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This diary of Simeon Loring's from May 30, 1895 to Jan. 12, 1896 was transcribed by Melba Harris.

May 30, 1895-  Had a good rain last night and some showers this forenoon.  That changes the outlook on to a promising one now..  Good for our melons and corn and for oats and rye.  Elzie and I set out watermelons and musk this forenoon in missing places. 

31, Fri.  Took down 2 bu. Turnips. Peddled them out for about 80 cents bu. It is amazing to see how the corn grows. Vegetables. 

June 2, 1895  Very beautiful day. We were busy today. I tell you we had a hard wk. last week. 

June 3, Mo.  I was working at the melons today. The bugs are bad. Elzie cultivated today. He is nearly through the 2nd time. 

6 Elzie commenced to cultivate the 3rd time this p.m. on 27 acre piece.  I am tired tonight.  Was working on the w.melons.  

Plowed one row of late potatoes part mechanics part Wash. Burbanks 2 rows I planted May 24  Been busy today keeping off bugs from the w.melons. Have applied ashes but they only partially keep off the bugs.  Elzie cultivated corn. East of house

8 Sat.  Beautiful day. I was keeping off bugs and transplanting some rattlesnakes in rows. Looks some like rain.  Osceola, Iowa

9 Su.  Well, we had a glorious rain this p.m. and it is still raining this eve. It will be so nice for the melons and grass, in fact everything. 

10 Mo.  Had more rain today so that now there fell over 2 inches of water. Vegetation now grows by bounds. It is a grand blessing I tell you. 

11 Tu.  We were weeding onions today. 

12 W.  Ed Perkins took down some turnips and onions for me. He sold $2.00 worth He and I hoed melons this p.m.  Yesterday was Rileys birthday. He was 48 years of age. It does not seem he is that age. 

13 T.  Ed weeded onions and hoed in melons. I sowed 3 rows of Surehead and 2 of  Excelsior in seed bed for late cabbages. Elzie plowed some 3 weeks ago, but somehow they are not a good stand. 

14  Beautiful day. Year agho today our house was burned. 

15 Sat.  Ed Perkins hoed melons thia am.  I went to town this p.m. He brought home the turnip seed from Shurman only 3 days in getting it. Rec'd a letter from Jesse Reed one from Ernie a few days ago.  Have had plenty of rain lately.

16 Beautiful Sunday. Had peas and a few small new potatoes for dinner. We enjoyed the rest today. I wrote to Jess also. Pa wrote him a letter. 

17 Mo.  Ed P. took down 3 pks of blood turnip beets. Got 35 cents pk. And some turnips. I made some pancakes for the first time today and they were fine. Pa had to own up. Called them flour cakes. 

22 Sat.  I hoed melons today and done some hoeing of onions. Pa and I planted row of potatoes part way across melon patch, n. of barn.

23 su.  Rained some this morning. I wrote to Eve E. Ed Perkins is staying here this eve. Had some cherries today for dinner. Pan baked some biscuits. 

24 Mo.  Hottish day we think this far.  I took down some onions and beets this a.m.  Bot ? ton of coal off Geo Linsday to be paid for Aug. 1. I took in buggy.  Sack of flour off L. Willson to be paid for in 2 wks from today. Owe on it $1.00. Flour is up now best to 120 off Seal of Kartons. Month ago only $1.00.

Osceola, Iowa 25 Hoed corn today today. Hoed the little piece of corn in S.E. of 27 acre piece. How everything grows; it is a caution.

26  Beautiful day; some cool though. The biggest sow had eleven pigs this morning and are all living. I hoed some in melons for 4th time. Some have runners 2 ft. long and over.

July 1, 1895 Elzie harrowed the melons for the last time both ways and I am hoeing them for about the last time. They are growing nicely now. My thorough hoeing 10 days in 2 weeks is telling now. I hoed the S. corn this p.m. It is about a foot high. The first half of old '95 has gone and it thus far has been excellent; the prospect is good now for oats, corn, etc. Ed Kierulf was out and see me yesterday about going to a store with him. Ed Perkins stayed all night last night and night before. 

2 Beautiful day. Hoed melons and some weeds in corn field. Elzie cultivated the beans. Myron Reed's sermon is in      .  I am weary tonight.  Worked hard today. I expect to go to town in the morning and take down some beets and cabbage. Our corn is growing finely now.  Guess it will average nearly waist high. I am anxious to get all weeds out so as to get all the corn can. I have about 48 acres of corn in. Have about 1 acre of sweet corn besides. 

