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Lincoln Township
Clay County, Iowa

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The following information was taken from The History of Clay County, Iowa, containing a History of the County, Towns, Etc. by W. C. Gilbreath, published 1889.
This was the fifth township created by the county legislature, and originally embraced several other townships. Its physical features are not unlike those of Douglas and Gillett's Grove, with the exception that the Sioux river does not touch its boundaries, or is it supplied with native timber. Its soil is deep and rich, its prairie land yields richly, and its native grass is of heavy growth and nutritious. Among its early settlers are such names as Josiah E. and John F. Chase, J. S. Brownell, Henry Abell, W. H. Arms, P. W. Madden, Isaac Fenn, Jonathan Green, A. Seibel, M. Rote, E. J. L. Merchant, C. D. Killam, the Davises and a number of others, nearly all of whom are still residents of the township. This township appears to have settled up much more rapidly than others, as the names given in the list of inhabitants are in the main persons who have lived in the township for a great many years. The earlier life of the pioneers of this township was similar to those of adjoining ones. At first it was the sod or log house they were compelled to live in until they accumulated enough money to purchase lumber and build a frame dwelling, and when this was accomplished along came a pest in the form of a grasshopper, destroying their crops, and almost their hopes of future success. But in time they recovered from this disaster, and are now a contented, happy and prosperous class of farmers. In time a post office was established at the residence of J. S. Brownell on section 12, and he was made postmaster, which office he held a great many years, finally resigning, and Mr. Adolph Seibel was appointed. The postoffice was then moved to the residence of the latter, only a short distance from the former, being in fact on the same section. The name of this office was designated "Annieville." The township was named in honor of the lamented President. A majority of the farmers were homesteaders, and have lived in the township a sufficient length of time to grow good groves and build substantial and comfortable homes. More than ordinary amount of interest is manifested by the citizens in the education of the young, and the result is that they have good teachers and well conducted schools, which is but a reflex of the intelligence of its inhabitants. In point of wealth it stands in the middle class, but in point of industry and sterling worth of its farmers, it stands among the first. The following is a directory of the heads of families residing within its limits:
Abell, B. F. Davis, John Johnson, Frank Roberts, Thos. H.
Abell, Henry Dietz, Fred Johnson, Martin Root, C. H.
Albers, Albert Dodge, Warren Kessler, Fred Rote, L. J.
Allebaugh, D. Evans, E. L. Killam, C. D. Rote, Michael
Allebaugh, S. Evans, Hugh Killam, F. L. Runge, Gesche
Allebaugh, N. Evans, John Lamb, Eldin Runge, John
Allen, Isaac Feen, Robert Levan, A. L. Runkle, James P.
Anderson, J. P. Fell, John Luke, A. W. Schoonmaker, D.
Armes, Wm. Fenn, Ira Luke, Fred Seibel, Adolph
Bates, J. A. Fenn, Isaac Lundbeck, C. Shinn, Henry
Beck, Jacob Ferguson, C. S. McCargar, C. W. Shoning, Henry
Beck, Paul Fish, Robert McCargar, W. Skeem, Christ
Bernhoft, Neils Freburg, Andrew Merchant, E. J. L. Smith, Charles
Bigler, A. F. Freburg, G. Meredith, Henry Smith, J. H.
Bradshaw, D. Friggs, Henry Meredith, W. Snyder, J. W.
Brannon, M. G. Friggs, John Mettlor, Ira Starr, J.G.
Brocksmit, J. C. Gidding, J. R. Mitchell, Frank Starr, J. M.
Brooke, F. E. Gillmore, Wm. Mitts, Phillip Starr, John
Brown, Jas. C. Golden, N. B. Moaen, Andrew Steigleder, E.
Brown, V. D. Gould, Ellis Moore, M. E. Swanson, Gust
Brownell, Edward Gould, J. P. Mulford, C. L. Swanson, John
Brownell, J. S. Green, Jonathan Namier, Henry Tidman, Wm.
Burgin, L. A. Green, Warren Nelson, James Thetman,Peter
Burrell, Wm. Greenbeck, ___ Nelson, Nels Thurston, C. E.
Butler, J. H. Greenman, Job Newton, O. A. B. Van Buskirk, E.
Campbell, H. Groth, Gottlieb Noll, Adam Van Buskirk, S.
Cauvel, C. Hammer, Val Olin, Andrew Walstron, C.
Cauvel, Grant Hendrickson, H. Osborn, Walter Walstron, M.
Chase, John F. Hendrickson, P. Parry, Daniel Watts, Thomas
Christensen, K. Hiller, Fred Pemberton, A. Welch, S.R.
Christensen, N. J. Hodak, John Peterson, Eiler Whitmer, J. J.
Clark, D. A. Horine, T. J. Peterson, Hans Widerickson, P.
Clausen, R. Horras, Henry Peterson, Peter Wilson, G. H.
Collins, H. L. Hullegaard, O Peterson, Soan Williams, John
Connolly, Peter Jacobson, Frank Pfannebecker, F. Williams, Wm. J.
Coulson, Wm. Jensen, J. C. M. Pickett, J. M. Young, Samuel
Crosky, ___ Jessup, John Puterbaugh, A. Young, Wm.
Davis, C. Johnson, Andrew Roberts, John
Davis, G. S. Johnson, C. W. Roberts, Thomas