History of Clarke County


Source: reprint of "Clarke County Historical and Biographical Record" by Lewis Publishing, 1886, p. 208.

In 1848 a man named Wilson settled in Franklin Township, near the Lucas County line, and resided there three or four years, when he sold to a man named Glenn. George G. Glenn, one of his sons, was elected assessor of the county at the first election for county officers. The familyl eft the county some years later, their farm next being occupied by Martin Hood. Alonzo Williams came here with Glenn, who was his father-in-law.

Supervisors under the township system were:

1861 - Robert Jamison

1862 - Robert Jamison

1863 - Alexander Beard

1864 - Alexander Beard

1865 - John Davenport

1866 - John Davenport

1867 - Robert Jamison

1868 - Robert Jamison

1869 - J. W. Cannon

1870 - J. W. Cannon

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