Independence Day 1895  I celebrated today by doing my duty in corn and melon field. Elzie also did some hoeing and setting out cabbage. Pa got us up a good dinner of roasted beef and had some sweet corn.  Sprinkled some this forenoon but turned to be a good day about 12 Oclock. They had a cannon down town.  

5  Took down some sweet corn today for the first time.  Everything is doing well. 

13 July  Sa. Beautiful day. Took down 7 doz. Long corn this a.m.  I helped Ed and Gordon pitch hay this forenoon. I have been having melons that push up.  A few are as large as a teacup. We are going to thresh  our Timothy. 

14 Rained very heavy this p.m. about 3 Oclock about 2 inches of water. There was some hail, but not enough to damage though. Downtown there was considerable. I wrote to Eve E. and to Jesse. Had a good stew for dinner. Pa thinks stewed beef the best and I guess he is right. 

21 Su.  Beautiful Day. Elzie and I pick up about 4 acres of hay Friday and yesterday. It has been hauled but should yield ? ton acre after all. Everything is growing finely. I saw some chintz bugs in our corn over month, but I guess they will do no hard to speak of.

22 Mo.  Took down $2.70 or 34 doz. Sweet corn this morning. This about closes out our corn. Bot a small dish pan and 2 qt. basin and a yellow bowl, also bot me and Elzie a shirt 50 cents each. 22  Some of the Phinnys Early are large as a qt. cup or larger.  Lots of Timothy will be finished for seed this year. 

23  Cloudy day and rather warm with indication of rain.  I took down $1.50 worth of corn this morning.  Mostly cloudy. Have sold around $25.00 worth about 24.00 of it cosy. But they are beginning to get about enough. Sold most of them at 83 cents doz. I hoed a few melons this eve. Had some fine potatoes for supper some of the northern grown early rose and early Ohio .  Elzie and I put up our hay this week. It is in the stack now in good shape. There are about 8 tons. Threshing has commenced. The oat crop is large. I subscribed for the Poledo Blade 3 mos. For 10 cents. I took out more insurance on horses, cow and hay and furniture yesterday of J.D. Williams in the Farmers Ins. Co. $150 for a year.  28  Beautiful day. About half inch of rain fell last night.

Aug. 1 Thur.  Beautiful day. Took down little more crossly corn. 

2 Fri  Pa, Elzie and I finished making a bbl of kraut 53 gal. this forenoon. Commenced yesterday noon. Put in about 150 head. Going to try and live this winter

3 Sat. Took down about $1.20 of Crosly this morning. Bot a 6 # cheese 75 cents.  Looks like Indian Summer. 

4 su.  Had a few tomatoes for dinner. They have grown 4 ft. tall. I wrote to Ernie 

5  Sold 60 cents of corn this morning. They are getting about enough 64 cents dz. Did some cedar graining for Mrs. Ritzel today. 3 doors for $3.00. 

6  Beautiful day. We put up our Millet this p.m. Had, I think 1 ?  tons off of ? acre. I am making me a seed cupboard. Some fellows were here today to look at the place. 

Aug. 15 Thur.  A very warm day indicated some rain but failed to materialize.  We've had no rain to speak of since the last of July and consequently the corn is damaged to the amt of 10 bu. Per acre. I am inclined to think.  Elzie has picked the beans and only have part of the hoed.  I am hoeing down some of the big weeds in melon patch. 

16 Fri  A very warm day. I took down 16 w. melons and 4 mush melons the first load for this season. Got 8 cents each for w.melons 5 for cantaloupe.  The dry weather coming on so suddenly has hurt the melons also. Elzie is not feeling very well. Been out in too much hot sun. I've got my cupboard already for graining. 

17 Sa.  A cool clear delightful day. Took down 22 w.melons and 10 mush melons. Rec'd 8 cents for w. and 5 for mush m. We, Pa, Elzie and I made 30 gal. of  kraut this p.m. Miss Laura Lyndon was married to Mr. Folger last Sunday Eve. 

