A group of lookup volunteers listed on this page are here to help provide you with basic information about one of your ancestors. Help them by being very specific in your request, and by limiting the request to one or two ancestors.


Please limit your request to ONE NAME (or couple), and allow some time for a response.

Click on the Lookup Contact and e-mail your request. Type CLAY COUNTY LOOKUP in the subject line of your request.

In your request include the full name of the person (or couple) and the SPECIFIC information you are looking for.

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Clay County Iowa Lookup Volunteers

Reference Material Description Lookup Contact
Cemeteries of Clay County, Iowa, by Charlotte Brett, 1983 Richard R. Duran
Cemeteries of Clay County, Iowa, by Charlotte Brett, 1983 Janet M. Young
Census: federal & state Federal census 1820-1930; Iowa state census 1856, 1885, 1895,1905,
1915 and 1925
Christine Martin
Clay County History 1889 Janet Berkson
Clay County History 1909 Judy Frerichs
Clay County Pictorial Atlas, 1970 & 1991 Judy Frerichs
Clay County Township and Plats, 1887 & 1935 Judy Frerichs
Dickens, Iowa 1888-1988 Centennial Book Jane Culver Ingram
Dickens, Iowa 1888-1988 Centennial Book Judy Frerichs
Peterson History, 1984 Judy Frerichs
Spencer, Iowa 1871-1971 Centennial Jane Culver Ingram
Spencer, Iowa 1871-1971 Centennial Judy Frerichs
Clay County Marriage Records Sharon K Hesebeck
Culver & James families Jane Culver Ingram has a well documented genealogy on her Culver
and James families from Dickens.
Jane Culver Ingram
Descendents of Robert O'Clair--also spelled Auclair Contains lots of information about Clay county O'Clairs Judy Frerichs