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John Feulner

John Feulner is another of the sterling sons of the great German Empire who came to America in the period of aspiring youth and who has found in Clayton county the opportunities through which he has worked his way to a position of definite independence and prosperity. His finely improved farm of ninety acres lies adjacent to the corporate limits of the village of Strawberry Point, and is one of the valuable places of Cass township. Here he gives special attention to the raising of excellent grades of cattle and swine, and he has developed a prosperous dairy business in connection with the agricultural department of his farm enterprise. Further evidence of the success which he has won through his own ability and application is that given in his ownership of a half interest in a tract of two hundred and twenty acres of good land in the State of Oklahoma.

Mr. Feulner was born in Germany, on the 21st of December, 1873, a member of a family of nine children, of whom seven are living-all save one of the number being now residents of the United States. He is a son of Wolfgang and Lena Feulner, who passed their entire lives in Germany. In the excellent schools of his native land Mr. Feulner gained his early education and in 1891, when a youth of seventeen years, he severed the home ties and, set forth to seek his fortunes in America. He came with slender finacial resources but with a full measure of energy and indomitable ambition, so that he was well fortified for the task which be set to himself, that of winning his way to the goal of prosperity.

Soon after landing in the port of New York city Mr. Feulner came to Clayton county and obtained employment on a farm in Cass township. Advancement was his resolute purpose and he proved judicious in his use of the facilities at hand. Finally he rented a farm, and after there continuing his indefatigable activities for a period of three years he found himself so placed as to justify his purchase of a farm and he has owned various farms in this vicinity, always disposing of them, until he secured his present home, upon which he has made numerous improvements and in connection with which he has proved himself a resourceful and successful agriculturist and stock-grower. It is much to have come as a stranger in a strange land and to have won through personal effort such a large measure of success as stands to the credit of this popular and loyal citizen of Clayton county. His political proclivities are indicated by his staunch support of the cause of the Republican party and both he and his wife are communicants of the Lutheran church.

On April 22, 1897, Mr. Feulner wedded Miss Frederica Opperman, who was born and reared in this county, and they have one daughter, Alice Mary, who is, in 1916, a student in the high school at Strawberry Point.

source: History of Clayton County, Iowa; From The Earliest Historical Times Down to the Present; by Realto E. Price, Vol. II; pg 118-119
-submitted by S. Ferrall


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