
Marfilius, Charles H. b. 1857 d. 1928  
Marfilius, Mary b. 1859 d. 1945  
Marsh, Casson Harlin b. 1877 d. 1879 son of Dr & Mrs. M. L. Marsh
Marsh, Jason(?) d. 9/16/18?? stone broken
Marsh, Maria d. 7/21/1861 27y 7m 16d wife of J. M. Marsh
Marsh, Merril Allison b. 1874 d. 1881 son of Dr & Mrs. M. L. Marsh
McCloud, William d. 1857 age 24 same stone as Henry Pooler, Timothy & Sarah Draper
McKinnon, Bessie b. 1857 d. 1875  
McKinnon, Crissl b. 1859 d. 1874  
McKinnon, Hugh b. 1824 d. 1901  
McKinnon, Mary b. 1819 d. 1896  
McMullen, James d. 2/1/1872 age 58  
McMullen, Rebecca d. 9/14/1869 age 50 wife of James McMullen
Meier, Barbara (Zier) b. 12/24/1836 d. 10/30/1934 b. Germany came to US in 1858, wife of Michael Meier
Meier, Blanche b. 1902 d. 1904 daughter of John & Flora
Meier, Esther L. b. 3/27/1898 d. 10/13/1974 daughter of John & Flora, never married
Meier, Flora A. (Schultz) b. 1876 d. 1953 wife of John D. Meier, Irving & Tillie Schultz were her parents
Meier, John D. b. 1867 d. 1949 the "D" was just an initial, he never had a middle name, the initial was for the mailman to get the John Meiers straight
Meier, Martha d. 5y 11m 7d on WPA list as Mathilda, daughter of Michael & Barbara Meier
Meier, Michael b. 8/6/1824 d. 1/23/1904  
Meier, Milton John b. 1/5/1918 d. 1/20/1999 son of John & Flora
Meier, Willis Roy b. 2/26/1909 d. 7/2/1993 son of John & Flora Vet marker
Meilke, Alice S. b. 1894 d. 1970 sister of Herman Snyder
Meilke, William Max b. 1892 d. 1961 husband of Alice S. Mielke
Messenger, Charles G. b. 1886 d. 1961  
Messenger, Lillie C. b. 1888 d. 1956  
Meyer, Christine W. b. 3/23/1898 d. 12/18/1951  
Meyer, Delia Bertha (Brandt) b. 7/13/1902 d. 1/18/1989 wife of Irvin F. Meyer
Meyer, Ewald T. b. 5/16/1895 d. 3/21/1923 WWI Vet
Meyer, Gilbert N. b. 7/25/1890 d. 4/22/1982 father of William Meyer
Meyer, Irvin F. b. 10/26/1901 d. 2/26/1986 son of William Meyer, brother of Gilbert
Meyer, Mathilda M. b. 5/16/1867 d. 1/5/1935  
Meyer, Otto LeRoy Conrad b. 12/30/1887 d. 4/16/1899 son of William & Mathilda Meyer buried with Hartwick group
Meyer, Ruth M. b. 1922 d. 1980 wife of William Gilbert Meyer
Meyer, William A. b. 10/20/1857 d. 6/18/1927  
Meyer, William Gilbert b. 1920 d. 1989 son of William Meyer, brother of Irvin Meyer
Miller, Clara M. b. 1876 d. 1955 wife of Frank B. Miller
Miller, Elizabeth b. 2/17/1857 d. 12/19/1929  
Miller, Ella b. 7/26/1894 d. 8/19/1979 wife of Jacob Miller Jr.
Miller, Emma b. 6/13/1879 d. 5/4/1963  
Miller, Frank B. b. 1874 d. 1947  
Miller, George b. 5/5/1850 d. 1/22/1924  
Miller, Grover b. 8/26/1884 d. 4/30/1978  
Miller, Jacob Jr. b. 9/22/1847 d. 4/7/1920  
Miller, Jacob Sr. b. 6/14/1795 d. 10/26/1883  
Miller, Kevin no dates infant son of Duane Miller
Miller, Lawrence b. 1898 d. 1990 m. 6/7/1927 to Mabel
Miller, Mary b. 7/21/1806 d. 10/26/1883 wife of Jacob Miller Sr. [death date may be 1/23/1888 - Book 1, pg 59, entry #22 death records]
Miller, Norma b. 2/22/1896 d. 8/22/1980  
Milson, Lucille (Witter) b. 1893 d. 1985 wife of Samuel
Milson, Samuel L. b. 05/14/1893 d. 02/20/1939 husband of Lucille
Mitchell, Howard b. 5/15/1903 d. 5/21/1903 on same stone as Lizzie Mitchell
Mitchell, Leroy   infant?
