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Edward E. Bauder

Edward E. Bauder is one of the representative younger exponents of agricultural industry in his native county and his progressiveness is shown in his availing himself of the most modern and approved facilities and methods in carrying forward the operations of the fine old homestead farm, in section 7, Marion township, where additional interest attaches to his activities by reason of the fact that the farm that thus receives his attention was the place of his nativity, his birth having here occurred on the 4th of August, 1885.

He is a son of Samuel and Caroline (Riorke) Bauder, the former of whom was born in the fair little republic of Switzerland and the latter of whom was born and reared in Iowa, a member of one of the sterling pioneer families of this commonwealth. Samuel Bauder came to America when a youth and he became one of the successful agriculturists and representative citizens of Marion township, Clayton county; his widow maintains her home in Elgin, Fayette county. Of the six children the eldest is Alfred, who is now a resident of the city of Cedar Rapids, this state; Mary is the widow of Knudt Scarshaug of Elgin; Emma is the wife of Ole Olson, of Clermont, Fayette county; Anna is the wife of Lewis J. Grouth, of Elgin, Fayette county; Edward E. is a successful farmer of Marion township and figures as the immediate subject of this sketch; and Ernest is now a resident of the city of Detroit, Michigan. The father of these children died when Edward was a boy of nine years.

Edward E. Bauder was reared to adult age on the home farm of which he now has the active management and is indebted to the public schools of Clayton county for his early educational discipline. His career as an independent agriculturist was initiated when he was twenty years of age and he has shown remarkable circumspection and progressiveness in the directing of the operations of the old homestead farm. Under his supervision have been installed many improvements of the best modern type, including a silo that has a capacity for the storage of one hundred tons, and a gas engine for supplying water for both farm and domestic purposes. Mr. Bauder has made his general farm operations distinctively successful and in connection with diversified agriculture he is giving special attention to the raising of the large type of Poland-China swine, the best specimens of this breed being found in appreciable numbers on his farm. He has insistently bred to the best type, as is shown by his paying one hundred and ten dollars for one pure-bred and registered brood sow and eighty dollars for another, besides which he is the owner of the well-known boar, "Big Black Orange," the registered number of which is 226,579, and thus he has the best breeding stock, with resultant prominence as one of the leading breeders of Poland-China swine in this part of Iowa.

As a citizen Mr. Bauder is loyal and progressive, even as he is in connection with the affairs of business, and he is aligned as a supporter of the principles and policies of the Republican party. His home place receives mail service on a rural route from the village of Elgin, which is his postoffice address.

On the 24th of February, 1910, Mr. Bauder wedded Miss Alma Bakeman, who was born and reared in this county and who is a daughter of Nicholas and Mary (Underwood) Bakeman.

source: History of Clayton County, Iowa; From The Earliest Historical Times Down to the Present; by Realto E. Price, Vol. II; pg. 29-30

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