18 Sa.  Well, it rained a nice rain today.  The wind blew quite hard. It will help our melons and corn, yet if it had come 10 days ago it would have done more good. I was down to see Truman Welcher about doing our threshing. He can do it in about 3 days from now. Wal Emory was over today. 

19  Beautiful Day.  I took down $1.10 of melons this morning. We have dried about 12# Sweet corn.

20  A beautiful day. I took down Walley $2.00 of melons got 8 cents each. 

20  We and Walt emery was stacking timothy this p.m.  Pa and I wrote to Gus. I  rec'd a letter frin Ernie. Wants me to come out before husking corn. Pa may go down with me to Marrora and have his picture taken.  

22 Thur  Cloudy day. We thought we would thresh our timothy today, but the machine did not come. This was Pa's birthday it being his 75th one. Accordingly we provided a birthday dinner of wild grape pie, cheese, peaches a bakery sponge cake, etc. Ida helped bake the bread today. Only Elzie and I were here with him this time. I want to have him go down have his picture taken some of these days soon. I took down this p.m. $1.50 of melons. 

23 Fri.  Cloudy and a rain of about 1 21/2 inches fell this p.m. I and Pa canned 23 qts. Of tomatoes. Elzie was fixing fence.  This is Uncle John's birthday, he being 78, three years older than Pa. 

Aug. 30, 95  Pa went down with me this p.m. and got a pair of glasses so he could see at a distance. I pd. Elzie $61.00 on labor for me. 

31  We took down about 60 musk melons and 40 w.melons and sold them on the street. Got about $6.00 for them. 

Sep 1  Sunday, a beautiful cool day. I wrote to Ernie. Mr. Anderson was over and brot some cider over and took home some melons. We sold 900 of melons. 

Sep 3  Rained some this morning. I took over a load of melons to Cy Beeman to sell at the fairgrounds . I entered 3 cantaloupes 9, 12, and 15# respectively for exhibition.  Also 1 pk beets, 2 doz. Sweet corn. Elzie took load of corn to Ed Harlan's.

4  Very beautiful day. Took load of melons over to Fred Perkins about 48 w.melons and 30 cantelopes. I was down town and got ? bu. Plums 50 cents for preserving. Elzie finished hauling over the corn. 

5 T.  We took over about 100 w.melons and 100 cantelopes, and sold all the w.melons and most of the cantalopes.  Took in $8.09. I and Elzie took first premium on S. Corn, the evergreen and on cantaloupes. Pa made gal of plum preserves today. Nice ones. Mrs. Johnson told me that a tea of Double Tausy would kill the striped bug. I engaged 12 corn pumpkins of him for ies. There was a large crowd at the fair today. 

6 Rained hard last night. The fair was not much today.  This was the last day. 

7 Beautiful day. Took down some w.melons but didn't sell many, too many in town. We, Elzie and Lou Rork made  cider today. Pd. 2 cents gal. to Mr. Davis for his mill. 

8 Su.  Beautiful day. Ed Kiernef was out today. 

9 Mo.  Elzie got the Sorgrum of Mr. Harlan 24 gal. at 15 cents per gal. for making it. It is splendid however.  I bot a hat for $1.48 and a shirt for 75 cents. Elzie took down a load of melons to Woodburn yesterday. Got $3.00 in trade. He took a load to Osceloa today got $2.30.  We picked for seed. 

15 Su.  Beautiful day. Mr. Rosk and Mr. Turk a colored gentleman was over this p.m. Raining this evening. 

19 Thur.  Very hot day. I returned from Thomas Quinsy today where I put on one coat of paint. Will put on another soon, bot for $7.00. I owed him $4.00 for hay I bot over a year ago. Elzie threshed out the beans, most of them were about 5 ? bu. Or 6 bu. I husked some pop corn. 

22 Su.  Warm day and windy from south, but turned quite cold after a shower this eve.  Ed. Keseulf was out today. 

23 Mo.  Cool today. Elzie and I husked some Pride of Month for the hogs. I saved 1 bu. For seed. Elzie took down 1380# hay and got at the note of 5.00 a ton for it .We baled last Friday and Sat. 6 ton and 376# @ $1.00 per ton. Let them have $3.00 worth of beans on it. 

October 3, 1895  Peddled onions today, yesterday and some popcorn @40 bents per bu. For cash. They made about $9.00 on the two days. I rec'd a letter from Mary Marseah at Des Moines today where she is visiting. I may go up. 

