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George Aulerich

George Aulerich was a youth of nineteen years when he came with his widowed mother from his German Fatherland to America and established a home in Iowa, where it has been his to gain through earnest and honest endeavor a generous measure of success and to become one of the most substantial landholders and exponents of agricultural industry in Clayton county. Here he has
maintained his home for half a century and here he resides upon his fine homestead farm in Farmersburg township, though the autumn of the year 1916 will record his attainment of the psalmist's span of three score years and ten. The gracious prosperity that attends him in his venerable years enables him to put aside the heavier burdens and labors that were so long his portion. He is one of the substantial and hononed citizens of the county, is the owner of a large and well improved landed estate of nearly six hundred acres in this county, and none is more clearly entitled to representation in this history. Mr. Aulerich was born in Germany, on the 30th of September, 1846, and is a son of George and Dora (Schultz) Aulerich, the former of whom passed his entire life in Germany, where his vocation was that of farming. In 1866 the widowed mother came with her three children to the United States and established a home in Clayton county, Iowa, where she passed the remainder of her life and attained to the venerable age of 81 or 82. Of the children two are living. He whose name introduces this review gained his early education in the excellent schools of his native land and was nineteen years of age when he accompanied his mother to the United States and to Clayton county. Here he found employment as a farm hand for several years, and in the meanwhile he carefully saved his earnings and bent every energy to the gaining of independence and worthy prosperity. Finally he purchased a farm of seventy acres, in Farmersburg township, and upon the same he continued his residence sixteen years, his energy and good management having brought to him such measure of success that he was then enabled to sell his farm to advantage and purchase a portion of the fine homestead on which he now resides. With increasing prosperity he continued to add to his landed estate until he became the owner of two hundred and fifteen acres of fine land in section 6, Farmersburg township, upon which splendid domain he still retains his residence and to the supervision of which he still gives his vigorous attention, as the years rest lightly upon him. At a later period he purchased other land to the amount of three hundred and sixty acres, situated in Monona township, and this property is given over to the care of his oldest son, who is a substantial agriculturist and progressive citizen of his native county. Mr. Aulerich has been deeply appreciative of the opportunities which have been afforded him in the county and state of his adoption, and has stood exponent of loyal and liberal citizenship. He is a staunch Democrat in politics but has had no desire for public office, the only position of the sort in which he has consented to serve having been that of member of the school board of his district. He and his wife are earnest communicants and liberal supporters of the Lutheran church at Farmersburg. In 1872 was solemnized the marriage of Mr. Aulerich to Miss Minnie Klinge, who was born in Germany, one of a family of six children, all of whom are living and all of whom came with the parents, Frederick and Elizabeth (Holtz) Klinge, to the United.
States in the year 1871, the family home being established in Clayton county, where the father became a substantial farmer and where he passed the rest of his life, the venerable mother being still a resident of this county and being nearly ninety years of age at the time of this writing, 1916. Of the seven children born to Mr. and Mrs. Aulerich the eldest is George, Jr., who is one of the progressive farmers of this county, as is also Henry, who remains at the parental home and is associated with his father in the management of the farm; Bertha is the wife of Charles Engelhardt and they reside in the state of South Dakota; Matilda is a trained nurse by profession and resides in the city of Chicago; Amelia and Emma remain at the parental home; and Emil is another of the aggressive young farmers of Clayton county, where he has a farm of one hundred and fifty- acres in Monona township.

source: History of Clayton County, Iowa; From The Earliest Historical Times Down to the Present; by Realto E. Price, Vol. II; pg. 24-26
-submitted by S. Ferrall


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