Fanny Fern School

These are the students and their teacher from Fanny Fern School near Cornell, Iowa. Cornell is in Clay County, Douglas Township, several miles north of Sioux Rapids.

My Grandma, Florence Gilmore Henneberg, is the cute little girl on the far left of the first row. Her older sister, Jennie, is directly behind her on the far left of the second row. Grandma was born on February 4, 1888, so this picture was probably taken in about 1894.

Fanny Fern School was located across the road from Fanny Fern Cemetery, which is on Highway 71. In the early 1900s land was donated for a town, and it was decided to call it Cornell, to honor the wonderful corn crop. Their consolidated school was built in 1914, and Fanny Fern School was moved there to be used as the superintendent’s house. Cornell School’s last 12-year graduating class was in 1959.

From Helene Ducas Viall