Oct. 4. Fri. 1895 Cloudy still day. Elzie and I husked out some corn shucks today. I also was down town. I wrote to Mary Marseah Des Moines 1814 Arlington Ave. I bot me a pair of Selz. Shoes $1.75   

4  This is Mother's birthday.She would have been 71 years of age now. Ah how we miss her, but she is gone. 

7 Mo.  Cool clear day. Elzie and I part of the day husked shook corn. Elzie covered the potato heaps lightly with dirt. I was down town. Rec'd another letter from M.M. at Des Moines at 1814 Arlington Ave. I got Lou Rosk's house to paint for $13.75. to take $7.00 in bu. Apples, bal. in cash. 

7 Tu  Cool clear day. I commenced painting on Lou Rork's house this p.m.  I get 6.75 cash and 14 bushels of apples at 50 cents bu.  Elzie plowed the potato patch. I wrote to Mary M. of des Moines . Pa made some catsup this p.m. 

9 W.  Cool windy day. Painted for Rosk today. 

10 Thur.  Quite windy most of today. I painted for Rosk today. Elzie was sick today with fever. We had a fine melon today. Some we put away.  A bbl. Of kraut we made Aug. 1 has spoiled. It was the hot weather in Aug. we think as we let it stand out a few days. 

13 Sunday.  Much beautiful day. I was down town after the mail. Elbert Gordon was over awhile. I wrote Mary M. a letter today. 

15 Tu.    Beautiful day. Well I've given up going up to Des Moines . Rec'd samples of cloth from Louis Vehon Chicago. Pa and Elzie made crab apple pie today. We are having a dry Fall. 

16 W.  Beautiful day. I was down this p.m. and heard Mr. Crane of Davenport , the candidate for Governor on the Populish ticket. He made a splendid speech. 

22 Tu.  Cool rainy day.  Well old E,.A. and I commenced husking corn this morning. Month of Meadow. It seemed like that  of old. We got out about 95 bu. Today. The corn is going about 45 bu. There. Pa churned today. 3 ?# from 1 gal. of creram. I did intend to go to Nebraska today on excursion, but could not raise the necessary fund just at present.

Nov. 1 Sa.  Beautiful day indeed. Elzie  and I husked 96 bu. Today. I was down town this eve. Got the Benton Review-letter from Jesse at W. Williamsfield . 

2 Su.  Cloudy and strong south wind.   We had mush and milk for supper. 

Nov. 9 Sa.  We husked till 3 Oclock and then I took down 40 heads of cabbage @3 cents; they was small, the last ones that grew. We have 3 days moroe yet to husk. I rec'd a letter from Ernie. I hear corn is 19 cents at Murray .  I heard the election returns and it appears the Reb has got the office. The populists, however, show a healthy gain. 

10 Su.  Quite a nice day. Some lonesome today. No one showed up. We had some nice beef soup for dinner. 

16 Su.  Cool cloudy day. I husked for Bert Cooley today and earned $1.50 @ 3 cents bu.  We finished husking Wed. the 13. We had about 1500 bu. We sold 9 shoats and one old sow Thursday for $3.15 per cwt. Got $50 turned on Mertores note. 

17 Su.  Beautiful day. Craig was out today. Gibson was over to see about doing some painting for him. 

Dec. 13, Fri. Cool south wind no snow on ground. We dook down 70 bu. To Gofford and Co. J.V. Banta, $10.00 on second payment today. We got Pa a pair of Smith and Wallace shoes at Hutsenpiller Co. $2.00.  We bot $1.40 of beef at 4 ? cents. 

Dec. 17, 1895  A beautiful day.  I had some cabinet Photos taken at Robinson Bros. this p.m. ? doz. $1.25. He wanted 1.75, but he made them for the above. Corn is but 16 cents. 

Osceola Iowa , Dec. 18, 1895  Beautiful forenoon, but clouded up this p.m. and commenced to snow this eve. I was down and painted on Mr. Geo. Black's house today. Elzie and I took in load of corn this forenoon first. 16 cents bu.  This, as usual is my birthday today. I am 30. Well I've had an experience since I was 21 that is valuable to me and I have many things to be thankful for.  My health is better than yrs ago and I have acquired valuable practical experience.  I tell you I have learned much from the Golden Rule of Boston, the Practical Farmer of Phila. And Wallaces Farmer of Arnes, IA, The Ia. Homestead of Des Moines . One of the most valuable things I have learned , and which I saw in Golden Rule is that the best prepondrin for the future is the present well seen to and the last duty well done. Elzie sold the hogs for $16.00 today. I took my dinner down town at restaurant.  I put in the day at work. 