Mitchell, Lizzie b. 9/23/1865 d. 5/14/1904  
Mundt, Christian b. 12/24/1821 d. 7/10/1902  
Mundt, John J. b. 2/13/1856 d. 11/2/1881  
Neil, _____ b. 1854 d. 9/11/1934 dry goods and auctioneer, WPA says Johnson C. Neil; I can't read the first name, it's most likely Wm. C.
Neil, Emily d. 12/22/1898 wife of Wm. C. Neil
Neill, C. Johnson b. 10/16/1854 d. 9/11/1934  
Neill, Mary b. 8/28/1860 d. 1949 daughter of Daniel F. Bickel Sr.
Nichols, Algie b. 1891 d. 1990 son of Dr. C. E. Nichols
Nichols, Charles J. b. 1872 d. 1954 sone of Dr. C. E. Nichols
Nichols, Dr. Charles E. b. 12/10/1846 d. 2/13/1935 Co. K. 3 Minn INF
Nichols, Kenneth no dates son of Charles & Beulah Nichols
Nichols, LaVerne Lee b. 1903 d. 1907 son of Clarence & Bessie Nichols
Nichols, Marie (Shaffer) b. 1906 d. 1984 wife of Algie Nichols
Nichols, Martha (Schneider) b. 1851 d. 5/10/1920 wife of Dr. C. E. Nichols daughter of Herman and Margaret (Foster) Schneider
Noeding, Carl H. b. 1875 d. 1929  
Noeding, Floyd b. 1911 d. 1986 brother of Lucetta (Noeding) Davies
Pederson, Christina (Delahooke) b. 1854 d. 1933  
Phillips, Simeon d. 6/13/1864 age 71y 3m 11d  
Pixler, Albert "Bud" b. 1904 d. 1984  
Pohlman, Frederick Charles   dates unreadable
Pooler, Henry d. 12/8/1857 8m 28d son of Herman & Betsey Pooler same stone as William McCloud, Timothy & Sarah Draper
Purdy, Julia L. d. 2/2/1863 age 22 wife of G. A. Purdy
Randel, Angellane d. 1854  
Randel, Emeline d. 1851  
Reece, Frances d. 1855 age 59  
Reed, Charles b. 1846 d. 4/11/1863 age 17 y in service to his country Jackson, Tennessee
Reed, Pamelia d. 12/2/1892 72y 3m 28d wife of Wm., inscription: "She done what she could", other names unreadable
Reed, Willeroy d. 11/10/1849 age 6 mos child of William and Pamelia Reed
Reed, William d. 4/2/1887 age 67 same stone as Charles, Willeroy, and Pamelia
Reinke, Charles A. b. 1879 d. 1939  
Reinke, Floretta M. b. 1884 d. 1953 wife of Charles
Richards, Mary E. b. 6/2/1821 d. 3/1/1904 wife of Marshall Crawford
Rohde, Christian "Father" b. 10/9/1815 d. 8/17/1894  
Rohde, Minna "Mother" b. 11/27/1818 d. 8/8/1895 wife of Christian Rohde
Rollins, Charles H. b. 1878 d. 1964 son of Lura A. (Reed) Rollins
Rollins, Lura A. b. 1852 d. 1932 daughter of William & Pamelia Reed
Rosencranz, Martha b. 8/26/1848 d. 3/5/1903 sister of Catherine (Rosencranz) Bernhard
Rosencranz, Martha d. 7/22/1901 age 82y 6m 23d Mother of Catherine Bernhard and Martha Rosencranz
Rosendahl, Arlone Henkes b. 1/24/1935 d. 11/3/1997 buried with Henkes

This transcription is published on the Clayton co. IAGenWeb with permission of Bev Bernhard.
Thank-you for your hard work and generosity Bev!!

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