1930 Federal Census Enumerators, Clay County

John O. Jones--town of Royal; township of Clay
Mrs. Orva Jaeger--town of Rossie; township of Lincoln
H.H. Berg--town of Peterson and township of Peterson
J.V. Buckmaster--township of Douglas
Mrs. Anna S. Barry--town of Dickens and township of Freeman
Mrs. Ena Prentice--township of Logan
Mrs. Gertrude McMullen--town of Webb and township of Garfield
Frank E. Carpenter--town of Greenville and township of Gillett Grove
Roy L. Hopkins--townships of Lake and Meadow
Christian H. Petersen--town of Everly and township of Lone Tree
Mrs. F.W. Roberts--township of Waterford
Lloyd E. Monroe--township of Sioux
Miss Edith McHugh--first ward, city of Spencer
Mrs. Magdalene Bisbee--second ward, city of Spencer
Charles S. Billings--third ward, city of Spencer
Mrs. Grace E. Billings--fourth ward, city of Spencer
William G. Heikens, townships of Summit and Riverton
Miss Vera M. Crow--township of Herdland