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Gustav Dittmer, Jr.

Gustav Dittmer, Jr., is a representative of well known pioneer families of Clayton county, where he was born, in Jefferson township, on the 1st of February, 1879, and he now maintains his home in the progressive little city of Guttenberg, where he controls a prosperous business as a carpenter and builder. He is a son of Martin and Carolina (Aulwes) Dittmer, the former of whom was born in Germany and the latter in Clayton county, where her parents established a home in the pioneer days and soon after their emigration from Germany. Martin Dittmer was a young man when he came to Clayton county, in 1850, and in Jefferson township he obtained a tract of land and developed one of the valuable farms of the county. He was one of the successful farmers and honored citizens of Jefferson township at the time of his death, on the 12th of May, 1914, and his venerable widow now maintains her home at Guttenberg. Martin Dittmar became well known for his musical ability, and as a cornet player he was identified with one of the excellent bands early organized in Clayton county. He gave his political support to the Republican party, was influential in community affairs in his township and was an earnest communicant of the Lutheran church, as is also his widow.

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Of their children the eldest two, Henry and William, now reside at Ireton, Sioux county; the subject of this sketch was the third child; and the youngest, Augusta, is the wife of John Rademacher, of Guttenberg. Gustav Dittmer, Jr., was reared to adult age on the home farm, made good use of the advantages afforded in the public schools and from 1902 until 1912 he had the active management of the home farm. He then removed to Guttenberg, where he purchased a good residence property, and where he has since given his attention vigorously and successfully to work at the carpenter's trade and where he has become one of the representative contractors and builders of this part of the county. He is now serving as assessor of Guttenberg, la., and is the incumbent also of the office of constable. His political allegiance is given unreservedly to the Republican party, and while still on the farm he served two terms as trustee of his native township. He is the owner of a well improved farm in Sioux county, Iowa. Both he and his wife are communicants and liberal supporters of the Lutheran church at Guttenberg. November 12, 1902, recorded the marriage of Mr. Dittmer to Miss Clara Fredelake, who was born and reared at Guttenberg, and whose parents, Henry and Salina (Voss) Fredelake, still maintain their home in this village, the father being in the employ of the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad. Mr. Fredelake was born in Germany and his wife in Clayton county, where her parents settled in the pioneer days. Concerning the children of Mr. and Mrs. Fredelake, brief record may consistently be entered at this juncture: Anna is the wife of William Dittman, of Ireton, Sioux county; Mary is the wife of Benjamin Aulwes, of Guttenberg; the wife of the subject of this sketch was the next in order of birth; George resides at Guttenberg and John at Madison, Wisconsin; Augusta is the wife of John Cassatt, of Guttenberg, in which village also reside Henry and Otto; Hilda is the wife of Albert Reed, of Gregory, Missouri; and Elsie remains at the parental home. Mr. and Mrs. Dittmer have two children - Leslie John and Dorothy Caroline Marie.

source: History of Clayton County, Iowa; From The Earliest Historical Times Down to the Present; by Realto E. Price, Vol. II; page 89-90
-submitted by S. Ferrall


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