History of Clarke County

Green Bay Twp.


Source: reprint of "Clarke County Historical and Biographical Record" by Lewis Publishing, 1886, p. 208.

James and John Conyer were two of the four Mormon families who set up "Lost Camp" in Green Bay Township in 1847. The men were all in their early to mid thirties and had small families. They broke ground on section 17. They didn't plan to stay permanently but needed time to refurbish their food supplies to make the long overland journey to Utah. They remained about three years before selling out to others.

In the spring of 1850 several settled in Clarke County including Bernard Arnold and Ivison Ellis, both of whom were prominent in county affairs, Ellis being the first sheriff; they re now dead.

A little army of pioneers came in during 1851, almost every township receiving some permanent settlers. In Green Bay township this included Jerome Bartlett, who was the first physician in the county, practicing until 1864; Jesse Bartlett and Thomas Harper, now dead.

Supervisors under the township system were:

1861 - T. M. Glenn

1862 - J. D. Carroll

1863 - J.D. Carroll

1864 - Barnard Arnold

1865 - Barnard Arnold

1866 - Levi Koontz

1867 - Levi Koontz

1868 - John E. Chaney

1869 - John E. Chaney

1870 - A. G. Talbott

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