Brooke School

Peterson, Iowa

The old Brooke Township School was located four miles south of Peterson or eight miles north of Highway 3 on M-27 or 4509 20th Avenue Peterson, Iowa 51047. It is now used as the Midwest Christian Children's Home.



BACK ROW: Marion Sederburg, Principal; M.D. Smith, Superintendent; and Arthur Gambach, seventh and eighth.
FRONT ROW: Lucille Saathoff, third and fourth; Helene Warburton, fifth and sixth; Eleanor Birchfield, first and second; Marjorie Bannister, high school.


Gladys Small; Delmar Laursen; Darrell Mueller; Verniece Amendt; Viola Roggow; Ora Felton; Lucille Swanson; Leon Westphal; Evelyn Stief; Verna Miller; Berniece Amendt; Dorothy Mohror.


BACK ROW:Lawrence Westphal, Vice President; Lorne Joines, Secretary-Treasurer; Paul Rohwer; Willard Libolt; Harry Nelson.
FRONT ROW: Virgie Mae Plagman; Roberta Kracht, President; Dorothy Hasenwinkel; Dorothea Rosenbrook; Marjorie Kracht; Miss Bannister.


BACK ROW: Virginia Stabelfeld; Marvel Swanson, President; Lois Libolt; Mr. Sederburg; Darlyne Stanford; (2 not named).
FRONT ROW: Ralph Pingel, Secretary-Treasurer; Phyllis Stanford; Maxine Felton; Norma Laursen, Vice President; Betty Felten; Robert Troxel.


BACK ROW: Lyle Heinia; Donald Hamann, President; Melvin Roggow, Secretary-Treasurer; Mr. Sederburg; LeRoy Mueller; Allen Mueller, Vice President.
FRONT ROW: Helen Stief; Frances Pingel; Arlene Kracht; Viva Lu Amendt; Lois Stablefeld; Fern Matzdorff.


BACK ROW: Alfred Pelton, Vice President; Joyce Davis; Harold Small, Mr. Gambach; Phyllis Brandt; Charles Brandt, President; Frances Mae Roggow.
FRONT ROW Beverly Rohwer; Bernard Kas; Phyllis Mohror; Mary Lou Schultz; Rasalyn Matzdorff; Arlene Rosenbrook, Secretary-Treasurer; Elvin Stabelfeld; Richard Kracht.


BACK ROW: Roberta Kracht; Marvel Swanson; Virgie Mae Plagman; Lois Libolt; Verna Miller, Vice President; Marjorie Kracht, Secretary-Treasurer; Dorothy Hasenwinkel; Dorothea Rosenbrook; Mr. Smith, Director.
FRONT ROW: Evelyn Stief, Pianist; Verniece Amendt, President; Frances Pingel; Dorothy Mohror, Viva Lu Amendt; Maxine Felton; Arlene Kracht; Norma Laursen; Phyllis Stanford; Viola Roggow; Fern Matzdorff.


VIOLINS: Viva Lu Amendt; Norma Laursen; Phyllis Brandt; Virgie Plagman; Virginia Stablefeld.
CLARINETS: Verniece Amendt; Joyce Davis.
SAXOPHONES: Mary Loy Schultz, Ora Felten.
ALTO HORN: Charles Brandt; Bernard Kas.
CORNETS: Lorne Joines; Berniece Amendt; Lyle Heinis;Donald Hamann.
TROMBONE: Verna Miller.
ACCORDIAN: Evelyn Stief.
DRUM: Emmett Miller.
PIANO: Dorothy Mohror


BACK ROW: Mr. Gambach, Coach; Norma Laursen; Ora Felten; Arlene Kracht; Dorothy Mohror; Betty Felten; Berniece Amendt.
FRONT ROW: Virgina Stablefeld; Lucille Swanson; Gladys Small; Marjorie Kracht; Iola Small; Lois Stabelfeld.


BACK ROW Ralph Pingel; Paul Rohwer; Mr. Sederburg; Willard Libolt; Donald Hamann; Harry Nelson.
FRONT ROW: Melvin Rogges; Vernon Matzdorff; Lawrence Westphal; Darrell Mueller; Delmar Laursen; Lorne Joines; Leon Westphal.