Dec. 22 su.  Cloudy quiet day. Lonesome day. No one coming around. I read and explained the 12 chapters of Corrinthians about spiritual gifts to Pa.  He thought it good.  Elzie read in the bible this eve. Pa baked us some  nice mincemeat pie yesterday. 

Christmas Day Dec. 25, 1895.  Well we had about a 4 inch snow last eve. But today was clear and beautiful. Elzie Pa and I had Christmas dinner to ourselves. Had a nice young turkey and mince pie, etc. It was somewhat lonesome yet we enjoyed the day quite well talking of the last and planning for the future. We hope to see many more days of Christmas when our father can be witih us. I presume the children very many of them were made happy today. We should be very happy for the great gift that God gave us in his son. Peace on Earth and Goodwill toward all men. 

26  Clear day cool sosuth wind. Alvin Neff put in our fields 25 head cattle this morning at 50 cents a head per mo.  Jesse sent Pa a Christmas present of $1.00 today. 

30  Cold clear day. Sold our cow to Jnos Gilgore for $27.50 today.  This was Jesse's birthday he being 33. We are getting along in years it seems. Rec'd a letter from him today.  Elzie took down some baled hay. I commenced taking some of the blood medicine I had made up like on page 100. The above should have been written over. 

Dec. 31, 95  Cold clear day. I pd. B.M. Martin $24.50 on $84.50 note today at Harper and Harper's pd Dalley 25 cents I owe him now bout $1.50. I bot an old axle for our wagon that broke. Cash $1.00. Elzie took the cow over to Jn. Kilgores this morning.  I exchanged overcoats with Mr. Mitchell by paying him $3.00 to boot. The last day of the old year 1895. I have learned many useful bits of practical knowledge in 95. Pa, Elzie and I had a good chat tonight.  Goodbye 1895. 

NEW YEARS DAY 1896   Cloudy day with south wind. We had a roast for dinner of nicie beef and mince pie. Elzie was putting in an axle in the wagon. I was down town. Rec'd a letter from Eliza Jane. She said Valda Morey died in Ochage 93. I  rec'd a nice prospectus of the Metropiltan Business College at Chicago . Elzie took our 4 bu. Apples of pit today. I read the Practical Farmer. I've been taking it since last April now. It's a good one. Corn was today Hogs was today. Six yrs. This eve our dear mother was with us alive. Ah how often we think of her. 

Sa. 4  Jan. 1886, Quite a nice day, Elzie and I took down 140 lbs of beans and sold them to Ed Hutsurpetlar for 3 cents lb. and four bu. Ben Davis apples @ 50 bu. Pd. B.M. Marton $3.00 on $84.50 note. I now have the principal paid. 

Mo. 6   Quite a beautiful day. I painted for Mr. Black today on outside.

7 Tu.  Colder today. Did not paint today, but we took down 2 more bu. Of beans today to Matthews. Elzie rec'd the Dr. Pierce's paper cover edition of Adviser.  Took 1080# of coal $1.90. Walt Emary was sover this eve and brot us some sausage.  We bot Pa a new hot lash Saturday $1.75 and a pair of jeans $1.30.

8 Beautiful day. Elzie took down Bill today and Charlie took him home. These are our feel times. Every body is hard up. Money is so close. 

Jan. 9, Thur.  Almost beautiful quiet sunny day. I hauled  straw to town today for Walt Emary, 1450 one load and 1840# on another $3.00 for tone. It was a big load. 

10  Another nice day. I helped Walt Emary today hauling straw. Tot 75 cents for 2 days. 

11 Sa.   I was sick today with cold and fever.  Hogs are up to $3.25 now. Pa is sick with cold also. 

12 Su.  Quiet but colder and cloudy. Neff was out to see the cattle. Pd me $6.00

An earlier diary of Simeon's written in 1882 is on a Benton County, Indiana website. On the menu on the left hand side just click on "Simeon Loring 1882 diary." (No longer available as of 4/4/2015)


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