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Douglas Township
Clay County, Iowa

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Douglas Township was created on October 15, 1860 and comprised almost one half of the county. In January 1867, Douglas Township was divided and Lincoln Township was set off. Other townships set off include Herdland, Garfield, Logan, and Gillett Grove. William Crozier is thought to be the first permanent settler, arriving in the summer of 1858, in what is now known as Douglas Township. John Kindlespyer settled that same summer on section 32 of what is now Herdland Township. Other early settlers included Ezra Wilcox and George Gillett.

The following information was taken from The History of Clay County, Iowa, containing a History of the County, Towns, Etc. by W. C. Gilbreath, published 1889.

Abell, H. D.--farmer, P.O. Sioux Rapids Hurn, J.C.--farmer, P.O. Sioux Rapids
Anderson, Charles--farmer, P.O. Sioux Rapids Jones, D.D.--farmer, P.O. Linn Grove
Asche, Goest--farmer, P.O. Willow Creek Jones, David R.--farmer, P.O. Linn Grove
Binge, J.F.--farmer, P.O. Sioux RapidsJones, Evan--farmer, P.O. Linn Grove
Bowdle, H.M.--farmer Jones, G.H.--farmer, farmer, P.O. Willow Creek
Bowen, R.O.--farmer, P.O Sioux Rapids Jones, Griffith--farmer, P.O. Linn Grove
Bowie, W.T.--farmer, P.O. Linn Grove Jones, Hugh--farmer, P.O. Linn Grove
Bradshaw, B.H.--farmer, P.O. Sioux Rapids Jones, J.W., Rev.--P.O. Linn Grove
Bradshaw, J.B.--farmer, P.O. Sioux Rapids Jones, Thomas--farmer, P.O. Willow Creek
Bremer, John H.--farmer, P.O. Sioux Rapids Kleine, Fred--farmer, P.O. Sioux Rapids
Brown, J.C.--farmer, P.O. Sioux Rapids Langlois, George--farmer & stock breeder, P.O. Greenville
Brown, Wm. T.--farmer, P.O. Sioux Rapids Lee, Clayton--farmer, P.O. Linn Grove
Buck, C.D.--farmer, P.O. Sioux Rapids Lee, Wm.--farmer, P.O. Linn Grove
Burkholder, J.Q.--farmer, P.O. Sioux Rapids Lewis, Lewis--farmer, P.O. Linn Grove
Burr, George--farmer, P.O. Sioux Rapids Lewis, Martha--P.O. Linn Grove
Burr, John--farmer, P.O. Sioux Rapids Long, Edward--farmer, P.O. Linn Grove
Bushey, F.L.--farmer, P.O. Sioux Rapids Lowe, Robert--farmer, P.O. Sioux Rapids
Chesley, J.D.--farmer, P.O. Linn Grove Lundems, L.J.--farmer, P.O. Sioux Rapids
Clark, A.--farmer, P.O. Sioux Rapids Lundt, H.B.--farmer, P.O. Linn Grove
Clark, Elba--farmer, P.O. Sioux Rapids Lynch, Patrick--farmer, P.O. Linn Grove
Cook, Alex--farmer, P.O. Sioux Rapids Maurer, J.J.--farmer, P.O. Sioux Rapids
Cramotte, Gus--farmer, P.O. Sioux Rapids Mills, Jesse--farmer, P.O. Sioux Rapids
Craskey, J.L--farmer, P.O. Sioux Rapids Mitchell, David--farmer, P.O. Sioux Rapids
Davis, David--farmer, P.O. Linn Grove Morris, Robert--farmer, P.O. Sioux Rapids
Davis, D.B.--farmer, P.O., Linn Grove Morris, T.W.--farmer, P.O. Sioux Rapids
Davis, John--farmer, P.O. Sioux Rapids Morris, W.H.--farmer, P.O. Sioux Rapids
Davis, Noah--farmer, P.O. Sioux Rapids Murphy, Edward--farmer, P.O. Linn Grove
Davis, Timothy--farmer, P.O. Linn Grove Owens, John--farmer, P.O. Linn Grove
Davis, W.J.--farmer, P.O. Linn Grove Parry, H.--farmer, P.O. Linn Grove
Dubois, Hiram--farmer, P.O. Sioux Rapids Parry, Wm.--farmer, P.O. Willow Creek
Dubois, John--farmer, P.O. Sioux Rapids Pearson, John--farmer, P.O. Sioux Rapids
Dubois, Peter--farmer, P.O. Sioux Rapids Phillips, David--farmer, P.O. Linn Grove
Dubois, Stephen--farmer, P.O. Sioux Rapids Phillips, Wm.farmer, P.O. Linn Grove
Dumkreiger, J.T.--farmer, P.O. Linn Grove Piedersen, Hendricks--farmer, P.O. Linn Grove
Eade, William--farmer, P.O. Sioux Rapids Powell, Llewellyn--farmer, P.O. Linn Grove
Eckley, J.L.--farmer, P.O. Greenville Powell, Theophilus P.--farmer, P.O. Linn Grove
Evans, E.L.--farmer, P.O. Linn Grove Powell, W.W.--farmer, P.O. Linn Grove
Evans, George--farmer, P.O. Linn Grove Radabaugh, John--farmer, P.O. Sioux Rapids
Evans, James--farmer, P.O. Linn Grove Reese, Henry--farmer, P.O. Linn Grove
Evans, Jos.--farmer, P.O. Linn Grove Richards, Evan--farmer, P.O. Willow Creek
Evans, Wm.--farmer, P.O. Linn Grove Roberts, David--farmer, P.O. Linn Grove
Geisinger, W.J.--farmer, P.O. Sioux Rapids Roberts, G.H.--P.O. Willow Creek
Geisinger, W.J.--farmer, P.O. Sioux Rapids Roberts, Jane--farmer, P.O. Linn Grove
Goodge, J.S.--farmer, P.O. Sioux Rapids Roberts, Hugh--farmer, P.O. Linn Grove
Goslar, Hans--farmer, P.O. Sioux Rapids Roberts, R.P--farmer, P.O. Linn Grove
Hage, James--farmer, P.O. Sioux Rapids Ross, George--farmer, P.O. Linn Grove
Hanson, Simeon--farmer, P.O. Linn Grove Rosser, Roger--farmer, P.O. Linn Grove
Harris, A.O.--farmer, P.O. Sioux Rapids Smart, James--farmer, P.O. Sioux Rapids
Herrington, S.B.--farmer, P.O. Sioux Rapids Snelling, H.N.--farmer, P.O. Willow Creek
Hoaland, Thomas--farmer, P.O. Sioux Rapids Struck, Jacob--farmer, P.O. Annieville
Holthouse, Lambert--P.O. Peterson Tanhoff, Phillip--farmer, P.O. Linn Grove
Horr, George--farmer, P.O. Sioux Rapids Thomas, V.R.--farmer, P.O. Sioux Rapids
Hughes, C.J.--farmer, P.O. Willow Creek Vincent, O.K.--farmer
Hughes, John--farmer, P.O. Sioux Rapids Watson, R.S.--farmer, P.O. Sioux Rapids
Hughes, John Capt.--farmer, P.O. Willow Creek Williams, David S.--farmer, P.O. Linn Grove